Download Mimosa Scheduling Software Free Edition

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Download Mimosa Scheduling Software Free Edition

Mimosa is  known in the education community as an all-in-one lesson planning and scheduling app used in schools and colleges worldwide, but  also suitable for business, industry, non-profit organizations and anyone needing better planning and planning can benefit . 
While the full suite is a major purchase, the Mimosa Small School Edition is free. It is fully functional but has some limitations such as: B. storing only 100 "codes" compared to the total package of 8000 plus. However, this is more than enough to help small schools and institutions improve their schedules and planning. 
Mimosa automatically allocates resources and avoids scheduling conflicts  by using unique codes to identify combinations of components that are all  available  school or institutional resources such as classrooms, teachers, and classrooms. Collections are sets of components defined by requirements and courses are sets of collections that define all learning requirements. 
There is also a Lesson Plan feature that creates matrix views consisting of the above building blocks and reservations to avoid scheduling conflicts and unwanted assignments. 
Then there are custom categories like beginner, intermediate, and advanced; and Block Scheduling, Reception Scheduling, Cycling Scheduling, and many more features are designed to simplify the creation, planning, booking, and follow-up of lesson plans, lesson plans, timetables, lessons, and reports. 

Download Mimosa Scheduling Software Free Edition

 You should take the time to read Mimosa's full help file, but we were amazed at how easy it was  to get started right away with the default settings (in our language selector) thanks to frequent contextual explanations that help new users overcome obstacles. The help file and website provide tutorials and access to a large Mimosa community.
Despite the unique concepts and structure of Mimosa, it effectively fulfills its purpose of greatly facilitating the daily work of the teacher, which has already been learned by teachers and institutions in more than 68 countries. For small schools on a budget, Mimosa's free version is a simple A-level solution.


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