How to Share Printers in Windows 7

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Have you ever heard of sharing printers? Printer sharing is a way of connecting one printer to several computers on a network.

So, by sharing printers, you can save expenses because you don't need to provide one printer for every existing computer and also save time because you don't have to go back and forth to buy documents.

you can share printers via LAN or Wifi. What you need to discuss is every computer that must be properly connected to the computer that is connected to the printer.

How to Share Printers in Windows 7
How to Share Printers in Windows 7

The following printer sharing can be done on windows 7, 8 and 10 because the steps are not much different from each other. For more details on How to Share Printers in Windows 7, see the explanation below.

How to Share a Windows 7 Printer

So that the printer can be shared and used by other computers, you have to do some of the settings below on a computer or PC that is connected to the printer.
  1. First of all open the Control Panel menu. One way to open it is to activate Windows key + R then type control panel and then OK or press Enter.
  2. The Control Panel menu window opens. To do printer sharing, we must first enable File and printer sharing. You do this by selecting Network and Internet on the Control Panel menu.
  3. Once the Network and Internet Window opens, select Network and Sharing Center.
  4. Then select Change advanced sharing settings.

  5. To share files or printers, select Enable network discovery and Enable file and printer sharing. By enabling this feature, other users can access files or printers that you have shared.
  6. These steps can be done, can be done or not. So, suppose Andi's PC is sharing a printer, and Andi's PC is also given a login password. So those who want to access the printer that must be shared by Andi's PC must first enter Andi's PC login password. I Reply to my friend Restore this feature, by clicking All Networks.
  7. Scroll down a bit and then select Turn off password protected sharing. This way every computer or PC that wants to access the printer that has been shared by Andi's PC no longer needs to enter the login password. Then don't forget to click Save changes.
  8. After enabling File and printer sharing, now you can share printers. Reopen the Control Panel and then under the Hardware and Sound category, select View Devices and Printers.
  9. Then, right-click on one of the printers you want to share and select Printer properties. Here I use the Epson L360 Series type printer.
  10. Sharing Move to the tab and check Share this printer and then give the printer a name (excluded). Then click OK.

Well, the printer that has been provided can be used by other computers that are already connected to the same network. Here's how to access the printer that has been provided on another computer.

How to Access a Shared Printer

  1. You also need to make a few settings on the computer or laptop that wants to access the shared printer. Make sure you also enable Enable network discovery and Enable file and printer sharing. Then select Save changes.
  2. You can access the printer via File Explorer. Open File Explorer by activating the Windows key + E then select Network. Click the name of the computer that is connected to the printer, for example: DESKTOP-VQNT1C9. For computers other names that also appear appear as your own computer, so ignore it.
  3. Now, you will see what the computer has provided, while one of them is the printer. Right click on the printer then select Connect. Wait until the Connecting process is complete.
  4. Now, you can print your document using the printer that provided it. Remember, when you are going to buy a document, you have to choose the name of the printer. Make sure you choose a printer whose status is Ready.

Those are the steps on How to Share Printer Windows 7 which you can also do on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows XP. This method is useful for those of you who work in an office and have limited printers. That way everyone in the office can use the same printer to print through their computer. Good luck, good luck.
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