Very Easy, Here Are The Steps How To Install Netbeans

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Very Easy, Here Are The Steps How To Install Netbeans

The ability to use technology today is indispensable in everyday life, even in a professional environment. With this technology, everything will become easier.

Access to technology will also be simpler and faster, so that it will not complicate the life and activities that will be undertaken. There are many activities that can be done by using the application either on a smartphone or computer or laptop.

So whatever the device, there will be no obstacles in accessing the application. To overcome this, usually applications must be developed using a particular programming language. One of them is to use the Java programming language.

Guide How to Install Netbeans for Beginners

To develop the application program, a development application is needed, namely by using Netbeans. If you do not have the Netbeans application program, you can follow the following steps regarding how to install Netbeans:

  1. Make sure that your internet connection is stable and smooth so it won't interfere with the netbeans installer download process
  2. You must understand the type of windows on your device, for example using 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64)
  3. You can get the netbeans installer by searching on google, entering the download netbeans installer keyword
  4. You can also download other options on the site Apache NetBeans 13.
  5. Then you will be directly connected to the apache netbeans website, select the download menu in the upper right corner
  6. Then you select the type of netbeans that you will install. Select Apache Netbeans 11 Feature Update 1 (NB 11.1), click Download. Wait until the installer download process is complete. The download time will depend on the speed of internet access that is used at that time, so the download process can be fast or slow.
  7. Find the netbeans download file, and double-click on the netbeans installer file.
  8. Then the netbeans installation process will appear which was configured automatically by the netbeans installer. This is to detect whether your device can be used to run the netbeans program or not. Wait for this process to finish
  9. After that, the Java SE Development Kit installation screen will appear, click Next.
  10. You will be asked to agree to the license agreement, select the I accept the terms …, click Next.
  11. Then adjust the storage location of the JDK and Netbeans IDE on your device. Free to use the directory you want, after the directory has been set, click Next.
  12. Then a summary of what will be installed will appear, click Install. At this stage you can review again whether what will be installed includes Netbeans, JDK / JRE, when all these things can be found, then you can click Install.
  13. Wait until the installation process is complete and a message appears that the installation process was successful, then click finish.


The netbeans installation process described in this tutorial focuses on installing a single package. So you don't need to be confused and worried about the difficulty and complexity of the installation process separately.

Because with one installation process, all packages such as JDK/JRE, Netbeans will be installed simultaneously and only requires one installation process.

How to install Netbeans, which is described and explained in a language that is easy to understand and followed every step of the way, will make it easier for users to follow the steps in installing Netbeans. So that with these methods, even ordinary users can follow it properly and in accordance with the stages of installing Netbeans.

This is done so that the installation process can run correctly and the application is successfully installed. So that the Netbeans application program can be run and used to develop various applications with the required programming language. Hopefully this article is useful for you.

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