9 Canon Printers to Scan F4 Paper and Photocopy

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Currently, there are many canon printer products on the market, almost all of them have their own advantages and disadvantages.

However, some users feel that they benefit from the presence of several models of Canon printers that also have the feature to scan up to a maximum of F4 paper size and can even be used for photocopying.

However, it turns out that the number is small, so that on average there are only certain types. This is because the use of F4 paper according to international standards is not too much, only a lot in Indonesia. 

This is what makes the average print, scan and copy capacity A4, because the dimensions of the printer are much smaller than the printer for A4 size paper.

Below we will provide information on several types of Canon printers for scanning F4 paper and photocopies which are known to have modern functions and settings, this is because the printer unit is equipped with an ADF (automatic document feeder) component.

List of Canon Printers for F4 paper scans and photocopies

9 Canon Printers to Scan F4 Paper and Photocopy!

1. Canon Pixma G4010

Canon Pixma G4010

This type of printer is certainly quite recognizable, because it is one of the Canon printer series with original ink tubes that have many functions (multifunction). 

Apart from being very suitable for printing needs because it has an ink tank and infusion system so that it can produce large numbers of prints, this printer also has an adf feature that can be used to scan media up to Legal size.
We recommend this serial printer for office use or organizations that do have quite a lot of printing needs every week/month. This type of printer is one of the best in the Canon inkjet printer class because of its complete features, according to that the price of the Canon Pixma G4010 printer on the market is still around USD$250.00

2. Canon Pixma TR 4570s (ADF Scan)

Canon Pixma TR 4570s (ADF Scan)

This latest series canon printer model is included as a printer with a multifunction model, so it can not only be used to print documents, but can also be used to print photos, scan scans from the data screen glass (flatbed) as well as from the ADF (document feeder) feature.

Printers that can be used for photocopying and can also be used for scanning are not limited to A4 paper media, because the maximum supported media size is Legal paper. so that the needs for scanning F4 paper and F4 photocopies can of course be handled.

This Canon printer also has a good speed, which is up to approximately 8.8 ipm for printing black and white, while if it is used for color printing it can reach a speed of 4.4 ipm.

3. Multifunction Printer E-4270

Multifunction Printer E-4270

Almost the same as the Canon PIXMA TR4570S series above in terms of functions and features, this printer can also be used for media scans of up to F4/Legal size, the price is slightly more expensive than the Canon TR4570.

4. Canon PIXMA MX 337 (ADF Scan)

Canon Pixma MX 337 (ADF Scan)

Similar to the model or type of printer above, the Canon pixma MX337 is included in the list of multifunction printers where you can use it for photocopying, printing photos, and even scanning. 

Not only are these features offered, but this printer is equipped with Airprint which will really help you in the printing process using wifi with your smartphone, either Android or Iphone.

5. Canon Pixma MX 370 (ADF Scan)

Canon Pixma MX 370 (ADF Scan)

This type of MX370 series printer is also an old type of canon printer but also has complete multifunction features, the main is an ADF scanner up to F4/Legal size. The latest printers from this series have also appeared a lot, such as the 377, etc., which of course is an update from the first Canon pixma MX370 series.

This printer is not only reliable in your printing needs, this printer is also suitable for those of you who currently also need copy and scan functions, so you can more easily store digital data or get important documents or photos easily. 

This printer uses 2 cartridges which are quite expensive in our opinion, but do not rule out the possibility for less routine use. For the latest price, it's still around 800 thousand to 1.1 million

The list of other types of printer series also has an ADF Scanner up to Legal

  • Canon pixma GM4070
  • Canon pixma TR8570S
  • Canon pixma MX390
  • Canon Pixma MX-497

That's the list of updated Canon printer options, from the old Canon printer series to the latest Canon printer series that can be used to scan F4 paper and F4 size photocopies that you can choose and adjust to your needs. 

We think the price offered is very varied depending on the specifications of each printer, so choose the right one so it won't drain your pocket and of course the selected printer will be very useful for printing and your other needs.

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