Review Epson L3250 Printer & The Latest Prices

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Review of the advantages of the latest Epson L3250 printer. To meet the needs of printing, Epson has its flagship product, the Epson L3250.

Of course, this series is above the L3210 or L3110 version, the price of which has also touched $202.63. This versatile mid-range printer has been equipped with a number of interesting features. As we know that today's printer needs require higher compatibility than a few years ago.

Therefore, we will review the EcoTank L3250 Printer from Epson with the various advantages of the existing features. For a more complete review, please continue to read the following interesting discussion.

Epson L3250 Specification Details

Review of the Advantages of the Epson L3250 Printer & The Latest Prices
  • Printer function: Multifunction (Print, Scan, Copy, ADF, Fax)
  • Print Speed ​​: 10 Mono / 5 Color (ipm)
  • Printing Resolution : 5760 x 1440 dpi
  • Memory: 64MB
  • Paper Size: A4, Letter, Legal
  • Copy and Scan : Up to Legal (216 x 356mm)
  • Max Print Area : 215.9 x 1200 mm
  • Maximum Storage Paper: 150 Sheets (80 gsm, plain paper)
  • Connectivity: USB 2.0, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct
  • Dimensions: 375 mm x 347 mm x 179 mm
  • Weight: 3.9 Kg

The three basic features of course can meet the various needs of users such as a student, or an office worker to an entrepreneur.

With the demands of dense work activities, you don't have to worry because this printer from Brother has a pretty stubborn performance and can always be relied on.

Epson L3250 Printer Appearance, Design and Size

In appearance, the Epson L3250 printer has a design that is no different from the L3210 series printer. Both from the front side back up and down and the black color is almost the same as his brother (L3210).

The Epson L3250 printer has dimensions of 375 x 347 x 179mm and a weight of 3.9 kg which is exactly the same as the L3210. So there really is no difference at all if we only look at it in terms of the size and weight of the printer.

The new difference can be seen if you see the addition of features which we will review one by one below.

Review of the advantages of the Epson L3250 printer

advantages of the Epson L3250 printer

1. Multi Function 3 in 1

As a printer at a price of $202.63, of course you already have the ability to not only print in black and white. For the need for color printing and scanning, it is certain that it can run well through the Epson L3250 printer.

This good printer is suitable for you to use such as printing a lot of documents or want to print some attractive color photos and brochures.

2. Support WiFi

Well, here's a very interesting feature of the Epson L3250. The presence of the WiFi feature is not available on Epson printers in its predecessor series, but in the L3250 series it is available.

No need to bother connecting cables anymore when you want to print whether it's documents or images. Just connect it wirelessly with the WiFi on this Epson printer.

Users can freely access the Epson L3250 printer's WiFi network through various existing devices. Whether it's laptops, desktop PCs, tablets, to Android phones, you can certainly do printing practically and easily.

The Epson L3250 can be connected to eight devices at the same time. But of course for the process of printing it must be in line with the queue. This WiFi feature is also very suitable for use as an office area with a different room location that is a bit far away. Just access the printer using a WiFi network and you can print remotely.

Only after that you can take the results at once so as not to go back and forth. For files, the Epson L3250 printer can also access files online such as cloud storage.

3. Noise level

Some users may not have a problem or even get used to the sound of the printer running. But for those of you who are curious whether the Epson L3250 printer is noisy or not, the answer is definitely no.

What is clear is that this Epson L3250 printer is much quieter than a dot matrix printer whose sound is very loud when printing.

The Epson L3250 has a noise level of approximately 50 / 48 dB(A) for printing both black and color on default paper. Meanwhile, for printing on premium Glossy Photo paper, the noise level is around 38 / 39 dB(A).

4. Save Electricity

One of the advantages of an inkjet printer like the Epson L3250 is that it saves electricity. When in standby or idle condition, this L3250 printer only sucks up 4.9 watts of power.

Then while working (printing) the power will only increase to 12 watts. So you don't have to worry about wasting electricity, like laser printers, which require hundreds or even 1000 watts of power.

The advantages can also be seen on the L3250 with the sleep mode feature which only allows consumes 0.7 watts only. Thus, there is no need to worry when this printer is left on for a long time because it can go into sleep mode on its own.

5. Interface support

This WiFi-enabled printer also has many ports for a versatile interface. Starting from USB 2.0, WiFi, to TCP/IPv4, TCP/IPv6 to support online access to cloud files.

Users of this printer can use a wired connection or a WiFi connection when they want to print according to their needs.

However, what is clear is that the WiFI feature on the Epson L3250 can be an advantage in itself that can spoil its users when they want to print a document.

6. Best and satisfying performance

Talking about performance, of course, this printer is able to print quickly which can save time when you want to print documents in large quantities.

Users can load up to 100 standard papers at a time in the top tray of the printer. The print speed is capable of printing 33 black and white documents in one minute. Meanwhile, if you want to print a color photo, the Epson L3250 printer takes about 69 seconds for each sheet.

Then for photocopying needs, you can also get a maximum of 20 copies from Standalone. From the average speed, we can already know that this printer has a satisfactory performance for a printer costing $202.63.

So with that good performance, the use of the Epson L3250 printer is not limited to just home use, but can be used for small to medium scale businesses.

7. Easy and convenient ink filling

In general, filling printer ink that is almost running out is quite a hassle. Because there is a high possibility that one or both of your hands will become smudged because of the ink drops.

But fortunately on the L3250 printer that annoying thing is no longer valid. Because you can fill it easily just by opening the right side of the printer and filling the ink tanks one by one.

Things to note

Ink type printers on all brands, including the Epson L3250, certainly have the same problem with clogging the head when it is rarely used.

Therefore, to avoid damage such as clogging of hardened ink on the head, the printer must at least function every few days. It doesn't matter if this printer is already functioning effectively such as for offices or printing businesses because of course the head section will function properly.

However, for those of you who use home printers who rarely use it, you should warm up the printer every few days so that the ink does not precipitate.

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