How To Install Printer Into Laptop

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For those of you who have just bought a new printer, you may be a little confused about how to install or install a new printer to your PC / computer / laptop. In this article, the surgical printer will provide a little complete tutorial but it is easy to help as a solution to your questions so far. Maybe for those of you who have been around for a long time and need to use a printer, this method is stale, but for those who just have a printer, it might help you.

The tutorial on how to install a printer to a laptop, which will be discussed in this article, is very easy and provides a solution that will help you to solve fewer problems installing printers for both PC computers and laptops. So that you are not curious, my friend can read the article How to Install a Printer To a Laptop below.

How To Install Printer Into Laptop
How To Install Printer Into Laptop

How To Install Printer Into Laptop

1. Place the printer near the PC Computer or laptop

The first way is that you use a PC printer. Your computer or laptop should not be far away because of the problem with the connecting cable from the Printer Port to the PC. The computer is a little faster.

2. Install Using the CD Drive

For those of you who buy a new printer, don't worry, there is no CD Driver in the box because almost all printers already need a CD Driver complete with a manual. The method is very easy, namely:
  • Just in case it's updated the Driver CD is not damaged or the CD is rotten Please backup buddy
  • Prompted CD Driver on CD / DVD ROM / RW anti system will read it immediately or autoload.
  • Select Driver and Install Install according to the instructions on the Driver CD for software setup and are usually read directly by the Windows OS.

3. Install without having to use Driver CD

If the CD Driver is lost or damaged, then the next way, my friend, just search on Google by typing "Download Printer Driver (say the name of the Printer and Type)" usually it will be directly purchased by Google, or the steps sent are taken:
  • Open the control panel menu then go to devices and printers
  • Add a printer, click next to install next
  • There will be options for the printer port, Please choose the best one.
  • The system will check and will usually be taken to the official page of your printer to download the Driver.
Tutorial to Install Printer To Laptop
Tutorial to Install Printer To Laptop

4. If the printer that uses the spacer uses the type that is connected via Wi-Fi then use the 'Add device' program to install the printer to the PC.

How to follow the steps below:
  • Click 'Start' > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Add device
  • Get Wi-Fi and the printer to be connected has been installed, then the icon for the printer you are using will appear and you just have to start the instructions.

It turns out that it's not too difficult, right, my friend, how to install a printer on a laptop according to the tutorial that has provided? In addition to the printer that you have installed with the Install CD from where you bought it, you only need to accept what is already on the Installation CD.

Now you don't need to be confused anymore when connecting a printer to a PC! Good luck and good luck. If you have questions, you can write them in the column below, thank you for visiting.

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