What is a Large Format Printer, Here's the Explanation

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Inventions and innovations in the world of technology have become a necessity for fulfilling the needs and various forms of convenience that are promised. A form of technology with a certain function is constantly changing so that existing functions can be optimized.

Including in the world of printing, where digital printing, which is simply understood as the process of printing digital images or images onto the surface of materials or physical media, continues to develop as well. The printing press was first invented by Johannes Gutenberg in 1439.

After the invention of the printing press, innovation in this regard continued to develop both in terms of quality and quantity, including the innovation of printing machines so that the size of the printed image could be maximized.

This is attempted in such a way as to make it easier for the public when they want to convey information or promotions to the general public. Image size is large enough to only print one time into a need that can finally be met with the invention of the Large Format Printer.

History of Digital Printing

What is a Large Format Printer, Here's the Explanation

Starting from its history, in general digital printing is the process of printing digital images or images onto the surface of material or physical media. The first printing machine was invented by Johannes Gutenberg in 1439. Tradition credits him as the inventor of movable type in Europe, an improvement on the printing system already used in that region, by combining these elements in a production system.

And in this modern era, this process is generally used for printing jobs with limited volumes or quantities. Can also be used if we want personalization on printed or customized images. We know this personalization as "Variable Data Printing". There are several terms known to the public, such as: offset, lithography, flexography, gravure and inkjet.

In the 90s, digital printing using inkjet technology printing machines began to develop very rapidly, because it was used for indoor and outdoor media purposes. Some machines with this technology are also used as a tool for proofing needs for offset printing before entering the production process.

Meanwhile, inkjet is massively used for office and home purposes. Currently, digital printing for the promotional industry is also growing at an extraordinary rate, especially with regard to outdoor promotions.

In other words, digital printing can not only be interpreted and related to the large volume printing industry, but can also be related to the promotional industry both indoors and outdoors. So printing with an ordinary printer can also be said to be digital printing.

What is Large Format Printing?

What is Large Format Printing

Large Format Printer is a term often used for printing equipment that is capable of printing an area size of 18" - 100" (inches), usually referred to as Wide Format Printing size. The sizes above are included in the Super Wide or Grand Format Printing category. 

Common print widths in Wide Format are 1.1m and 1.6m (meters), while common sizes in Super Wide Format are 3.2m and 5m. Large format printers have the advantage of being cost effective and easy to operate. Large format prints are usually at least 24 inches wide, but can be any size. 

According to research conducted by What They Think, services with large format printing continue to grow and are increasingly in demand by the market for making banners, decorations, car stickers, or others. Providing the ideal solution for all large-scale molding needs.

Printer types are generally categorized into several types of ink:

  • Aqueous – water-based ink consisting of Dye and Pigment ink.
  • Solvent – oil-based ink, consisting of Full Solvent, Mild Solvent and Eco-Solvent.
  • Dye-Sublimation – ink is transferred to fabric (polyester) with the help of heat.
  • UV – ink dried with an Ultra Violet (UV) lamp.
  • Latex / Resin – water-based ink with resin content.

The Best Wide Format / Large Format Printer Brands

  • Canon imagePROGRAF
  • HP Designjet
  • Epson SureColor
  • Roland
  • Rhinotec
  • Maxima
  • Inno
  • Nova

The advantages and disadvantages of large printers

This Wide Print Format has been widely used by the public because of the various advantages it has. 

a. The advantages of this print in general

  • Wider printable media size
  • Good print speed
  • High print quality
  • No noise when used

b. As for its drawbacks

  • Relatively expensive price
  • Use of a fairly wide space
  • The ink used is quite a lot

In the business world, visibility and branding are the keys to success that must be pursued, the right solution for this is the use of Digital Printing in Large Format in High Quality.

Digital Printing in Large Format in High Quality
Example: Digital Printing in Large Format in High Quality

Using it we can create a wide design and an image with bright colors. This is certainly very influential for promotion or providing better information to the public, where your message can be conveyed clearly at any time in any atmosphere on each printout.

Types of Large Printers and their Production Media

Types of Large Printers and their Production Media

1. Roland LFP printers, 

can produce:
  • Roll/X-Banner
  • Banner Printing
  • Printing & Cutting Sticker
  • Posters, etc.

2. With LFP L26500 Latex machine

can produce:
  • Roll/X-Banner
  • Print Canvas
  • Poster using 250gr Ac and 150gr paper
  • Print Cloth Banner

3. With UV Flatbed machin

can produce
  • Print Foam Board, D-board, Corrugated.
  • Print on Acrylic, Glass, Wood, Ceramic.
  • Print Sticker, Luster, Canvas.
  • Etc.

With the explanation above, it can be seen that the wide format printer supports the needs of indoor and outdoor use. This wide-format printer can be used to print banners, posters, trade show graphics, wallpapers, murals, vehicle wraps with custom images, electronic circuit schematics, architectural drawings, construction plans, backdrops for theater and media sets, and other format artwork or signage. another big.

Therefore, the use of this wide format printer is mostly used for outdoor purposes as a promotional medium or to facilitate the sharing of information to the public, but of course it does not rule out the possibility for indoor use.

Large Format Printers for Small and Industrial Businesses

With the explanation above, it can be understood that this large format printer is mostly used for outdoor purposes as a promotional medium or to facilitate the sharing of information with the public, but of course this does not rule out the possibility of indoor use. Among the various types of large format printers that are famous for their quality are:

1. Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000

Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000
This specialist photo printing wide format laser printer from Canon allows you to print high quality borderless A2 images. It can print on glossy or matt finishes and uses twelve separate 80ml pigment-based inkjet cartridges to print professional-grade photos. 

The price of such high print quality is slow print times, with one A2 page taking around six minutes. The Canon PRO-1000 is ideal for color and black and white photography.

Apart from the Canon imagePROGRAF PRO 1000, Canon is also famous for producing: Canon imagePROGRAF TM300 which can print A1 CAD images in less than half a minute with Lucia Pro inkjet cartridges which produces colorful rainproof images. 

As well as the Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-2000, which despite its price is significantly higher than the others, this printer is truly reflected in its superior print quality. Using a Canon Lucia Pro inkjet featuring eleven colors and a Chroma Optimizer, the PRO-2000 is a large, heavy printer that can print up to 61cm wide.

2. Epson SureColor P20000

Epson SureColor P20000

The Epson SureColor P20000 is a high-end format laser printer designed for heavy use. It can handle large print sizes up to 64 inches wide and prints at reasonable speeds, especially for a printer that size.

Print quality is excellent as you would expect, although they also incorporate a ‘fast print mode’ which produces faster prints at lower resolution levels than 600 x 600dpi. This mode makes it ideal for situations where a number of samples or copies of something need to be printed before being finalized.

3. Mimaki “JV330 Series”

Mimaki “JV330 Series”

This large format printer is a mid-to-high end eco-solvent inkjet printer that has been added to the range to meet customer needs in addition to the entry-level 100 Series and standard 300 Series, the 300 Plus Series.

In addition to impressive image quality and high productivity, high value-added functions are installed to help customers save work and effort.

4. Monna Lisa Evo Tre 16

Monna Lisa Evo Tre 16

The Monna Lisa Evo Tre 16 is a Direct-to-Fabric digital textile printer with 16 printheads, measuring 2.4m high and 6m wide which can directly print on fabric up to 3.6m wide. Apart from that, the Epson Monna Lisa can provide extraordinary printing results with amazing color composition and printing speed.

This digital textile printing method also provides environmental benefits such as less environmental impact, very minimal energy and water usage so it is more environmentally friendly.

The precise and high quality design of the Monna Lisa Evo Tre 16 printed fabric is supported by 16 new PrecisionCore printheads, the Monna Lisa Evo Tre 16 can reach a maximum production printing speed of 417 square meters / hour (300×600 dpi, 1 pass). This new series of printheads combines quality, precision, speed and reliability for excellent results.

5. HP Latex 3600 Printer

HP Latex 3600 Printer

HP latex 3600 printer, powerful quality at high speeds—1290 ft²/hr1—for outdoor work, and achieve superior quality for indoor work compared to UV.2 Plus, excellent color consistency 1 dE2000 (95% color) in tile mode for very demanding tile work.

Apart from that, the HP Latex 3600 Printer has a 10 liter HP ink supply which can help reduce costs and save time, because one operator can manage up to four printers at once.

6. Roland TrueVIS VG3-640, VG3-640

Roland TrueVIS VG3-640, VG3-640

The TrueVIS VG3 printer/cutter has been upgraded to exceed the print quality, productivity and uncompromising needs of today's graphics professionals. Among other things, increased productivity through user enhancement features such as 7-inch LCD touch panel control, automatic calibration, and other intuitive automated tools. 

Further expansion of print gamut and colors with smoother color transitions, and 8-color ink configuration offers more color choices. This is further enhanced by four FlexFire printheads combined with advanced, accurate printing and cutting features, as well as color, as needed.

7. EFI Pro30h Wide Format LED Hybrid Printer

EFI Pro30h Wide Format LED Hybrid Printer

Wide format LED Hybrid Printer EFI® Pro 30h Wide Format LED Printer is dynamic. This impressive hybrid delivers both flatbed and roll-fed capabilities in one highly reliable footprint. It is ideal for commercial printers, with superior quality at a competitive price.

This printer is made to produce a variety of prints ranging from banners to 2 inch thick boards. with a resolution of 1200 dpi and high adhesion ink.


Large Format Printers can simply be understood as Large Format Printers, also known as Wide Format Printers. Wide Format Printers are processed by a computer-controlled printing machine, either together with the machine or separately.

Of course, when viewed from the size of this large format printer, the printer price is quite high. And this printing machine supports print roll widths up to a maximum between 18 inches and 100 inches. Printers with a capacity of more than 100″ in width are considered super wide or large formats. 

This large format printer can be used for business or other purposes, as a promotional medium or to share information with the wider community. In this modern era, more and more printing equipment manufacturers are targeting the upper middle class, especially in business and corporate needs. 

This printer for large-scale printing attracts the interest of entrepreneurs to create various needs with a printing machine, even though it has a fairly high selling price, so far there are many brands of this LFP printer, and here are 10 of the best printer brands that you can rely on and many are recommended. by Large Format Printer users.

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