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How to Solve Problems Printer Printouts Are Not Straight and Broken

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    How to Solve Problems Printer Printouts Are Not Straight and Broken

    How to deal with crooked printouts – In some cases, the quality of the printer's printouts does experience problems. This usually happens because of other factors. In addition, the condition of the printer also has a huge influence on the printouts you want. The better the condition of the printer, the easier it will be for you to get better results.

    Printers that are in new condition always provide higher quality printouts. However, when you use the printer continuously, it will affect the overall quality. For example, when printing the line or table looks not straight.
    You don't need to worry because currently there are methods and ways to deal with crooked prints. This method can be used for various brands and types of printers. However, make sure that the condition of the printer can be used properly. In addition, the image from the table is also straight on a laptop or computer device.

    How to fix misaligned prints by cleaning the Transparent Ribbon

    One option that you can do to get straight printer results on a table or line is to clean the printer part. This method is often done by considering several brands and types of printers, especially the Canon printer brand. Also, make sure that the printer has a back that is easy to open.

    Usually in certain models there are parts that must be cleaned regularly. Here is a method that you can do such as:

    • Opening the printer cover

    The first thing you have to do is to open the part of the printer cover. Usually some types and brands of printers have parts that are easy to open. In this section there is a cartridge that will automatically be on the outside.

    • See the transparent tape (encoder) section on the front of the cartridge

    Try taking the cartridge first if the view is closed so you can see the transparent side of the tape. However, some types and brands of printers use a ribbon with a fairly dark/transparent color.

    1. Check the dirty part of the encoder

    You should check all the transparent parts of the tape for dirt. Usually, ribbons like this often get splashed from the remaining ink from the printing. In fact, the amount of ink that sticks due to a cartridge leak is also quite a lot. This will affect the result of printing.

    2. Clean all the dirty parts

    Start by cleaning the dirty part of the transparent tape with a wet tissue or cotton swab moistened with alcohol. Clean gently with the same groove. Make sure that no part of the ink sticks to that part of the ink again.

    3. Close the printer section again

    After you clean all parts of the ribbon, immediately close the printer again. Wait a few moments for the tape to dry from the cleaning liquid.

    4. Printout test

    Do a test run for printing with the same file format. Usually the result of the line you get will be straight back.

    fix misaligned prints

    How to fix misaligned prints with the Default Printer Driver Software Program

    Another recommendation that you can do to get straight line and table printouts is to get help from the built-in software. This method is considered not too complicated. In fact, you can do it very easily. Here are some steps you have to do such as:

    1. Connect printer with pc or laptop

    You have to make sure that the printer is connected to your PC or laptop.

    2. Open access printer software

    Next, open the control panel and select access printer software. Choose a printer according to the brand and series connected to your PC or laptop.

    3. Open printing preferences

    Right-click on the printer and select the printing preferences menu. Usually an additional menu will appear in the pop up section.

    5. Select the maintenance tab

    You must select the maintenance tab menu. After that, insert A4-sized paper in the printer section. You can press the Print Head Alignment button.

    6. Print the print head alignment value

    The printer you are using will print the print head alignment value.

    7. Enter the best printout

    The result of the print is that there are several choices of numbers and examples of lines. You have to choose the best number. After that, enter the number you choose in the column provided.

    The following is an example of a perfect head alignment print, and it is straight between one object and another.

    Hopefully this short guide can be useful and help those of you who are currently confused about the same problem. 

    The methods above are a few methods of handling, if you find the problem is not resolved after trying this method, it's a good idea to try consult with your subscription printer technician to avoid more severe printer problems because there is a possibility of damage or indeed your cartridge is starting to become weak or even damaged, thank you

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