BitWarden, Alternative Password Manager Application to LastPass

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As previously reported, LastPass from March 16, 2021 will make a new policy that strangles free or free account users, where for free account users, they are only allowed to access on one device, for example, if I use LastPass on a device. 
Of course I don't like it, so I intend to switch to Microsoft Autenthicator, or Kasspersky Password Manager, at least that's my plan until one of the comments from WinPoin reader @Kurotsuki Kaitou via Disqus, recommends BitWarden, an Open Source Password Manager.

What is BitWarden?

BitWarden, Alternative Password Manager Application to LastPass

BitWarden is a Password Manager which is developed in open source, and according to the message on its main page, BitWarden sells trust in their service, “The Most Trusted Open Source Password Manager for Business” he wrote on his page.

Why BitWarden and not the others?

As we know, there are lots of Password Managers out there, both free ones like KeepPass or paid ones like Dashlane and others, but why did I choose BitWarden? and here are some of them.

1. Unlimited Items Vault

Now this is an important part, where most other Password Managers only provide a limited amount of space for how many passwords are stored, BitWarden offers unlimited storage space even if you use a free account.

2. Sync On All Devices

While LastPass is starting to eliminate its multi-device Sync capability (for free account users), BitWarden still offers this important feature, where you can of course sync passwords on your Smartphone and then open them on your Desktop.

3. Password Generator

It's incomplete if the Password manager doesn't have a Password Generator, and don't worry, BitWarden also offers this feature, where you can generate passwords to be stored in the Bitwarden database.

Those are more or less three reasons why I use BitWarden, and besides that because BitWarden is Open Source, I think this service is more reliable considering the many cases of selling data that are often carried out by large companies, either openly or hidden, and of course passwords and accounts are one. things we have to keep confidential.

BitWarden, Alternative Password Manager Application to LastPass

Paid Version Also Available

Although I think, even if the Free version itself is enough for me to use, BitWarden also provides a paid version, where there are a number of other superior features, namely more Two Step Login options, Emergency Access, Vault health reports, Encrypted file attachments , shared items, and others.

But don't worry, you can enjoy some of the most important main features even with a free account.

Simple Web Dashboard View

Apart from the features, I myself like the simple appearance of the web interface, where there are not many colors, not adventurous, and that's all, we just log in, go straight to the vault, and there is a simple and useful menu immediately displayed.

Available on iOS, Android and Web Browser Extensions

One other important thing that needs to be in a Password Manager is device support, and BitWarden is already available on almost all platforms, both iOS, Android, and already supports Web Browser Extensions, including Microsoft Edge Chromium, and even Linux via its AppImage.

My experience

BitWarden, Alternative Password Manager Application to LastPass

Even though I've only been using BitWarden for a few hours, I've used Extensions and applications on Android and iOS, and to be honest, the experience provided is more or less the same as LastPass, the difference is that it's BitWarden Open Source, with some of the features and advantages I've already had. mentioned above.

And after a while I use BitWarden, delete LastPass and import all my Passwords on this platform, I am satisfied, and of course I will continue to use it and hopefully BitWarden is trustworthy in keeping all my passwords.

Overall, I can say that BitWarden might be the best alternative if you want to move from LastPass, for more details, please try it yourself.

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