How to Reset Epson L360 Printer, Tutorial Summary and Easy Tips!

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In the world of printing, we are known to always deliver reliable and strong products, which are in our printer products. But there are some problems with frequently used printers, especially on the Epson L360 series.

One problem that often occurs is that the printer cannot print as usual where the ink indicator lights up and the paper flashes alternately. Usually this problem is also the direct screen display connected to the printer. For friends about printers that are having problems and want to know How to Reset the Epson L360 Printer, you can listen to the article below:

How to Reset Epson L360 Printer, Tutorial Summary and Easy Tips!
How to Reset Epson L360 Printer

Why this error may occur and a notification may appear because the printer has detected that the printer dump is full. But in reality the event even if the printer is a dump event or not has been modified in a non-full way this problem will still appear. 

The reason is because the printer detects this from the number or prints the printer has done, not from the dump. Of course, the printer is often used, notifications will also appear on the computer screen more often.

However, you don't have to worry about this problem, as it can be solved easily by using a software resetter. This resetter software can restore the program in the printer like a new printer. Because all the printing activities that have been done by the printer will be returned to the beginning, so the error notification about the dump does not appear anymore.

How to Reset the Epson L360 Printer

Here I will share how to completely reset the Epson L360 printer so that my friend can understand it and practice it directly, I have tried this method and it worked. Please note that the software reset of each printer is not the same. 

So, for those who have problems with printers that are not mentioned above, maybe this method will not work well because in the software I share it is only available for five types of printers.

Before following the guidelines, make sure the printer and computer are properly installed. Please download the resetter software first. If you have downloaded it, please extract the RAR file, then see the steps below.
  1. Open the file called Epson Adjustment.exe, a software called AdjProg will appear. Please select a specific adjustment mode.
  2. Next in the Model Name section, please select the printer model that you are using, there are five print models that you can choose from. Then in the Port section, select the computer port or you can also choose the automatic option that connects to the port that is connected to the printer. If my friend has selected OK.
  3. Then in the Maintenance section select Counter ink pad paper and then select OK.
  4. Next will open the paper counter display pad check the main counter section then select Check notification button appears select OK. Then recheck Main Select then Initialization OK will start. Wait a few moments until the reset process is complete.
  5. When finished, a prompt dialog will appear to turn off the printer, select OK, Select Finish and then exit the resetter software.
  6. Please restore the printer or you can also turn it off for the first few moments by turning the button and then turning it on again.
  7. Until now the printer that you are using has been successfully reset.

That's the way you can use to reset the Epson L360 printer. Hopefully the information and tutorials on How to Reset the Epson L360 Printer are useful to help friends complete, good luck and good luck.2

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