How to Use Format Factory to Convert Video Files

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How to Use Format Factory to Convert Video Files

Each file that will be stored on a PC or smartphone has its own format. We can move the file to be opened to another device. You need to know that not all devices support multiple file formats. For example, you want to not be able to open a video file in .mov format on your cellphone but you can't open it on a PC.

Well, of course you can change the video file format by converting the file format supported by the smartphone, such as converting it to the .mp3 file format.
How to convert files in different formats? You need special software that supports converting files with various formats. One of the software that can be used is Format Factory.

You can download it by clicking the link here. The factory format has the advantage that it can support the conversion of all types of files in a very easy way to use. For that, let's look at the following explanation.

How to Use Format Factory on Windows

  1. Open the Format Factory that you installed earlier. Then, select the file format to replace. Here we will try to replace the video file with the .mp4 file format into .mov
  2. After that a new dialog box appears. Click Add file on the right. Look at the image below. Select a video file with .mp4 format to be converted to .mov
  3. After the file is successfully inserted, click the Start button. Wait until the process is complete to 100%. Then, you can enjoy the files in the folder that you previously specified.

Pretty easy isn't it? That's how to use factory format in Windows. This software is very useful for changing certain file formats. So, please try to prove it yourself. Thank you and hope it is useful!

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