Types of Ads Based on Content, Media, Functions and Examples

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Basically, advertising is no longer a foreign term. From time to time, we are used to hearing this term. However, what about ad types? Do you know what types of advertisements business people can choose to promote their products or services?

So, if this time you are increasingly curious about the types of advertisements based on content, media, functions, and what are the examples, let's try to review them through this article.

Overview of What is Advertising

Even though the term advertising is no longer foreign even to children's ears, can you describe what advertising is? Advertising is a promotional activity whose purpose is to inform the product or service to the target audience. Another purpose of advertising is to sell or promote but it depends on the type of ad.

Types of Ads Based on Content, Media, Functions and Examples

Advertising is one of the oldest forms of marketing in order to influence consumers to be interested in using certain products or services.In general, advertising has various objectives, namely to provide information, persuade, remind, and add value.

Ad Types

After knowing what advertising is, now is the time to get to know more about the various types of advertising. Even though in fact, various types of advertisements are so familiar and we often encounter them even when driving or driving around town, such as on billboards, banners, or even large televisions along the way.

Even when accessing the internet, we are often presented with product or service advertisements such as when accessing YouTube or social media. Even on search engines like Google, there are not a few advertisements that appear on the device screen which are of course related or relevant to the keywords you typed, right?

Then, how do you differentiate between ad types? Following are the types of advertisements based on content, media, and complete objectives with various examples.

  • Types of Ads Based on Content
Talking about types of advertisements, what types of advertisements do you know? Ads are of various types but are usually classified based on that. For example, based on its content, there are several types of advertisements, such as:

  • Public service announcements
When viewed based on its content, one of the types of advertisements that we usually see is public advertisements. This one advertisement contains information or appeals to the public about something whose purpose is for the common good.

Even though it looks conventional, public advertising has a number of criteria that must be met. As the name suggests, this advertisement is not a commercial advertisement so it is not intended to make a profit. Another criterion for this type of advertisement is that it is general, that is, it is aimed at the public.

Some examples of public service advertisements that we often encounter are advertisements for the importance of obeying traffic rules, anti-hoax news, and so on. These advertisements are submitted by certain organizations or institutions.

  • Offer or Trade Ads
If a public service advertisement is not aimed at making a profit, it is different from an offer or commercial advertisement. The purpose of this advertisement is to attract the public or audience so that later they will buy a product or service offered by a brand or company.

So, don't be surprised if nowadays there are more and more advertisements offering fashion products including clothes, bags and more. In fact, it's not uncommon for us to see advertisements on various social media platforms that not only offer products but also services, for example website creation services.

Businesses, brands or companies that want to advertise their products or services through social media such as Facebook, of course, can take advantage of Facebook Ads. That way, it will be easier to reach the targeted audience.

Never created a Facebook Ads ad before? Don't worry because you can learn Facebook Ads by following and understanding the complete guide in this article.

  • Request Ads
Another type of advertisement when viewed based on its content is demand advertising. These ads are aimed at a specific audience to be interested in working with advertisers. The purpose of this type of advertising is to establish a relationship that benefits both parties.

Today, we often see job advertisements on various job portals. Well, the information about job vacancies that you find is an example of this type of demand advertisement. To make it clearer, you can also look for some other examples. That way, it will be easier for you to understand what demand ads look like.

  • Notice or Announcement Advertisement
Notification ads are also known as announcement ads. As the name suggests, this ad is to tell important news and must be known by the public or target market.

There are several examples of notification advertisements, including auction advertisements, seminar advertisements, grand reunion advertisements, and others.

  • Types of Ads Based on the Media
Apart from being based on content, the types of advertisements are divided based on the medium. What are the types of advertising based on the media? It seems, this one thing has been learned since we were in school. However, for more details or reminders, here are some types of advertising based on the medium:

  • Television ads
Who doesn't know television? This electronic device is one of the media for broadcasting advertisements and entertainment that can be enjoyed by all levels of society. Until now, there are still many people who are loyal connoisseurs of entertainment through television. So, television advertisements are also still common.

Television advertisements convey more detailed information with certain characteristics. Like having moving pictures and sound. Apparently, this ad is considered as a type of ad that is easy to understand because of the combination of audio and visuals. Some examples of television advertisements are stop action, live action, captions, animation, and so on.

  • Radio Ads
Before television existed, ancient people were probably much more familiar with radio advertisements. As the name suggests, radio advertising is a type of advertising that uses radio as its broadcast medium.

Like enjoying entertainment or news via radio, radio advertisements are also only available in the form of sound. So, there are no images or text for you to see. Examples of radio advertisements also vary widely, such as product or service advertisements, public service advertisements, and so on.

  • Electronic Advertisement
The next type of advertising when viewed based on the media is electronic advertising. This advertisement uses various media such as television, radio, or others. The form of the advertisement is also very diverse, ranging from audio or video so that it can convey the message of an advertisement.

  • Internet advertising
Along with the growing technology, advertisements can also be broadcast using other media, namely the internet. Internet advertisements are advertisements that you can find on various platforms that utilize an internet connection.

So, don't be surprised if you often see advertisements when visiting websites or social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, or other social media. Internet advertising also appears when someone searches for a product or service through a search engine.

Well, this ad is called Google Ads if the advertiser targets Google users as an audience. To be able to install and benefit from advertising on the Google search engine, you can use Google Ads services from Exabytes. However, for those of you who want to know more about what Google Ads is, you can read this article.

  • Print Media Advertising
Another type of advertising based on the media is print media advertising. Just by looking at the name, you might be able to immediately recognize that this ad requires media to be printed, such as newspapers, posters, billboards, and so on.

In short, every advertisement that you print and then share with your target market is an advertisement using print media. Even though internet advertising is present in this digital era, print media advertisements can still be found in certain places or locations.

  • Types of Ads Based on Purpose
Then, what are the types of advertising when viewed from its purpose? Even though you encounter many types of advertisements every day, that doesn't mean you really know what types of advertisements are, right? Based on its purpose, the following types of advertisements exist:

  • Commercial Ads
Commercial advertisements are usually very memorable because in one day we can see the same advertisement repeatedly in various different media including television and the internet. The purpose of commercial advertising is to make financial gain. The ad is made to influence sales which are expected to be higher than before.

Commercial advertisements can be divided into consumer advertisements, professional advertisements and business advertisements. The target of each ad is different so that the ad is expected to be right on target.

The main target of consumer advertising is the end user or consumer, while the main target of business advertising is the agency that distributes the product. Professional advertisements are advertisements aimed at seeking business profits with the main target being professional actors.

  • Non-commercial Advertising
Based on the purpose, we can also see types of non-commercial advertisements, where advertisements are made not for the purpose of making as much profit as possible. Rather, it is in the form of information that is expected to raise public awareness in the form of persuasion or education.

Although it does not focus on commercial benefits, non-commercial advertising is expected to provide mutual benefits which are also referred to as social benefits for all levels of society. Usually, these advertisements are made in order to fix or improve something that will have a positive impact in the future.

Some examples of this type of non-commercial advertising include family planning advertisements, educational advertisements, and tree planting advertisements.


Now, after knowing what types of advertisements are based on content, media, and functions, of course, you will understand the differences between each type of advertisement even more. Especially with examples that will make it easier for you to learn more about this type of ad.

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