Printer Ink Types and Their Functions

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Knowing the types of printer ink related to their functions is very important. Printer is a hardware device that is used as a printer image, text or some other file. Printers have many different types and functions. 

Starting from the printer of writing, images to printers of writing and images on hard media. From the amount of media used, ink printers are divided into several types and functions that are not the same. The following is information about Printer Ink Types and Their Functions that have been summarized about printers.

Printer Ink Types and Their Functions
Printer Ink Types

Printer Ink Types and Their Functions


Dye Base Printer Ink

is the dominant type of ink made from water and various with dyes (dye) that can be combined well. If necessary Print Print Cartidge is getting smaller. This type of printer is widely used for standard printers because it is able to produce good prints with happy colors.

Pigment / Durabrite Printer Ink

is a type of printer ink that has a higher print quality, is concentrated and is also waterproof when compared to the DYA ink base. This type of ink is formulated from Water, then Diluent, Coloring Pigments, and also several other materials. 

The prints from this ink will last longer on all types of paper used. The drawback is that if it is not used for a certain time, the Printhead Cartridge will be clogged with ink dyes and will dry out and settle on the nozzle head.

Ink Sublimation Printer Ink

is a type of water based sublimation printer ink that is often used by many users of infusion printers to transfer printed images to other media such as standard printers used to buy screen printing materials, such as shirts, pins, mugs, ceramics and several other types. . 

Inks and materials are formulated from dominant ingredients with oils, dyes, thinners, and also other substances so that these sublime inks have a much better resistance than pigment inks. However, the risk of printhead clogging is greater when compared to Pigment Ink.

Pigment Printer Ink Art Paper Ink

is a type of ink suitable for use in small or large scale printing using small amounts of paper on ivory paper for full color images.

Solvent Printer Ink

is a type of printer ink that has the best resistance to air or ultraviolet light reporting. Because, this solvent ink is made from special materials such as duco paint and then added with other materials that can be adapted to outdoor-type printers. 

This type of ink is widely used for printing Banners, Billboards, Banners, Neonboxes, and several others for outdoor printing because it is able to produce prints that are more durable against Water and Ultra Violet rays.

Eco Solvent Printer Ink

is a type of printer ink that has characteristics such as solvent ink, only this eco solvent ink is slightly less resistant to exposure to Ultra violet rays. However, this type of ink is not recommended to sting compared to solvent inks. Therefore, Eco Solvent ink is widely used for Indoor Printing.

Each printer has a special type of ink so that with several types of ink it will be easier to adjust it. Because, choosing the right type of ink can produce quality prints ranging from color to writing that is printed on paper. 

Thus an explanation of the Types of Printer Ink and Their Functions that can provide this time. Hopefully this article can be useful and can help my friend in knowing the Types of Printer Ink and Their Functions. Don't forget to comment below..!!

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