How to Fix Canon Cartridge Not Detected

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Surely some of you Canon printer users have experienced this and are confused when dealing with them. Unproven cartridges are indeed for the users because the causes of unproven cartridges are very much.

This must be resolved by a printer technician so that the damage does not get worse. Some of the causes of cartridges that cannot be compared include Dirty Printer Head Chips, Cartridges that cannot be reset, Cartridges that have been damaged and many other contributing factors. This time will provide a tutorial on How to Fix Canon Cartridge Not Detected.

How to Fix Canon Cartridge Not Detected
How to Fix Canon Cartridge Not Detected

Cartridge Cannot be Reset

This is one of the main causes of non-replaceable cartridges. One feature that supports it is that the printer cannot select the indicator or the amount of ink that is in the ink tank. This causes the scoring activity to be impossible because the printer considers the ink capacity to be depleted and cannot print any documents. 

If this happens, a refusal will appear issued by the printer in the form of an exclamation friend on top of the cartridge, such as an out of ink friend. If this happens then my friend can overcome it by resetting the printer cartridge manually.

Blocked or Dead Head

A clogged and clogged head can also be the cause of the cartridge being unable to be changed. This is usually caused by dried ink deposits on the surface of the printer head. This usually happens if the printer has not been used for a long time. my friend can solve this problem by cleaning the clogged head until it is clean. After that, your printer will be back to normal.

Dirty Chip Head

Dirty head chip is also one of the causes of a cartridge that cannot be selected. This chip has an important role in protecting the condition of the existing cartridge. When my friend fills the printer, there is usually a slight inaccuracy so that the process contaminates the chip and makes the chip head an error. 

When you fill in the ink you need to check the chip head whether it is clean or not. If it's still dirty, fix it so that mistakes don't happen.

Characteristics of Damaged Canon Printer Cartridges
Characteristics of Damaged Canon Printer Cartridges

Cartridge Damage

If some of the methods above do not produce positive results for you, then the biggest thing is that the cartridge you have is damaged. And one way to be able to use your printer again is to buy a new cartridge. 

To avoid this, my friend should not buy too many documents in one print. This will make your printer head and cartridges worn and damaged.

Those are some tips on How to Fix Canon Cartridge Not Detected. So before you take to a local service, first discuss the problems experienced by the printer, including Dirty Printer Chip Heads, Cartridges that cannot be reset and Cartridges that have been damaged. Hopefully our article this time can be useful for all of you. Thank you for visiting.

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