Various Causes of Printer Cannot Print

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Yes, the printer is included in a computer output device that functions as a tool to print a document or information from a computer. The usefulness of this one object may be familiar to us considering that this device is often used, especially if you are an office worker or student.

Because this one output device is certainly very easy for us to print something such as documents or other things into text, images, to photos. Now the problem is if you have experienced incidents such as not being able to print when using the printer and more confused if the need to print is very urgent.

If something like this has happened, of course you will look for various ways so that the printer can be reused. Is not it? Like other hardware, printers will not be free from problems and one of the problems that is often encountered is a situation where their printer cannot print something. Then what causes the printer can not print? The following are various kinds of causes, let's see!

Actually, there are many factors that can cause this, usually the problem of a printer that cannot print can be solved with easy solutions such as restarting your computer, it's only software. If the problem is on the hardware or hardware, it usually takes several steps to solve it. Before solving it, let's know first what causes the printer to not print which has collected from several sources

Causes the Printer Cannot Print

Causes the Printer Cannot Print

1. The printer has not been turned on during the printing process.

Starting from a simple cause, namely the printer has not been turned on, how can we print if we do not turn it on? So, to avoid this, you can check whether the power button on the printer is already on. And if your printer still doesn't turn on, you can follow how to deal with offline printers.

2. The printer power cord is not properly connected to a power source.

The cause of your printer not being able to print can also be caused by the printer power cable that is not properly connected to the power source. Therefore, if your printer cannot perform the printing process, immediately check whether the power cable on the printer is connected properly or not.

3. The connecting cable between the printer and the computer is not connected properly.

Yes, in doing printing on the printer, you definitely need a laptop or open computer? And of course these two devices will be connected via a USB cable.

Because through the USB cable, the computer can instruct the printer to carry out the process of printing the files that you want to print on the computer. To avoid problems with the printer, try first to check whether the printer cable is properly connected to your USB port.

4. Uninstalled or problematic printer drivers.

Also make sure that your computer already has a printer driver that matches the printer machine, because if the printer driver on the laptop does not match the specifications on the printer, it will have problems when installed. And as a result the computer cannot give orders to the printer to carry out the printing process.

5. Insufficient data storage capacity

In addition to the above reasons, if the existing data storage capacity is insufficient, the computer cannot send command information to perform the printing process to your printer. Then how to solve it? Try giving additional space to the storage media by deleting some of the files on your laptop or computer.

6. The printer is experiencing paper jam.

If a paper jam warning appears on the printer, it could be caused by paper or other objects stuck in the inside of the printer mechanism that you are using. Therefore you have to disassemble the printer to clean the paper that is involved. But if the paper is difficult to remove, it's better to open the lid, don't pry it.

In addition to some of the causes that we have mentioned earlier, there are actually many other causes of the printer not being able to print. Maybe that's all, that's all the information about the various causes of the printer not being able to print, hopefully it can be useful for all of you and thank you for visiting.

How to deal with printer ready but unable to print

How to deal with printer ready but unable to print

1. Clear Queue

The way to deal with an Epson printer that is ready but can't print is to set up a printer queue system. Sometimes, the print queue from the PC can get stuck.
This is because the previous document failed to print or experienced a problem. To solve a stuck printer, here's how:
  • Right click on the printer icon in the Windows notification area.
  • Select 'Open All Printer' to see a list of items currently queued.
  • Right click on the stuck item, then select 'Cancel'.

For those of you macOS users, you can see the queue by pressing the 'System Preferences' menu.
Then, select 'Printers & Scanners' and Open Print Queue.

2. Use Command Prompt

Apart from deleting the queue manually, the way to deal with a Canon printer that is ready but can't print is through the Command Prompt feature.

This feature, which is usually called CMD, is also capable of removing jammed printers in the following ways:

a. Type Command Prompt in the Search Feature

Click Start, then type 'Command Prompt' in the search feature. Next, right click on the 'Command Prompt' menu that appears. Then, select 'Run as administrator'.

b. Enter Three Commands in Command Prompt

Various Causes of Printer Cannot Print

After the Command Prompt window opens, enter three commands, such as net stop spooler, del %systemroot%\System32\spool\PRINTERS\* /Q /F /S, and net start spooler.

3. Check Network

If you use a wireless printer, make sure the network connected to the printer is strong enough. If the network is detected to be too weak, you can move the printer closer to the router.
If your printer is not connected to a laptop or PC, then you need to add it via the method for solving HP printer ready but unable to print:
  • Click 'Start', then select the 'Settings' menu.
  • Select the 'Devices' menu, then go to 'Printers & Scanners'.
  • Press the 'Add a Printer or Scanner' button to connect the printer to your laptop via the network.

4. Checking Paper

One of the causes of a printer not being able to print is unreadable paper. If the printer cannot detect the paper, try removing the paper container and realigning the paper when loading it into the printer.
Apart from that, some printers are ready but don't respond if the paper is damaged or folded.

5. Checking Ink

Even though the ink is almost out, some printers will still show ready status. Therefore, it is very important to check printer ink regularly. Apart from running out, the printer will also not work if the ink hose is clogged or dirty. 

You can clean the ink tank or ink hose with a wet tissue. Once the ink starts to flow smoothly, immediately wipe it with a dry towel and reconnect the hose to the ink.


From this article it can be understood that there are quite a lot of reasons why printers cannot carry out the printing process and how to solve them quickly and correctly. If you feel this article is useful, it would be better to share it so that many people know about this.

Those are some ways to deal with a printer that is ready but can't print. Now you can print various files and no longer need to worry if the printer jams. Thankyou..!!

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