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How to Fix an Epson Printer That Is Pulling on Paper

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    Sometimes people solve bad things like a printer that draws a lot of paper. The problem arises because the rollers on the printer are not working optimally or have been damaged. The roller is useful for pulling paper. If it is damaged, it will pull other paper as well. If this problem occurs frequently, it will happen to you.

    Epson printers are indeed known as printers with durability and good prints, besides that this toughness is supported by the use of ink that is classified as very little. That is why many people choose Epson printers as an option. 
    How to Fix an Epson Printer That Is Pulling on Paper
    How to Fix an Epson Printer That Is Pulling on Paper

    However, some challenges are still only targeting Epson printers from pulling excess paper until the ink does not come out. To repair an Epson printer that draws more than one sheet, you can listen to information about printers this time about how to fix an Epson printer that draws paper, which we have summarized below:

    The main cause of Epson printers pulling more than one sheet of paper is the roller that is useful for pulling the paper fails. As explained above, the rollers are indeed an important part of Epson printers. There are two kinds and the supports are also different. you can replace it with a new roller or outsmart it by adding a layer on the roller that has the same material.

    Prepare the material and start removing the roller cap on the Epson printer. You can see the different images through the pictures. The upper roller is indeed easier to remove and replace, in contrast to the lower roller, which requires you to remove several parts into the printer. If you have arrived at the intended roller, you can replace the roller so that it can be used again normally.

    After being replaced, you can start the printer and start a print test on the printer. Test whether the printer is able to pull paper normally or is still pulling more than one sheet of paper. Indeed, problems like the above can only be fixed in this way. 

    To coat if you don't have a spare roller by using duct tape or insulation for cables. The pulling force is as attractive as an ordinary roller. Actually, printer spare parts such as rollers are not expensive, but not all computer stores sell them.

    Epson Printer Rolls
    Epson Printer Rolls

    Only a few service printers sell these spare parts. If there is still the same repair even though it has been repaired continuously, it never hurts to return it to an authorized printer service place. It takes precision and effort in disassembling the printer in order to get to the roller.

    Sometimes if you are not careful there are parts that are not installed or even damaged. my friend needs to be careful - in the heart. Those are some ways to fix an Epson printer that pulls a lot of paper on more than one sheet.

    That's the information about how to fix an Epson printer that draws paper that can be given about printers this time. Hopefully this article can help my friend in Repairing an Epson Printer That Attracts Paper. Good luck and good luck! Dont forget to comment below..!!

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