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Getting Started Guide: How to Use Bluestacks for Beginners

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    Bluestacks? What is Bluestacks? Bluestacks is free software in the form of an Android virtual machine (emulator) that runs on a computer or laptop to run all kinds of Android applications. In other words, bluestacks is the Android of the computer on the computer.

    The company that makes this application is also called Bluestacks which was founded by Rosen Sharma in 2011. Bluestacks can be used on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

    For those of you who have just heard this term, you must be wondering how to use these bluestacks. Don't worry! The following will explain how to operate Android on a computer using Blustacks. Come on, see the explanation of how to use bluestacks below.

    How to Use Bluestacks

    Getting Started Guide: How to Use Bluestacks for Beginners

    Here's how to download apps on Playstore via Bluestacks.

    1. You must have bluestacks first. If you don't have it, please download it Here. Please install the bluestacks application on your computer. If you are confused, previously we have provided a way to install the bluestacks.

    2. Then, you will be asked to sign in via a google account. If you don't have a Google account, please select Create account. For those who already have a Google account, please login by entering your username and password.
    • Enter the email that was registered via google.
    • Then, enter your email password. Click Next.

    3. After that, you will be in the scope of the Playstore like on Android, you can also download some of the desired applications.

    4. Next, I will tell you how to download an application on bluestacks. Please type in the search engine, what application you want to download. Well, look at the picture below. I will download an application to learn various languages, namely Duolingo.


    5. Then, a display like the one below will appear. The result will be the same as you use the playstore on Android. Then, select install.

    6. Select Open, if you want to open the application on a computer.

    7. Well, later the application will resemble the appearance of Android. Look at the picture below. And if you click the home menu at the bottom left. Then it will return to the initial display menu.

    8. Applications that you have downloaded will be saved in My Apps.

    My Apps

    Easy, right? Well, now you can run various kinds of android applications on your computer. You can search for applications on search engines for the application you want. 

    Troubleshooting in Bluestacks

    Bluestacks users often encounter several problems or errors that appear after the installation process or when they want to use it. Those who have been using the Bluestacks application for a long time may be able to handle it, but new users may need a guide to solving Bluestacks problems.

    So, below we will explain some of the problems that often arise along with their solutions.

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    1. Overcoming Could not Start the Engine

    The first thing you often encounter is when you are just about to run Bluestacks but instead the message "Could not Start the Engine" appears, of course you will be confused by this message. This message appears usually because the application system is experiencing an error or problem.

    To overcome this, please try the following method:

    • First, try setting the Engine mode to DirectX.
    • Second, try to activate Processor Virtualization.
    • Lastly, please try to reinstall Bluestacks.

    2. Overcoming Long Loading

    The second problem that is often encountered is when you open Bluestacks but it takes a very long time to load or even gets stuck there. This is usually due to a bug or error during the installation process, it could be due to missing or damaged files/components.

    To overcome this is actually quite easy, because you only need to open the Task Manager then do the End Task Bluestack there. If so, please try the Bluestacks application again. Usually this method is quite effective in overcoming long loading times.

    3. Resolving the Latest Version Need to be Installed Error

    The error message "Bluestacks Latest Version Need to be Installed" usually appears when you have installed Bluestacks but it turns out the application you installed is an old version and is no longer compatible with your device.

    The solution to this problem is of course that you have to uninstall the Bluestacks application, then download and install the latest Bluestacks again.

    4. Overcoming Bluestacks Image Not Appearing

    The last problem that is often encountered with Bluestacks is that the image does not appear (blank). The problem mostly appears on devices that have minimal specifications to run Bluestacks. Apart from that, it could also be because the RAM or hard disk storage is full.

    But if the two things above are not found on your device, there is a possibility that Bluestacks is blank due to a VGA problem. Please try updating or reinstalling the VGA driver to the latest version.


    Maybe that's our complete discussion on how to use Bluestacks (initial guide) which we can share on this occasion. Actually, using Bluestacks is more or less the same as using an Android cellphone, so of course you will understand it easily.

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