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Understanding and Explanation of Micro Piezo on Epson Printers

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    What's with Micro Piezo on Epson Printers? Maybe for some of us, it's a bit excessive if the Epson computer company from Japan celebrates it. But if we look at the long journey of development of Micro Piezo which started from 1990 until now with various advantages, we will understand the real reason why they are celebrating it.

    According to Koichi Endo, one of the pioneers in developing Micro Piezo for Epson, "Micro Piezo is an ink tank control system development. Of course, this goes hand in hand with saving ink and system energy.

    In addition, Micro Piezo can also be developed for other fields."This method can be applied in medical and other fields. Where in the treatment of certain diseases, precision and accuracy are needed as a control system that can be carried out by Micro Piezo.

    What is an Epson Micro Piezo print head?

    What is an Epson Micro Piezo print head

    “Micro Piezo” is a proprietary piezoelectric technology used in the print heads of all Epson inkjet printers which has made them renowned for their high quality output and reliability, as well as low operational costs.

    Since the introduction of this technology in 1993 until today, Epson has been the only company that uses piezoelectric print heads in all its inkjet printing devices from the smallest personal photo printers, to the largest industrial systems.

    To be precise, Micro Piezo on Epson printers is an application of proprietary piezoelectric technology that is used in the print heads of all Epson inkjet printers. This technology has catapulted Epson's name in producing high-quality and reliable output with relatively low operating costs.

    Then how does Micro Piezo on Epson printers work? The way it works is to push the ink out of the print nozzle, where the Epson Micro Piezon inkjet print head uses a curved material, known as a piezoelectric, to accurately adjust the ink droplets when an electric charge is applied.

    By using piezoelectric technology in Epson's inkjet print heads, the amount of ink coming in and out of the nozzles can be adjusted very accurately by varying the electric current supplied to the piezoelectric elements. Thus, the print head can eject droplets of ink in various sizes that are just right according to their settings.

    How does an Epson Micro Piezo print head work?

    To push ink out of the print nozzle, Epson Micro Piezo inkjet print heads use what are known as “piezoelectric” materials that bend when an electric charge is passed through them.

    Using piezoelectric technology, the amount of ink drawn in and pushed out of the nozzle can be regulated very precisely by varying the electrical charge applied to the piezoelectric element. This allows the print head to emit ink droplets in various sizes according to the settings.

    Epson Variable Sized Droplet Technology (VSDT)

    Epson Variable Sized Droplet Technology (VSDT)

    Variable Sized Droplet Technology (VSDT) refers to the ability of Epson's Micro Piezo print head technology to emit ink droplets of different sizes by varying the electrical charge given to the piezoelectric element. This allows Epson printers to achieve variable ink droplet sizes as small as 1.5 picoliters. 

    The capability of Epson Micro Piezo technology is to achieve precise results in text and images that are sharp, bright, and virtually grain-free, a quality that Epson has been known for for years for its photo-quality prints.

    Advantages of Epson Micro Piezo

    Advantages of Epson Micro Piezo

    The two most commonly used inkjet printing systems on the market are Epson's Micro Piezo technology and thermal inkjet printing. In the Epson Micro Piezo system, ink is ejected by precisely regulated mechanical pressure.

    On the other hand, thermal inkjet technology works by rapidly heating a resistor mounted behind the print head nozzle to vaporize the ink, creating bubbles that expand so quickly that the ink literally explodes out of the nozzle onto the paper.

    As the bubbles cool and fall, the resulting vacuum draws more ink into the print head from the cartridge. In conclusion, the Micro Piezo technology in Epson printers provides several advantages that are not given to thermal inkjet technology, including:
    1. It is possible for Epson print heads with Micro Piezo technology to be able to provide variable ink droplets measuring 1.5 picoliters with very accurate sizes up to five different sizes to print media so as to provide precise text printing results, sharp and bright images, and free from grain. with smooth tonal transitions resulting in photo-quality prints.
    2. Operation on the Epson print head at a very low temperature makes Epson printers compatible with a wide variety of inks, including dyes and pigments. In addition, solvent inks and types of ultraviolet cure ink can also be used on Epson printers.
    3. With Micro Piezo technology on Epson printers, it allows the print head to run lighter than inkjet printers with thermal technology. Of course, making Epson printers more friendly to the environment.
    4. The power used by Epson printers with Micro Piezo technology is smaller than printers with thermal technology.

    Video Review Explanation of Epson's Micro Piezo Technology

    The results that will be obtained from using Micro Piezon technology on Epson printers are precise text prints, sharp and bright images, also free from grain so as to produce photo-quality prints.

    In contrast to thermal inkjet printing, the Micro Piezo technology on Epson printers will issue ink with precisely regulated mechanical pressure.


    In contrast to printer products that still rely on thermal technology for their printheads, Epson claims to be the only well-known printer manufacturer that has applied Micro Piezo technology printheads to all of its current printer product lines.

    Such are the advantages of Micro Piezo technology on Epson printers that can review and share, if the readers are compared to other inkjet printers, we can inform and summarize from several trusted sources and including the official Epson official website itself.

    So, which printing technology do you want to choose in today's modern era of instant printing? May be useful.

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