How to Maintain a Laserjet Printer

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Laserjet printers are printers that use toner powder, not ink like in an inkjet printer. This printer is able to print faster, compared to inkjet printers. The price of a laserjet printer is quite expensive, therefore it requires additional maintenance that requires the printer to be durable.

Caring for a laserjet printer completely agrees with how to use it properly can restore minimizing damage to the printer. If your laserjet printer is repairing the damage, then you have to pay quite a lot of money from this component printer. Here are tips on how to take care of a laserjet printer.

Maintaining Laserjet Printers
Maintaining Laserjet Printers

How to Maintain a Laserjet Printer

Actually, how to care for this laserjet printer is quite easy and not complicated. As long as you always remember and apply the following things, your laserjet printer will last a long time. Here are some ways to do maintenance on laserjet printers that you can apply.

  • Don't be exposed to direct sunlight

The place where you put the printer must be avoided from direct sunlight. This is due to a component that is sensitive to light, and is emitted by a very large permanent. The component is called the OPC Drum which is provided in the cartridge.

  • Make sure the toner cartridge is not leaking

If you use a leaky toner cartridge, the toner powder will scatter and spread, so that it can damage the printer. So, after my friend refilled the toner cartridge and it was not repaired.

  • Keep Printer Clean

The next way to care for laserjet printers is to clean the printer to avoid the entry of objects such as dust that can make the printer print quality less than optimal or even the printer is stuck and damaged.

  • Don't Use Waste Paper

When you print, try to use new paper because the paper used has curved edges. This can cause a problem with your movie printer. If it helps to print, turn over the edges of the paper, nothing is curled.

  • Use Paper That Matches Printer Specifications

If you use paper that is gram or size larger than the specification, the printouts are easily erased because the workload of the fuser or printer heating unit is heavier.

  • Be Careful When Pulling Jammed Paper

When selecting a paper jam or paper jam, first remove the toner cartridge and then pull out the paper. When pulling the paper, do it in the direction of the way out of the paper, not the other way around.

  • Shake Toner Properly

When the toner runs out, do not shake it right or left, even forwards because the toner remaining in the cartridge may scatter. The position of the cartridge when shaken is the position according to the cartridge.

Those are the tips on how to take care of a laserjet printer that you have to do if you want your printer to last a long time. Hopefully the tips we provide are useful and look forward to the article about the next interesting tips!
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