How to Remove Printer Driver Program from Computer (All Windows)

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How to Remove Printer Driver Program from Computer (All Windows)

Removing additional printer programs – As we know, when we connect the printer to a computer device with the current Windows Operating System, the printer device will automatically download the driver online and will be installed so that the printer can be used immediately.

Actually this method is not appropriate, because the installation process and use of the features available on the printer will be limited, so it is better to use the printer driver CD package contained in the box unit at the time of purchase, so that printer users do not need to download drivers online and spend internet quota.

The application in it can only print documents, except for those who really only need to take advantage of the print function and are in a hurry, this is not a problem.

For sure installation, all printer users can do it, but do you know when installing the driver using the master CD-driver, sometimes during the process we don't realize that we install too many additional printer programs and the program is not very useful or rarely used. open because it is not related to daily use, for example such as program updates, printer usage guides, management software, etc. do you know how to uninstall the printer driver?

On this occasion, wants to review about this, how do you remove or uninstall additional useless printer programs from your computer.

How to Remove Printer Driver Program in windows

  1. Turn off the printer first
  2. it's a good idea to condition your printer device in the off state

Do the following:

1. Windows 10 users

Click starts on Windows and select Settings > Then select Apps or System > Next select > Apps & Features > Then select the program you want to remove and select Uninstall/remove program.

Windows 10 users

2. Windows 8 users

Point the cursor to the application screen and select Control Panel and select Program > Then select Program and Features. Select the Uninstall option for your printer product. Then select Uninstall/Change.

Note: If you see the user account control window, click YES or Continue > Select the printer you want to delete or uninstall again. If necessary, select OK or Yes > to confirm the removal of the printer driver.

3. Windows (other versions)

Click Windows or Start and select the All Programs menu. Select your printer and select the printer driver. Then click Printer Driver Software Uninstall.

Note: If you see the user account control window click YES or continue > In the next window select your printer product and click OK. Then follow the instructions on the screen.

Perform the following steps to remove or uninstall with Epson Event Manager. Then follow the instructions on the screen.

1. Windows 10 or 8 : Select Epson Event Manager > Uninstall.

Epson Event Manager

2. Windows 7 or Vista : Open the Control Panel menu in Windows. Select Programs and Features. (Classic display, select Program and click Uninstall Program). Then select Epson Event Manager and click Uninstall or Change.

Select the driver/additional program to be removed (uninstalled)

3. Perform the following steps to uninstall or uninstall Epson Scan 2, then follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Windows 10: Select Epson Scan 2 and click Uninstall.
  • Windows 8/7/Vista : Select Epson Scan 2 and click Uninstall or Change.

After the printer driver program removal process is successful (*Missing from the program list) you need to restart the computer, here the removal progress has been successful. and you can reinstall the driver again if you feel it's still necessary, but if what you deleted earlier was an important printer driver program related to the printing process, your Windows computer (especially Windows 10) will automatically repeat the driver installation.

Note: If you find there is a failure in the reinstallation process or it could be that your printer driver cannot be detected automatically after, it's a good idea to ask your subscription printer technician for the problem.

Now after following and carrying out the process and steps above, the Printer Driver will automatically disappear from your Windows system. We hope that this information and a little guide on how to remove printer drivers & useless driver programs can be useful and add to your knowledge. Good luck, Good luck and Thank you.

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