Overcome Printer Stripes On Canon iP2770 Easily and Safely

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Almost everyone must have used a printer, where the device is a technology that makes it easy for you to print any document. In fact, printers do not only display black and white, because now printers are increasingly sophisticated with various functions. 

For example, you can photocopy to print color images. However, sometimes there are problems that arise when compiling using the printer. One of the problems that often occurs is the printer's print output path. Of course the problem is pretty good. But don't worry because Erzedka.com will provide some tips to handle printed prints easily and safely. Here's an article on how to deal with a striped printer on a Canon Ip2770:

Overcome Printer Stripes On Canon iP2770 Easily

Overcome Printer Stripes On Canon Ip2770 Easily and Safely


1. Check and Clean the Cartridge

It is common knowledge that prints are very complicated in storing this printer ink. Therefore, my friend tried to check the cartridge first, whether the printer ink is thick or not. If the ink in the Cartridge becomes thick, it means the line has been printed. To fix this, try removing the cartridge and soaking the cartridge head in warm water. 

Remember, only the head, no need to submerge the entire cartridge. After soaking, then my friend can put it back on, but wait until the head is dry.

Solving Printer Stripes On Canon Ip2770

2. Clean Ink in Cartridges

There are still ways to easily handle printed prints, but this method should empty the ink in your printer cartridges. The trick, my friend can suck all the ink in the cartridge using an injection that is usually used to fill the ink. After all the ink is empty, then you fill the cartridges with new ink.

Striped Printer On Canon Ip2770

3. Check and Clean Encoder

On the back of the cartridge is a long mica-like object, called an Encoder. Well, this one object has a function as a sensor. Therefore, this Encoder also has an important meaning for your printouts, before if the Encoder is dirty. Then, check the Encoder on the printer. If the Encoder starts to get dirty, clean the Encoder. 

So, how do you install Encoder? Easy, just wipe with a full tissue and clean the dust that sticks to the Encoder. After that, try reprinting and see the result, it will be much better when the Encoder is dirty. In addition to wiping with a tissue, you can also open the Encoder and soak it in warm water. Next, wait for the Encoder to dry, then install the Encoder as before.

4. Replace Cartridge

Previously approved way to save Cartridges, but if this method doesn't work, maybe the Cartridge in your printer is damaged. Because of the print cartridge reasons so that the print results are better and avoid the problem of printing lines. 

In addition, replacement cartridges also make the printer last longer. Because the cartridge damages all parts of the printer. Instead of waiting for the printer to be damaged and eventually unusable, my friend is better off replacing the cartridges. More economical, right?

5. Check Infusion Bottle

Especially for printer owners who use infusion printers, then my friend can check the ink bottles into the cartridges as a solution to overcome striped printing. It could be that the infusion bottle is not flowing properly into the cartridge, resulting in an unsatisfactory print. 

Therefore, carefully check the flow of ink through the IV bottle by pulling out the end of the IV tube. Then, continue to suck the tube using the approved injection to arrive at the end of the tube. If so, immediately insert the hose again into the Cartridge hole.

That's information about several ways to Overcome a Striped Printer on a Canon Ip2770 that you can easily follow. Hopefully the above information can be helpful and useful, thank you for visiting. Dont forget to comment below..!!

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