How to Register Google My Business (Google My Business)

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Currently, a number of customers can be obtained via the internet, until now the internet has become one of the top priorities for business owners. There are many tools that can be used to maximize internet performance in the business world.

And one of the tools that you can use to maximize your online business is Google My Business or Google My Business (GMB). Some of you may be familiar with this one tool. Google My Business has useful features, with these features you can easily attract potential customers through the various business information that you display there.

So, what are the features in Google My Business? And how much impact can it have on business progress? Relax, we will explain one by one and we will review it starting from what is Google My Business?

What is Google My Business?

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is one of Google's output tools that you can use to manage your business appearance, so that it appears on Google search pages and also Google Maps. Have you ever opened a business on Google search and displayed all the information about the business, starting from the address, map, opening hours, website and so on.

So you can get a view like that by using Google My Business or other terms Google My Business. With this tool, you can fill in detailed information about your business.

The goal is to tell your potential customers about your business information when they do a search on the Google search engine. And what is displayed is not only information in the form of addresses, opening hours, maps only. You can also get reviews directly from your customers on Google My Business.

The review will have a positive impact on your business. Because later it will attract the attention of your potential customers to find out about your business.

​What are the benefits of a Google business account?

If you are still unsure about using Google My Business, then take a look at some of the benefits we found from the Google My Business tool.

1. Easier to Find Business

One of the biggest benefits of Google My Business is that it will make it easier for potential customers to find your business. Because when a customer searches for your business on Google, the search will display various information such as address, opening hours, contact and website.

Now from this information, these potential customers will use Google Maps to show the way to your store later. Not only that, the benefits of Google My Business can improve SEO.

When customers search for your business on Google, it's more likely that your business will appear on the first page of search. Moreover, Google My Business has an analytics feature that can help you analyze business performance and implement the next, more appropriate strategy.

2. It's Easier for Prospective Customers to Get Information

Today many potential customers do online research before they go to a store to buy something. So, Google My Business tools can be a solution for providing information about customers so that they can more easily and in detail get information about your business.

Detailed information will make customers not hesitate to come directly to your place of business. For example, there is a customer who wants to come to your restaurant. The customer is looking for your restaurant name on Google and the customer sees the various menus offered, complete with prices.

Not only cooking information is provided, search results also bring up information regarding addresses and opening hours. Now, this detailed information makes it easier for potential customers to recognize your business and immediately decide to come to your restaurant.

​3. Trust Will Increase

As explained in the previous discussion, Google My Business has a review feature that you can use to increase customer confidence in the business that you are running.

With these reviews, especially positive reviews about your positive business services, it will be easier to increase the trust of your potential customers. When they see the review on Google, they will no longer hesitate to use your service or buy your product.

Think With Google conducted research that around 88% of customers trust online reviews, this is the same as recommending these services and products to people who are nearby.

So, the more positive reviews you can get. Then the greater your chance to gain trust and high profits later. It's no wonder that online business activists include increasing positive reviews as a way to build brand awareness on the website.

​How do I set up a Google business account?

In order to register your business with Google My Business, you first need a Google account. You can use an existing Google account or create a new Google account.

How do I register a business with Google My Business? Here's an explanation for you:

Step 1: Sign in/Log in to your Google account.

Step 2: After logging in, please visit Google My Business and click the blue button that says "Manage Now".
How to Register Google My Business (Google My Business)

Step 3: After logging in, enter your business name to display on the search page later.

Step 4: Then, select your business category. For example here is a clothing store and click Next.

Step 5: Now enter the full address for your business location. Later the address will appear on Google Maps so that it is easier for customers to find. And click Next as in the image above.

How to Register Google My Business (Google My Business)

Step 6: Choose either Yes or No.

Step 7: Add your business contact info. (Optional) You can skip this step.

Step 8: Now so that you can fully manage your Google My Business account as a whole, verification is needed and the way to verify Google My Business is very easy, namely enter a contact name and click the send button. Check the details in the following image:

How to Register Google My Business (Google My Business)

Later Google will send a postcard containing a unique verification code to you. To confirm that your business is at the listed address.

Once you get the verification code sent by Google, the code will expire for 30 days. So immediately enter the code on the page provided.

Note: Make sure the address on Google Maps that you entered earlier is accurate, so that the unique code will appear later

Apart from sending a unique code via POS, there are several other verification methods such as Telephone and SMS, Email, Video Recording and Live Video Calls. Only for certain circumstances, sometimes only one method appears, as in this demo, we only found one verification method, namely by sending a unique code via the POS office.

How do I get a Google business code?

After you get the unique code that Google sends via the post office. It's time to enter the code, how to enter the Google My Business verification code is very easy, here are the steps:

Step 1: Sign in to Google My Business.

Step 2: Open the location you want to verify.

Step 3: Click the verify location button and look for the Verify Now button.

Step 4: In the code column, enter the verification code that was in the letter you got from Google.

Step 5: Click submit.

You have successfully verified and usually this verification process takes up to 3 working days. You can check periodically on the search page and maps.

While waiting for the verification process to complete, you can complete the incomplete information. After verification is complete, immediately enter your business google maps into the website. 


Those are some brief descriptions of Google My Business or some people call it Google My Business complete with an explanation of how to register an account, its benefits and how Google My Business works.

Basically, Google My Business is a free tool that you can get to make it easier for you to manage your business in cyberspace. With Google My Business, business-related information such as website, address, store opening hours and so on can be easily found by potential customers.

Not only is your business easy to find on search engines, the websites that you add to these tools can improve local SEO performance even better. Simply put, Google My Business will help your website's visibility.

What if you still don't have a website? Don't worry, you can still sign up for Google My Business. It's just that, if you don't have a website yet, we recommend creating one soon. Now creating a website is very easy, there are many professional website creation services offering cheap website creation services that fit your budget.

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