Tips for Choosing the Right A3 Print Laserjet Printer and on Target

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Choosing an A3 laser printer for tasks that are still being planned is like choosing a work team that is ready to face work challenges in order to get maximum results as desired. It takes a lot of references that can be taken into consideration in making a decision to choose which A3 laser printer suits your needs.

There are several tips for choosing an A3 laser printer that we can share here to add your reference in making decisions, including Laserjet printers with A3 printing size are now increasing in demand, both because one factor is the increasing number of printing businesses and also the need for printers to complete photocopying businesses, as well as many other businesses.

Another is to support performance and productivity, laserjet printers can be used to meet the needs of your office printing equipment and support your business printing needs more thoroughly and organized so that it is more flexible.

The high print cycle of the printer with less frequent maintenance is one of the advantages of using a laserjet printer, in one or two semesters the possible maintenance requirement is only to refill the toner which is the raw material for printing, otherwise other treatments may be encountered when the printer is over 1-2 years later, but it also depends on how to use the printer correctly or carelessly, for more clarity and detail for the best tips before deciding to buy a printer you can read in the following review..

Overview of the Best Laserjet A3 Printers

Overview of the Best Laserjet A3 Printers

A printer is a tool for printing (output) that we have previously created on a computer or other tool that we use. The printer has several different features, one of which is the A3 printer which has many uses. The best A3 laserjet printer is generally often used to print documents and draft images, using A3 paper with a size of 29.7 x 42.0.

The A3 laserjet printer is quite unique. Most of these printers are used by certain printers or printing companies to print various needs such as interior design, architectural design, graphic design and even construction work. Considering that the A3 printer is widely used for graphics and design purposes, the printer chosen should be of good quality.

Differences between Inkjet Printers and A3 Laserjet Printers

Differences between Inkjet Printers and A3 Laserjet Printers

The A3 Laserjet printer is a document printing machine that utilizes infrared technology with A3 size. Laserjet printers have different characteristics from inkjet printers. Laserjet printers use powder ink or toner with infrared technology.

The best A3 laserjet printer has the advantage in terms of documents that do not fade easily because it uses infrared technology. The A3 laserjet printer also has quite fast printing capabilities compared to inkjet printers. Following are brief differences between laserjet and inkjet printers:

1. A3 Laserjet Printer

  • The purchase price of the printer and toner cartridge is indeed more expensive than an inkjet printer, but it is efficient and worth using.
  • The printing speed is more than 20 sheets per minute
  • The resulting image quality is not good because every difference in color saturation has a line
  • The shape and size are larger than inkjet printers
  • The machine needs time to warm up before use.

2. Inkjet Printer

  • The purchase price of an inkjet printer and its cartridges is much cheaper than a laser inkjet printer
  • The print speed is only around six sheets per minute
  • Can produce first class images
  • Its shape is small, so it can be placed in a small place, either on a table or under a table
  • It doesn't take long to warm up the printer when you want to use it.

Tips for Buying A3 Laser-Jet Printer Guide

Tips for Buying A3 Laser-Jet Printer Guide

As daily needs become increasingly diverse and to increase work productivity, printers with good quality and low prices are one solution. For example, by choosing the best A3 laserjet printer.

Choosing a printer is the same as choosing good and supportive coworkers to increase work productivity. So, when you want to choose an A3 Laserjet printer, you need to pay attention to various aspects and of course adjust it to the available costs in your wallet.

1. Determine the intended use

What you should pay attention to when choosing an A3 laser printer is what purpose you are using it for. Determine the purpose of its use, which type of laser printer do you need, whether it is a single function type aka print only which can only be used for printing or a multifunction type that can be used not only print, even scan, copy, and fax. Is it a monochrome type laser printer or a color type printer. So here are tips for choosing the first A3 laser printer.

2. Print speed

Tips for choosing a second A3 laser printer, print speed is an important thing to consider, because this is where one of the main advantages of the A3 laser printer is needed with an A3-sized print area. The reason is, there are printers that are fast in printing, but are extraordinarily wasteful of electrical power intake.

There are also printers that are energy efficient, aka the consumption of electrical power is minimal, but in terms of price it is not very economical, or the speed is so slow or lags behind other types of laser printers.

Before deciding to buy a laser printer unit, it's a good idea to first calculate or estimate your printing needs per month, how many pages you or the printing company usually use, then you calculate the speed offered.

3. Print resolution

The print resolution offered is a very important consideration if you need excellent print quality. The average laser printer resolution is quite good. Even the cheapest color laser printers already offer pretty good optical resolution, perfect for most businesses.

Print resolution

If you don't really want excellent print quality to meet the needs of your job, then just ignore the high resolution, because you'll be waiting a longer time to get the printout.

4. Adjust to the budget

The next tip for choosing an A3 laser printer is to determine the budget that needs to be prepared to get a printer unit that suits your needs by considering routine expenses and budget availability.

For example: If your estimated routine print usage ranges from 500 – 10000 copies with A3 paper size per month with monochrome prints, then the recommended tips for choosing an A3 laser printer is to buy a heavy duty monochrome Laserjet Printer or it can be a Digital Copier.

5. Consumable printer

One thing that is no less important in tips for choosing an A3 laser printer is ensuring a consumable printer unit, such as the ease of getting cartridges, drum units and others. The reason is, the ease of getting spare parts and components in the printer unit will allow you to get them at an affordable price, even more so if you want to buy an A3 color laserjet printer.

Don't forget to use a new compatible toner cartridge because it's easier to get, more affordable, and the quality is not much different from OEM.

6. Warranty

The last tip for choosing an A3 laser printer in this article is the certainty of the printer warranty. If you bought it brand new and found it had a problem on the printer unit within the warranty period, then you can claim it to the nearest authorized dealer or service center.

Those are some tips for choosing an A3 laser printer that we can describe in this article, hopefully it will be useful for those of you who need it.

Some of the Best Selling A3 Laser Printers

  • Canon A3 Color Laser Printer LBP-5970
  • Printer Fuji Xerox DocuPrint C2255
  • Fuji Xerox DocuPrint 3055 . Laser Printer
  • Printer Color A3


So that's the information that can be shared and reviewed by, we hope for you, after reading the tips and references on how to make the right choice of the Laserjet A3 printer above, you can finally decide and adjust when you go to buy a printer.

Hopefully this article is useful, well, and share it with your friends and relatives who are currently looking for this information so they don't make the wrong choice, thank you.

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