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How to Take Care of a Printer that is Rarely Used

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    Printers are one type of hardware that is currently needed by various groups. Starting from students to make school assignments, students to work on thesis, or office workers to make proposals or reports needed. However, some of us know how to take care of a printer that we rarely use, because not every visitor we use the printer. 

    How to Take Care of a Printer that is Rarely Used
    How to Take Care of a Printer that is Rarely Used

    Well this time will provide information about how to take care of a printer that is rarely used so that it remains durable and can be reused. Check out the full information below:

    There are times when this printer is rarely used due to various considerations, for example, long holidays there are no obligations. Maybe it is true that the saying "the more sharpened the sharper" as well as the printer, if it is rarely used, it will cause some problems.

    What are the problems that arise if the printer is rarely used?

    • Drying cartridges: 

    If you use a printer that uses cartridges as the main color material, then these cartridges will clog and dry, resulting in ink that will come out, resulting in imperfect and perfect colors.

    • Clogged infusion:

    It's the same with cartridges, if you use infusion or are more familiar with "ink refills / refills, then if not used for a long time it can also cause the ink to dry up and clog the printer hose, this is very bad because it can This causes the use of this ink to be wasted and is tantamount to a printer wasting ink. Therefore, my friend must know how to take care of a printer that is rarely used
    Maintaining a printer requires something difficult and requires a lot of money. Maybe my friend is thinking about printer maintenance that requires expertise that must be able to load and install printers and requires tools to print printouts. 

    Caring for a printer is very easy as long as you do it correctly and intensively, here's how to care for a printer that is rarely used:
    1. Intensively turn on the printer: Even if you don't use the printer to print something, make it a habit to turn it back on, once a week, this is intended to save the warmth of the printer ink so that it is back diluted and does not dry out.
    2. Use thin paper: though trivial, thick paper can make the cogs in the printer work harder and can damage it in the long run.
    3. Turn off properly: if you have finished using the printer, turn it off properly by ejecting it on my computer, then pressing the power button on your printer, because if you use manual, the drive wheels and print head will not return properly as needed and can cause permanent damage

    That's how to take care of printers that are rarely used that we can convey this time, hopefully this information can be understood by friends and buyers, because printers are items that are very much needed in any case that is needed if needed. Look forward to our next article, thank you for visiting.

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