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Download LSPFix for Windows

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    Download LSPFix for Windows

    LSP-Fix' developer suggests you browse the documentation before victimisation the app, and unless you're a extremely technical user, you must follow this instruction. Likewise, don't check the Advanced check box unless you recognize precisely what you're doing. 

    the most interface is bland trying however showing mercy simple to use; one pane shows you Winsocks you should keep, the opposite shows problematic ones that will be inflicting your problem. 

    once testing this program with a disabled web association (courtesy of a borderline suspicious program), we tend to were happy by each its effectiveness and speed; our connection was duplicate in seconds while not even the {requirement} for a system restart. This program solely do you job, however it are often a lifesaver in sure sticky situations.

    LSP-Fix may be a compact application that intends to assist you repair your web association that has been broken by virus attacks or by uninstalling programs that use the superimposed Service supplier (LSP) component. 

    The program intends to be a fast fix tool that doesn't require previous knowledge. If you notice that you just cannot access websites or use your web connection when putting in or uninstalling a program, you may have a retardant with the LSP chains registered on your system. 

    This DLL part handles all the TCP/IP traffic between your applications and therefore the web. because of its vital role it's generally attacked by malware programs so as to access your personal data. Removing the infected elements will leave your pc while not a usable Internet connection.

    Download LSPFix Free

    This application scans the LSP chains at start-up and displays the errors in its main window. The list of modules is retrieved from the Windows registry and the missing items are automatically placed in the Remove list.

    Before finishing the repair you can change the items from this list in order to optimize the LSP chain. However, this operation is not recommended to the casual users since it can remove important operating system components.

    When you click on the Finish button, the items are removed from the registry and the remaining items are renumbered in order to restore the LSP chain. The interface of the application is self-explanatory and allows you to repair the Internet connection with minimum effort.

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