Download Foxy Classes for Windows

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Download Foxy Classes for Windows

Foxy classes can be a powerful set of  VFP classes for Microsoft Visual FoxPro developers. These classes will greatly reduce your development time and can add options that users will love. 
Classes are simple to integrate with new or existing VFPs and will quickly add convenience and flexibility to your applications. Sneaky Catalog is written by Cetin Basoz,  Microsoft FoxPro Certified Professional (MCP) and Microsoft FoxPro Most Valuable Professional (MVP). 
Cetin is a well-known VFP expert in the FoxPro community. you will receive sixteen VFP classes with full supply code, complete documentation and  sample application. 

Categories represent the LocatorGrid class, which adds full markup, sort, and linefinding functionality to your grid; business class, allowing end users to import information from text files; dbf2Excel, allows to export data  to MS Excel, etc. See Information Processing Systems for a full description. 
The library is fully compatible with VFP9, VFP8, VFP7 and VFP6 and most classes also work with VFP5  (exceptions are FontFx, DataDelta and DataUpdater, which use the newer VFP instructions). 
What makes the stealth catalog special is that its complete source code is included. This suggests that you will modify the diet according to your needs. High quality ASCII text file  written by  VFP expert. If you're the type that learns by example, learning  source code is a great way to improve your VFP commitment to writing skills. 

Download Free Foxy Classes

We regularly update the app to make it better for you. Get the latest version of all available features of  Foxy Classes.This release includes several bug fixes and performance improvements.


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