How to Make Your Own Printer Head Cleaner at Home

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Various ways to make blooms to make your own cleaning head at home. Sometimes people pay because the price of the cleaning heads that are sold is very expensive even though you can make your own at home with ingredients that you may already have.

Cleaning the head is indeed necessary as a maintenance step on the printer. This printer is very necessary to use. The head on the printer is also the most important part of a damaged printer, so replacing it will be very expensive. 

How to Make Your Own Printer Head Cleaner at Home
Make Printer Head Cleaner

Therefore, this time will provide information about how to make your own head cleaner that you can do easily and quickly.

How to Make Your Own Head Cleaner

First Step

you can make a head cleanser from the rest of the previous head cleanser. Other additional ingredients are 40% glass cleaner, 40% alcohol, and try to keep the previous head cleaner around 20%. Mix all ingredients until smooth and let stand a few moments. The new head cleaner is ready to use.

To use it is quite easy with used injections and a small hose that was previously damaged by a printer. If not, you can replace it with a small hose that is usually used for aquariums. 

After you get the equipment, fill it to the brim with the injection and spray it onto the printer head to be repaired. Leave it for 10 minutes and then suck out the liquid that is still in the head using an empty syringe. Reinstall the cartridge and turn on your printer as before.

Second Way

For the second way it's easier if you want to make a clean from scratch. The ingredients needed are proclin brand clothes bleach and pure mineral water to avoid dirt in ordinary water, the two ingredients are then mixed until smooth and the head cleaner is ready to use. 

The mixture of the two materials has been tried to clean the printer head with good results. Clean questions and avoid other head problems. After cleaning it is better to disassemble for a while for maximum results. After that, you can turn on your printer again so that it can be printed into the printer head.

Some of the methods above have been approved by using several brands of head printers and the results obtained are also satisfactory. So far, no one has continued about the use of materials in the head cleaner. my friend can try it yourself because it is calculated cheaper than having to buy at a price that is quite expensive.

That's a tutorial on how to make your own head cleaner that you can easily do yourself. Of course, by making your own head cleaner, you can save money. Hopefully this information can be useful for all readers wherever they are. Look forward to our other interesting articles, thank you for visiting! Don't forget comment below about this article...

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