Here's How to Easily Install Bluetooth on Windows 10 (All Laptop Brands)

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Here's How to Easily Install Bluetooth on Windows 10 (All Laptop Brands)

This time we will explain how to install bluetooth on Windows 10. Bluetooth is a communication technology without using cables or wireless.

Bluetooth function is a means of exchanging data between one device and another. Now there are many electronic devices that support bluetooth features, including: computers, laptops, smartphones, cameras, PDAs, routers, printers, and so on.
You need to know that bluetooth works at a frequency of 2.4 GHz and has a data transfer rate of not less than 1 Mb/s. The use of bluetooth is necessary because it can facilitate the exchange of data.

So it is not surprising that bluetooth is still widely used today. To use bluetooth, you must first install the driver. Here are the steps on how to install Bluetooth on Windows 10:

How to Install Bluetooth on Windows 10

1. Directly from the Official Site

  • First you have to know the brand and type of your laptop. If you don't know your laptop type, please read this tutorial to check your laptop type. After that you google with the word [laptop type key] + driver. For example, here I want to find the bluetooth driver on the Asus GL503GE laptop. Click the official website link.
  • After that, select the type of laptop and the operating system you are using in the column provided. This is to filter so that the driver download link that appears matches the type of your laptop.
  • Then scroll down and look for the driver named BlueTooth. Click Download to download the driver.
  • After you have successfully downloaded it, then you need to extract it because most driver files are in the form of RAR / ZIP. After that install the driver it seems. Restart your laptop or computer, then Bluetooth is ready to use.

2. Using DriverPack Solution

  • If you have trouble finding the appropriate Bluetooth driver for your laptop type. Then another solution that you can apply is to use the Driverpack Solution. First you have to download it here. After that open the software. It looks more or less like this.
  • There will be information about several drivers that need to be installed on your laptop, including Bluetooth drivers as well. As for my advice, it's better if you just install the drivers that are not already installed on your laptop. Therefore, you select Install automatically.
  • Wait for the driver installation process to complete. Make sure you are connected to the internet. The length of this process depends on the number of drivers installed and the speed of your internet connection.
  • Successful, all the drivers needed by your laptop have been successfully installed. Now restart your laptop after that you can use Bluetooth.

What is the Function of Bluetooth?

So what exactly is the function of Bluetooth? In the following, we will provide a more complete explanation of some of the functions that this software has.

1. Sending and Receiving Files

The first function of bluetooth is as a means to send and receive files. You can use bluetooth to transfer files in the form of documents, audio, video, animation, and others. Data transfer can be done between cellphones or between computers and cellphones.

The data transfer process can take place faster and differently when you use infrared. How to use it, you just turn on bluetooth. Next, you just need to find the device you want to connect. After that, you can choose which files you want to send to the device.

2. Play songs wirelessly

The second bluetooth function is that you can play audio without using a cable. This function is usually found on handsfree or headphones. So, you don't have to bother with the twisted cables and sometimes even bother you. You just listen to the songs you like without any hassle. A function that is often used by those who like to listen to music and are usually used while exercising.

3. Print the document

As we have mentioned that bluetooth is currently supported and widely used by almost all electronic devices. One of them is a printer where you can print documents without having to connect via cables. You just have to activate the wireless printer and the files or documents you choose can be printed right away.

With this bluetooth, you can save your time and energy because all processes will run automatically and quickly. You also don't need to install cables anymore because you can do it with one click.

4. Using a wireless mouse and keyboard

Do you have a wireless mouse or keyboard? The use of wireless mice and keyboards is now widely found everywhere. The reason is because they don't need to be complicated with cables that make the distance between the keyboard and mouse only a cable. But when you use a wireless mouse and keyboard, the distance can be further and not burdened with cable distances.

This type of mouse or keyboard with bluetooth media is very suitable for those of you who like to play games. You can easily adjust the movement of the mouse or keyboard. You don't have to worry anymore because you have to arrange the cable first.

5. As a modem

Did you know that bluetooth can also be used as a modem? It is suitable for those of you who have a hobby of surfing in cyberspace. All you have to do is do some settings on your computer or laptop. Next, you can connect to the internet with the bluetooth media.
Those are the steps on how to install Bluetooth on Windows 10 along with the Bluetooth functions you need to know. Hopefully the tutorial above is useful and easy to apply.

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