How to Overcome Paper Jam on Epson L210

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In the modern era, who is not familiar with printers? Almost every student and office employee must have come into contact with this one electronic item. Various brands of printers can now be found easily, one of which is the Epson L210 printer. 

Each printer brand has its own advantages and disadvantages, but does not yet have the appropriate function. With this function, it is not surprising that printers are needed by the wider community, such as lecture materials, important files or letters, etc.

To print the results using a printer, of course you need paper, this is where sometimes problems occur. Due to several reasons, the paper jams or jams in the middle of the printing process, this event is commonly referred to as a paper jam. Paper jams can occur in all printer brands, including the Epson L210 printer. 

How to Overcome Paper Jam on Epson L210
How to Overcome Paper Jam on Epson L210

Then, how to solve the paper jam of the Epson L210 printer? Before answering this question, there is a question that we will discuss first regarding the cause of paper jams, from which we can determine the appropriate steps in handling it. Here's How to Overcome Paper Jam Epson L210:

How to Overcome Paper Jam Epson L210

Cause of Paper Jam

Some of the consequences of using paper jams are due to the inappropriate paper used, for example, too thick, too thick paper cannot be used on some printers because each printer has a different capacity, then another related problem is setting too much paper or more capacity in the papertray. 

We recommend that, before you do printing, change the gender and type of paper used. If there are no problems with the paper being used, paper jams still occur, then do the following:

Paper Jam Epson L210
Paper Jam Epson L210

Turn Off Printer

The first step on how to solve an Epson L210 printer paper jam that you have to do is turn off the printer temporarily, turn off the button if the printer is still on, then remove the cable and USB printer on your computer or laptop, fix the printer in a completely off state without any connected devices. .
  • Open Printer Machine
When the printer is turned off, open the printer machine carefully to see the problem and easy to pull out the jammed paper. Gently pull down if the paper is still stuck.
  • Restart the Printer
After the paper jam is repaired from the printer, connect the printer cable to a power outlet so that the printer can be turned on again. If after the printer is active and appears, then uncheck it then press the start button.
  • Turning Printer to PC
Take the printer's USB cable to the PC if no problems occurred in the previous setup. If the printer is currently connected to the PC and no information appears on the printer screen, you can do a test to see if the printer can print the correct result or not.

That's the information about How to Overcome the Epson L210 Paper Jam that can convey this time to all of you, hopefully this information can be helpful and also useful. Good luck!!

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