TagScanner 6.1.13 Free Download

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TagScanner 6.1.13 32-bit & 64-bit Free Download

TagScanner is a multifunctional program for organizing and managing music collections such as adding detailed information to song files, cover images for and so on.mFor those of you who like to listen to music on your computer using a music player, you must be familiar with Tag info or what is often called ID tag.

There are various types of ID tags, including ID3v1, ID3v2, Vorbis comments, APEv2, WindowsMedia and MP4 (iTunes) tags. This ID tag detail will be displayed on your music player.

The TagScanner interface is very simple and very easy to run. You will get Music Renamer, Tag Editor, Tag Processor, and List Maker options in the Tabs at the top. All of them are facilities to edit music files that you like.

Maybe you have a problem with your mp3 collection which sometimes does not have complete information about the title, album, artist, genre, album cover and other things. Usually they are called properties or tags.

This information is displayed on the player and some media players or gadgets can sort and create playlists based on the information contained in the properties tag. But what happens if the mp3 files that we have only have file names without any information in them, of course we will find it difficult to sort and create playlists automatically.

For songs that you don't know who the singer is and don't have the tag, then you can search for them by using the Tag Processing feature, then selecting the database provided by TagScanner. For music files that do not yet have a Tag. 

You can use the Tag Editor to quickly tag when you already know the artist name and song title (even album title) of your music file. Click Save after making changes. The most useful thing about this program is that it can edit a large number of tags at the same time and not only that, but it can import tag information from Amazon or FreeDB.

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  • License                        : Freeware 
  • Developer                    : Sergey Serkov
  • Operating System        : Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11

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