Solution The Ink Doesn't Come Out Due to a Printer Head Change

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In the world of printers, there are so many that we can meet. As you can see in the title listed above, Seputarprinter will try to explore more about how to deal with printer ink that does not come out after changing the "printer head". Obstacles like this often appear. 

What causes the ink not to come out after replacing the printer head? This is because it requires ink in the cartridge even if it is empty. What is used when the printer cleans the printer head is inhaled instead of ink, is given air in the cartridge. Some of this happens because we fill up the ink late and the printer is still printing. 

Solution The Ink Doesn't Come Out Due to a Printer Head Change
Printer Head

Then how to fix it? The method is very easy, the following about printers summarizes what the ink solution does not come out due to replacing the printer head.

Solution The Ink Doesn't Come Out Due to Replace the Printer Head

Below are the steps that you have to follow:
  1. Remove the entire case of your printer. If my friend has moved the printer head to the middle.
  2. Remove the cartridge protector. It's very easy. you simply remove the screw and the top side of the cartridge head.
  3. There you will see a small hook. Gently pry with a screwdriver. Then slowly lift the cartridge from its holder.
  4. After disconnecting from the printer. you will see that the ink in the cartridge is running low. If you receive multiple cavities, it is appropriate to agree that your printer will not be able to remove the ink while the printing process is in progress.
  5. Next take the used injection that you have prepared before. Then insert the injection tip into the bottom of the printer cartridge. Suck slowly. Create a vacuum through the entire cartridge until no more cavities remain.
  6. The last stage, return your cartridge to its original position, install the casing and all existing components.
  7. Now try to turn on your printer. Then go to printer settings and clean the printer head. Next is the installation test process. Done

In general, if your printer head is still in normal condition, your printer will work again. But if this method doesn't work, it means the printer head or print problem like clogged or can't be used at all. That's a tutorial about the Ink Not Coming Out Solution Due to Changing the Printer Head that you can do. Hopefully this information can help solve problems with your printer. 

With this information, we hope that you can fix it yourself and you don't need to take the printer to a repair shop or printer service because if you can solve it yourself it will save time and money. Hopefully this article is useful for friends and don't forget to read our other articles about tips and tutorials about Printer Heads. Don't forget to comment below....!!

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