How to Easily Clean Hp Brand Printers 2022

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Printers are one of the most widely used electronic devices today. Its function is to print important documents, need more for the office or printing business. There are various types of printer brands on the market today, one of which is the HP brand.

Some people have definitely solved the problem with the printer. Starting from the printed print, the ink does not come out because it is clogged and there are many other difficulties. Of course this has become a necessity for those of us who often need a printer for daily activities.

Therefore, we must find a way to solve problems with the printer, one of which is to clean the printer. Those of you who have an HP Deskjet printer can use some of these methods for cleaning. Here's a tutorial on how to clean HP brand printers:

How to Easily Clean Hp Brand Printers 2022

  1. The first thing to do is use this HP Deskjet printer to your laptop or home computer.
  2. Then after that, click the power button so that the printer ejects the laptop.
  3. Next, open the software in the printer settings (usually on a new printer when you first install it will be installed by the software automatically
  4. After the software opens, click the “Print” menu and select the “Maintain Your Print” menu
  5. If the purpose of cleaning the HP printer is to protect the cartridges, select the “Remove Ink Cartridge” menu. If the purpose of cleaning is to correct problems in the color printing process, select the “Align In Cartridge” menu.
  6. However, the purpose of cleaning the printer is to justify the paper stuck in the printer causing the printer not to win or paper jams then select the "Clean Printer" menu
  7. After selecting one of the cleaning menus above, the next cleaning process on the printer on the HP Deskjet will run, wait until this process is completely finished. When the cleaning is finished later, a “Complete Cleaning” notification will appear.
  8. To accept whether the cleaning process was really successful, try printing the process successfully by pressing the “PRINT” button in the pop-up window.
  9. If the print results are still not perfect, my friend can do the process 1-8 3 times.
  10. Press the second level cleaning button if the result is not optimal.
How to Clean HP Brand Printers

However, completing the steps above have been done but can't solve problems such as print results that are less clear then you can do maintenance on the cartridge manually. The trick is to remove the cartridge and clean it using a soft dry cloth.

What is certain is that before carrying out the cleaning process, you have to install a lot of ink and cartridges. And it's also better not to do the installation process directly after the cleaning process. Please wait 10 to 15 minutes before using the printer again.

This is information about how to easily clean Hp brand printers without any hassle. Hopefully the above information can be useful for friends who are having trouble with the printer. Thank you for visiting.. Dont forget to comment below about this article..!!

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