9+ Ways to Optimize Email Marketing to Increase CTR and Open Rate

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Email marketing is a strategy that many online marketers and businesses employ when they want to market their products or services digitally. However, email marketing needs to be optimized properly.

We will find out how to optimize email marketing and dig deeper in this article.

Overview of Open Rate

Before looking for ways to optimize email marketing, enrich your knowledge about email open rates. What is email open rate? The open rate is the average number of users who open the email you sent and then read it to the end compared to all email recipients.

9+ Ways to Optimize Email Marketing to Increase CTR and Open Rate

The open rate is an indicator to measure the success rate of email marketing. If it is low, it could be that the marketing strategy you are using is less effective and must be studied again or even replaced with another strategy.

For marketers, the open rate is a huge challenge. That's why email marketing can't be done half measures and without a well-thought-out plan.

Overview of Click Through Rate (CTR)

Then, what about the CTR? CTR stands for Click Through Rate, which is a metric that measures the ratio of total impressions to clicks. CTR can be used for various digital marketing strategies including email marketing.

A high CTR level indicates that the marketing strategy implemented is effective and vice versa. To find out the CTR in email marketing, you can use the formula for the number of clicks divided by the number of emails sent times 100.

Through this formula, marketers can measure the effectiveness of the strategies they apply and find out what needs to be improved. Is the audience not in accordance with the product or service offered or something else.

How to Optimize Email Marketing

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy that you can try regardless of the products and services being sold. However, to get more optimal results and achieve goals, you should do the correct email marketing optimization method.

Here are some ways to optimize email marketing that you can try:

  • Understand the Purpose of Using Email Marketing

Want to optimize the email marketing strategy of the business you are running? Before starting a marketing strategy using email media, understand clearly and correctly what kind of goals you want to achieve.

For marketers, having clear goals is mandatory. That way, it will be easier to build a results-oriented strategy. So, these results can be in the form of website traffic, sales, customer loyalty, and so on. So, make sure you understand your goals and then you can start implementing the email marketing strategies that are on the plan list.

  • Create and Clean Email Lists

Another important thing that you should pay attention to at the same time as a way to optimize email marketing is to create and clean up email lists. Grow your email list by taking advantage of the membership features on the website. 

You can also create a popup so that your audience is interested in subscribing to the newsletter. If you want to display the popup on the website, you can display a subscription form on the homepage or homepage, footer, or blog.

Apart from going through the website, you can also take advantage of offline events by opening a booth. As a marketer, make sure you are enthusiastic and actively invite visitors to be interested in subscribing to the newsletter. In order to seem attractive, there's nothing wrong with trying to offer merchandise or shopping vouchers for your selling products.

That way, more and more people will sign up for the email list. Don't forget to clean up the email list that you created so that those on the list are the audience you are targeting and those who actively use and open email.

For those who are still unsure about trying email marketing, you should get to know some of the advantages of email marketing that cannot be obtained from other digital marketing strategies.

  • Create Compelling Email Subjects and Titles

Already know the type of email marketing that is suitable for marketing campaigns but don't know how to start email marketing? To get started while optimizing, create a catchy email subject and title.

You can't forget or miss this email marketing optimization method. Usually, people are lazy to open incoming emails that are made with long subjects. This seems boring, thereby reducing the interest of email recipients to find out the contents of the email.

If so, it's not impossible that the email marketing that you sent ends up in the spam folder or trash folder without the recipient opening it at all. So make sure that each subject and title of your email is as attractive as possible according to the contents of the email and the preferences of the email recipients.

Also find out about email marketing tools that will be very useful even for beginners who have never implemented this one marketing strategy.

  • Choose and Use the Right Domain Name

Domain names are not only important for websites but also for sending e-mails. Have you chosen the right domain? Email using its own domain name which is a reflection of the business or brand will appear more professional.

If you already have a choice of a unique domain name, why not use it to optimize email marketing? It's easier for someone to remember a unique and different domain name, right?

  • Create Email Content Personally

In order to get closer to potential customers and loyal customers, in terms of email marketing, you have to create personal emails. Actually, it is not difficult. First of all, you can collect data from audiences or website visitors who create accounts on the website.

Then, you can use their personal data to create email content. For example, you can add the customer's name to the email subject or to greet email recipients. How to optimize email marketing on this one will really help in increasing CTR.


Email recipients feel that they are getting an email that is made personally, not using an email template. Let's learn to create email marketing content from now on so you know how to create interesting content and be able to bring more potential customers to the business you run.

  • Create Segmentation for Email Recipients

Have you set up segmentation for email recipients? To increase the chances of e-mails being opened and read by e-mail recipients, know the audience you are targeting according to your business. This is one of the keys to success in sending emails so that they are right on target.

As an email sender, you must be able to group your audience into specific segments. You can create these segments based on various things, for example products that have been purchased, customer needs, or topics they like.

You can also add other categories that you feel are right for your email marketing needs. You can also create segments based on position, location, or content that your audience enjoys.

  • Make Email Contents Short, Concise, and Clear

Have you ever studied copywriting which has an important role for businesses that carry out digital marketing strategies? Copywriting skills will assist in planning and creating content for various marketing media, including email.

Even if you haven't learned these skills, you don't need to worry because this email marketing optimization method can be applied. Namely by making and ensuring that the contents of the email are short, concise, and clear. So, email recipients can capture the information you want to convey.

  • Add Images and Call-to-Action in Email Body

So that the contents of the email don't seem monotonous, add images and CTAs in the body of the email. Of course, that relates to the contents of the email so that the recipient will be more interested in reading the email to the end.

Double-check the CTA that you inserted to make sure that the CTA button can be clicked by email readers and is already connected to the page you are aiming for.

  • Create an Attractive Email Display and Design

You also need to pay attention to appearance and design. For those who are looking for ways to optimize email marketing, make the appearance and design of the email as attractive as possible.

You can adjust the design and appearance according to the email recipient. For example, if your target audience is young people who really like the times and modernization, make sure you choose an appropriate design.

In this case, pay attention to several things such as the use of paragraphs and sentences. Don't forget to use bullet points so that the writing is more interesting to read even if it is in the form of an email.

For image selection, adjust to the context. Some images are considered spam by email providers. If you use this image, the image will be blocked automatically so you cannot display it when the recipient opens the email.

  • Avoid Using Potentially Spamming Words

Whether in writing the subject, title, or body of the email, avoid using words that are considered spamming. As with images, some email providers will filter words that are considered potentially spamming.

Some words that you need to avoid in optimizing email marketing include cheap, warranty, free, limited offers, and others. These words indicate that the email sender intends to sell products. So that email recipients are reluctant to read it.


By knowing various ways to optimize email marketing, you can increase your chances of getting a higher open rate and CTR. This is also a benchmark for how effective your strategy is in marketing your product digitally via email.

So, you can entrust your email marketing needs to Erzedka so you can focus more on other business needs. There are also various digital marketing services that are suitable for various types of online businesses.

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