Characteristics of Damaged Canon Printer Cartridges

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Cartrige is the main component of the printer, if the cartridge is damaged then the function of the printer can certainly be damaged. No wonder the price of cartridges is almost separate from the price of the printer itself. 

For those who frequently use printers, they will no longer have the problem of damaged cartridges, yes… cartridges can no longer be used properly, because they collect all kinds of things, such as those that are commonly used, dry ink clogging, lack of maintenance, etc. This damage can occur on all types of printers, including the Canon brand.

Damaged Canon Printer Cartridge
Damaged Canon Printer Cartridge

One of the most widely used printer brands today is Canon. If your printer is a Canon brand, anyone knows what friends are. Knowing cartridge defects early can make it easier to determine the right solution. Here are the characteristics of a damaged Canon Printer Cartridge.

Characteristics of Damaged Canon Printer Cartridges

Often people just guess at the cause of the damage without knowing the exact problem that occurred due to its origin, as long as this can be repaired with more severe damage. In this article, we will explain some of the features of damaged Canon printers that you can easily identify.

How to Find Out a Damaged Canon Printer Cartridge

  • Test Print Not Good

If when you print out you see that the printouts are blurry, streaky or disjointed, then this could be one of the things that means the cartridge is getting disturbed. The reason could be that there is dry ink or dirt in the cartridge that has been ejected so that the printout is not normal. 

This is indeed often the case, my friend does not need to immediately disassemble the printer to solve the problem, just do the head cleaning on the software a maximum of 3 times. After that try to do a test print again. If the results have been normal, then this is only a minor problem that occurs.

  • Abnormal Color Print Test

On Canon printers, cartridges usually consist of 2 pieces, namely cartridges for black and color ink, if when printing the results purchased are black and the results are not normal, then this is a problem with the color cartridge. 

The color cartridge is sometimes not as frequent as the black cartridge in its use, so that the old color cartridge is not used which causes the ink to dry out. The color cartridge consists of 3 colors namely blue, red and yellow. The solution that can be done first to overcome this problem is by setting it to High.

  • Undetected Cartridge

If your Canon printer has been used for a long time and the cartridge cannot be released, then this is a sign of a faulty Canon printer. Try to soak the cartridge head first using warm water or a cleaning head for a day, then refill and test print, if after this method doesn't work, then your cartridge must be replaced with a new one.

That's the article about printers this time about what are the characteristics of a damaged Canon Printer Cartridge. Hopefully with the information we convey, my friend can find out the Characteristics of a Damaged Canon Printer Cartridge and how to fix it. Hope it helps and is useful!

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