Review of DefenderUI, Simple Version of Windows Defender

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Since Windows 10, Microsoft has combined all security aspects of Windows — including Windows Defender, Firewall, Network Protection, and more — into one application, Windows Security.

On the one hand this is certainly a good thing, but on the other hand — especially for Windows Defender — the setup is a bit of a hassle because it takes several clicks to move from one setting to another. 

Moreover, until now, Windows Security does not have a search pane which can usually make it easier when you want to search for a setting.
DefenderUI answers this problem by providing a simpler interface, because all the menus in Windows Defender are displayed on one page and users can enable or disable settings with just one click.

DefenderUI Review

Review of DefenderUI, Simple Version of Windows Defender

You can download (439 KB) and install the application as usual. If so, on the home page, you need to select a security profile according to your needs (this setting can be changed again later).

On the front screen, you will find 5 setting options, namely:
  • Home: Contains settings that are usually done by users.
  • Basic: Contains the basic settings of Windows Defender.
  • Advanced: N/A
  • ASR Rules: Contains settings that are commonly used if you want to prevent computers from attacks using injection or scripts.
  • DefenderGuard: Contains settings related to DefenderGuard.
As said before, you only need one click on the existing settings.

Please note, that the DefenderUI application is still in beta stage, so development will still be carried out (this also makes the Advanced page still blank). You can follow the development of this application through the MalwareTips forum page.

Windows Defender Windows 10 offers protection against a variety of malware, but it's not something everyone wants on their computer.

CCleaner case kicked by Defender

When CCleaner software likes to display links to their software.
Microsoft may intentionally or incorrectly detect it, and consider the program to be intrusive or malicious.

Of course, the user decides whether to click the link or just use CCleaner for Windows utility software.
Some of the records (logs) in the Windows OS were actually cleaned by the program, maybe that was a problem for Microsoft.

Sometimes Microsoft Defender False Alarm occurs.
Warns of a dangerous program, but it could be wrong.

A good program is considered dangerous. Even though it has been permitted by Defender, tomorrow the program will be deleted again by Defender.
This is what's annoying, the program suddenly disappears.

This is different from the Third Party Windows menu, when the computer is installed the program makes the Windows menu better.
Microsoft updates actually make Windows not work, or the Start menu doesn't appear.

Defender UI Update Sep 2023

Doesn't enable all Defender features.
It is more appropriate to only modify parts or features of the Windows Defender program.

At the start of the program you are given the option to profile
Recommended, opens hidden settings in Microsoft Defender. This is important, we don't need to look here and there because the menu is hidden

Interactive, for advanced users.
Aggressive, opens all settings
Default, return to the Microsoft Defender menu.

1. Home Menu

Microsoft Defender is difficult to disable, but we want Microsoft Defender activity to be disabled
In the Home menu there is a setting to deactivate it
Real-Time Protection, Cloud-delivered protection, and this one should keep Windows Firewall active.

2. Basic Menu

Set whether Microsoft Defender needs to protect everything, or there are parts that don't need to be accessed.
For example, PUA, Network, Folder, even sending samples of programs detected by Microsoft Defender and others.

3. Advanced Menu

Defender actively scans what is in storage.
We can disable some, email only accepts secure data, maybe it doesn't need to be scanned.
Checking removable drives, they can be disabled, and so on.

4. ASR Menu

An important part if the computer needs protection, some of the menus here focus on programs
From ransomware protection, to Office protection programs.

5. DefenderGuard menu

The temporary computer is well guarded, and there are no outgoing connections for downloading and opening malicious sites until the program is installed.

Review of DefenderUI, Simple Version of Windows Defender

In this menu users can temporarily disable it.
The three DefenderGuard menus must be searched and hidden. With DefenderUI, setup is faster.

6. DefenderUI Add Exclusion

Microsoft Defender can sometimes go wrong, giving False Alarms or unnecessary false alarms.
We add a block in HOST, suddenly Microsoft gives a warning. Obviously there are no security issues, but Microsoft knows there are Microsoft servers that are blocked

Other programs that modify Windows are sometimes blocked for no reason. Enter the Low Threat warning category. Of course newly extracted programs such as RAR files cannot be saved, because the defender automatically blocks and deletes them.

To give permission to files that are considered dangerous but incorrectly. For starters, if a file gets a warning, check with If there, no problem..
We deactivate Realtime Protection, and give permission with exceptions.
So Defender doesn't just kick in and delete it, because we have made sure the program is safe.

The program to delete Windows Defender can disrupt the computer system, if the program is used on a different version of Windows.

In the event that Microsoft Defender does not interfere with the Windows OS system itself, it does not need to be removed or maintained with the Default system.

Except for computer users who want lighter PC performance, protect their computer from an internet connection, prefer antivirus / antimalware from other manufacturers.
This reason is the choice not to use Defender.

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