Characteristics of Damaged Epson Printer Heads

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In Epson brand printers, the head is separated from the cartridge. Unlike Canon printers, the head and cartridge are usually fused. The head has an important role in the printer, because it has a function to remove ink when printing, if there is a problem with the head it will affect the printout.

The damage that occurs to the head cannot be considered trivial, because of its important role, the head that is set is the benchmark for the price of a printer. On the Epson brand printer head, the price is almost the price of a new printer. Therefore, it is important to keep the printer in good condition and working properly. 

Characteristics of Damaged Epson Printer Heads
Epson Printer Heads

If the printouts start to break or streak, this could be the main characteristic of a faulty Epson printer. Other than that, is there anything we can know? Check out the review of the Characteristics of the Damaged Epson Printer Head below.

Characteristics of Damaged Epson Printer Heads

Prints Are Dotted, Blurred and Striped

If at the time of printing out, the printout looks imperfect with a dotted, blurry and striped pattern, this could be a sign of ink starting to form or a problem with the printer head. A printer head that cannot remove ink properly occurs because of a blockage in the hole caused by dry ink, making it easier for the ink to escape.

Not only can this be avoided because most of the ink comes out, but it also requires ink that doesn't come out at all, so don't be surprised if there is no print on the paper when printed. To overcome this can be done cleaning and deep cleaning of the software settings.

No Ink Comes Out

This problem is more severe than with lined and blurry printouts. The causes can vary, apart from the blockage factor in the printer head, it could also be because something is pulling the head such as a plastic seal, so check carefully beforehand.

The solution to the characteristics of a damaged Epson printer head in the form of ink that does not come out is to suck up dirt or ink to clean the head.

Tips for Caring for Printer Heads

Problems with the printer head are often caused by printer owners who don't know how to properly care for the printer head. You can apply the following tips to prevent the head from being durable and avoid problems.
  1. If you are printing out for a long time, then pause or rest the printer for a few minutes so that the temperature remains normal.
  2. Do cleaning regularly, at least every day to avoid dry ink, print only 1 sheet.
  3. Choose the appropriate ink for the printer type and the quality is good
  4. Avoid changing ink brands
  5. Maintain the cleanliness of the printer device, especially the head

That's an article about what are the characteristics of a damaged Epson Printer Head that is problematic or is having problems. Hopefully the information that has provided this time can help all of you friends in solving problems that exist in Epson printers. Don't forget to always do maintenance, please learn how to take care of the printer head. Thank you for visiting.

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