How to Upload Multiple Photos on Instagram Via PC / Laptop

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How to Upload Multiple Photos on Instagram Via PC / Laptop for Beginners

Currently, there are a lot of social media that we can use to communicate with people around us and people who are far away. An example is Instagram, in Instagram we can share photos or videos by inserting a caption in it.

Not only that, on Instagram we often get interesting information that is happening in the community.

We can access Instagram via mobile phones such as Android and IOS. We can download it in the app market on our devices such as the App store or Play Store. And now, we can enjoy Instagram services through a desktop computer. The trick is to download the Instagram application on the official page.

How to Upload Multiple Photos on Instagram Via PC

But the Instagram service on a computer, its features are not as complete as the Instagram application on a mobile phone. One feature that is not available on the computer Instagram service is multiple photos.

On the Instagram service on the computer, we can only upload 1 photo. While on a mobile phone, we can upload up to 10 photos in the form of multiple photos.
If you want to upload multiple photos in one post, you don't have to worry. Because we can do this by downloading a third-party application, namely Grid Instagram. Here's how to upload multiple photos on Instagram via PC.
  1. First you have to download the Instagram Grid application first on your computer. You can download it via the official Instagram Grid page, or click here to download. Double click on the Instagram Grid app installer. Then in the Instagram Grid Setup window, click the Next button to continue setting up the Grid application.
  2. Next you will be asked to choose the location for installing the Grid application. Here I follow the default location provided by the application, then click the Install button to continue installing the Instagram Grid application.
  3. Wait a while until the Instagram Grid application is successfully installed on your computer.
  4. If the installation process has been completed, then click the Finish button on the Instagram Grid application Setup window.
  5. Next, the Instagram Grid application will appear. And you can enter your Instagram account username and password. Then click the Log In With Instagram button to log into your Instagram account.
  6. On your Instagram home page, click the plus logo icon located at the top of the Instagram Grid application display. This button is a button to upload photos or videos to your Instagram account.
  7. Then click the multiple button located in the upper left corner of the new window to upload photos.
  8. Then click the add icon next to the multiple account earlier. This button is useful for us to add photos from our Instagram directory.
  9. Then select multiple photos that you want to upload to your Instagram account. Then click the Open button.
  10. After that, you can tag the person in the photo. Type the caption you want and you can provide the location where you are. If so, then click the Share button to upload photos to Instagram.

That's the article that explains how to upload multiple photos on Instagram PC. Hopefully this article can be useful for you.

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