Tips to Empty the Air Cavity on an Infusion Printer

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The problem that often occurs in printers is the presence of air cavities in the hose which causes the printouts to not come out. It's actually a trivial problem just because of the entry of air in the hose. Incoming caused by several things such as delayed filling of ink or moved in the ink nozzles.

If there is still air here, ink will be provided as it exits through the print head. The printout will look blank next to it or even invisible. To perform the air cavity in the printer infusion hose can be done in several ways. Of course, my friend really needs to avoid other damage. 

Below, has summarized how to deal with it and also what are the Tips for Emptying the Air Cavity on an Infusion Printer that can be done.

Air Cavity In Infusion Printer
Air Cavity In Infusion Printer

Tips to Empty the Air Cavity on an Infusion Printer

1. The first method is easier and safer because it uses the cleaning facilities of the printer. The software facility that is taken will automatically perform cleaning and deep cleaning on the printer provided by the air cavity. Here's how it's done:
  • Click start, then select devices and printers (if there are none, you can click start, select control panel, then select devices and printers).
  • After that you will see several devices connected to your computer, then right-click on the printer that has an air cavity and select properties.
  • Move to the maintenance tab then select cleaning and deep cleaning.
  • Allow a gap between cleaning and deep cleaning of about 5 minutes so that the headprint does not heat up.
  • When finished, look again whether the air cavity is still in the infusion tube.

In the process of cleaning and deep cleaning will suck ink along with the air cavity that is still in the hose. The air cavity will also be wasted during deep cleaning. This method is a safe way and is not at risk for your infusion printer.

2. This method uses a direct method of sucking air by using other items such as injections or suction. The materials needed are ink, 2 injections, and tissue. To do this is quite easy by following these steps:
  • Remove the end of the hose leading to the cartridge and open the air cap
  • Open the rubber cover on the tube and insert it into the ink-filled tube hole
  • Pump using an injection so that the ink is squeezed into the infusion hose
  • After the air cavity is gone and the infusion tube is full of ink, you can insert the tip again into the cartridge.
  • Remove the injection and put the rubber cap on the ink tube

Note: This method is a little risky but effective to remove air cavities in the printer infusion hose. you can do with other materials that have the same function.

Those are the tips for emptying the air cavities on infusion printers and how to deal with them that you can do easily and are fairly safe to do yourself. 

Hopefully this information can be useful and can help solve problems with your printer where there is an air cavity in the infusion hose. This must be resolved immediately so that the printer can return to normal and can also work as it should. Don't forget comment below..
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