Review of Epson L5190 Sophisticated Printer Specifications

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From the emergence of the first printing tool since the 80's, the printer that is here has brought many changes. It is proven by the increasing number of advanced features that this printing machine has. Can function more than just a tool for printing black and white documents, but also in color.

Can print photos, scan to photocopy in one printer device, one of them you can find in the Epson L-5190 series. Curious as to what? The following is a review of the Epson L5190 specifications, advantages and disadvantages.
We know that the name Epson is a well-known brand with a very worldwide popularity. Even when you first search for a printer, it's the brand that appears first in the options in Google search.

If you look at the history, the brand of this Epson printer has been around for decades. The quality of the products released is always updated and can meet consumer needs. So that only selected by users from various groups. Starting from the use of personal printers at home, office and for business.

One of the Epson series of printers with the original L-series L5190 ink tank. Is the perfect printer variant. How could it not be, this one printing machine offers a variety of privileged features and facilities. So it is a must-have and can even replace your printing machine that still uses traditional cartridges.

Epson L-5190 Printer Review

Review of Epson L5190 Sophisticated Printer Specifications, These are the Advantages and Disadvantages!

The highest Epson printer series from the 2nd generation (output) L-series printer is the best choice for the class of printer needs with complete facilities, the Epson 4-digit L-5190 series applies the same printer body design concept as the L1100, L3150 and L3110 which saves space and is more dynamic by placing the ink tanks together on the front side of the printer.
In addition to having a body design, the color of this printer unit is glossy black which looks to give the impression of luxury. 

On the front of this printer there is an additional control panel display with buttons to make it easier to access the operation of various programs and features on the printer without having to go through a computer first.

1. Large capacity minimalist ink tank

Please note that for those of you who are going to buy this printer, it is very appropriate if your printing needs can reach thousands in a monthly period, this Epson L5190 printer has implemented an infusion system so that ink can be supplied continuously from the tank to flow to the printing section.

Compared to previous models and types of printers that have separate ink tanks, the latest ink tank design will make the refill process easier, consisting of 4 different tank holes according to the ink they have, namely Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-blacK, each of these tanks can accommodate one full bottle of ink or about 70ml.

The hole design at the end of the ink filling is also very unique, specifically designed to adjust to the end of the original Epson refill ink bottle so that it can be plugged in properly. here you no longer worry about ink spilling or splattering everywhere during the Epson L5190 Ink Refill process

2. Exceptional Print Quality and Speed

By relying on this printer, you will be more efficient in saving costs in printing as well as maintenance, claims from Epson on the use of 1 bottle of black ink can produce about 7500 print sheets, and for the whole ink it can produce about 4500 sheets, this is very far from the printing capacity of ordinary cartridges.

How about the print speed process, from info and various reviews on hands on this Epson L5190 printer has a fast print speed, on black and white prints up to 10 ipm, at color print speeds up to 5.0 ipm. How about the print quality? The print resolution that is applied can reach up to 5760 x 1400 dpi so that the printed images can look sharp and clear.

At its maximum printing capacity, this printer can print borderless photos up to 4R as well as documents up to full A4 paper size (borderless).

Full details of the advantages of the Epson L5190 Printer

advantages of the Epson L5190 Printer

Here are some reviews of the advantages possessed by today's L-1590 Epson printers:
  1. Minimalist Design: This Epson printer series is designed to be super minimalist and sleek. It saves space and is lighter even though it has many of the features that have been reviewed above. For its weight, it only weighs about 5 kg with dimensions of 37.5 x 34.5 x 23.7 cm.
  2. All In One: This is a review of the Epson L5190 specifications, the most perfect advantages and disadvantages. Can print documents, photos, scans and photocopies. One machine with complete functions.
  3. Wifi Connectivity And Wifi Direct: It is equipped with wifi and wifi direct features, which can be connected to a laptop or smart phone. So, when you want to print data from your cellphone, you can directly connect it without having to move it to a computer first.
  4. Save Cost: This machine is very cost effective. One ink bottle has the ability to print up to 4,500 black and white and 7,500 color print sheets.
  5. Easy Ink Refill: Filling ink is even easier because it is equipped with a special mechanism for refilling also with the ink tank.
  6. Exceptional Resolution And Speed: The printing capability of the L5190 machine has a resolution of up to 5760 x 1400 dpi. Then the print speed can penetrate 10 ipm for black and 5 ipm for color images.
  7. Official guarantee: Epson offers a 2 year official after-sales warranty. So cool, right?
  8. Fax Storage Memory Available : There are Broadcast Fax and PC-fax features, this machine can send computer and digital faxes. Also can save documents up to 100 pages.
  9. ADF Features: Scan and copy documents with a printer? The L5190 series can reach up to 30 pages.
There are many advantages of the Epson L5190 and make this printer a must-have. It is perfect for reaching the needs of printing machines in the modern era, especially for office needs.

Disadvantages of the Epson L5190 Printer

In addition to the features of the L5190 engine above, there are small things that become weaknesses. Is the price of the printer which is priced quite high. 

The price is more expensive when compared to other Epson series, however, even though it has a high price, the Epson L5190 specifications are very comparable when viewed again from the overall features and specifications provided.

that's the review and review of the specifications of the Epson L5190 that can be reviewed by the, regarding the advantages and disadvantages above, we think it is more inclined to its features, right? So what are you waiting for, get this best printing machine if it suits your needs, hopefully it's useful, thank you.

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