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Google Ads Fees: Tricks to Manage and Get High ROI

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    To maximize the presence of an online business, business owners can do Search Engine Optimization (SEO). However, not a few of them also use paid search. If you want a quick way to make your website appear in search results, you can use paid search by first knowing the cost of Google Ads and tips on managing Google Ads costs.

    Even though you have to spend some money for advertising needs, you can maximize these expenses by finding the right Google Ads advertising services. But, what is paid search? Paid search is a marketing channel that is used by all types and sizes of businesses..

    This one channel has high scalability and strong targeting. Now, you can use Google Ads without the hassle because there are cheap Google Ads services. To be able to manage the cost of this one ad, you can find out the information through this article.

    How do you explain Google Ads?

    How do you explain Google Ads

    The term Google Ads is of course different from Google Adsense even though they are both products from Google. Google AdSense allows individuals or businesses to earn money through ads embedded in their platform. This can be a way to get money from Google that you should try to get additional income.

    While Google Ads allows businesses to advertise their products or services on product services from Google. Yes, this is the opposite of Google AdSense because here you have to spend money on advertising purposes. But make no mistake because the money will be an investment with a high ROI or Return on Investment.

    The more often your ads appear on the Google search engine, the greater the potential for internet users to see them. If they click on the ad, they will be directed to your website or website landing page. That way, they will know what your business does and has to offer.

    If the product or service on your website matches the needs of website visitors, they will not hesitate to buy the product or choose the service. This is where Google Ads plays an important role in increasing the sales of a business.

    What is Google Ads? Google Ads is an advertising platform provided by Google where users can manage advertisements from their business website. When using it, you can set ad placement, target market location, language, and more.

    Then Google will display the ad that you made according to the target and purpose. Internet users who search using keywords related to the keywords you choose will be able to easily see and click on the Google Ads ad.

    Don't have much time to take care of ad needs but your business really needs it? Fortunately, you can choose one of the many companies that offer Google Ads Indonesia services, so you will have a partner to help set it up.

    What are the advantages of using Google Ads?

    When they want to invest some money for advertising needs for a product or service, business owners will first calculate how much they can get. In addition, they will also consider whether the decision will provide many benefits.

    If you are still unsure about using Google Ads while your competitors out there have already taken advantage of it, consider some of the benefits your business can get when using this online advertising service, including:

    1. Adwords Works Faster Than SEO

    Even though Search Engine Optimization or SEO is important for websites, you also have to realize that you won't be able to get results overnight. Website optimization takes time while your business must produce results immediately.

    Both SEO and Google Ads are strategies for getting traffic and leads but Google Ads will work faster.

    2. Increase Brand Awareness

    Apart from increasing traffic, clicks and conversions, Google Ads is also an efficient way to introduce your brand to people. Even in SEO, ranking is also based on how many searches your brand name has on search engines.

    3. Get High ROI

    ROI is a performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of investment profitability and compare the efficiency of several different investment options. With Google Ads, you can analyze investment efficiency which results in higher profits.

    You only need to pay for ads that people click on so this is more effective and efficient. Yes, you don't need to waste money on advertisements that may not be seen by interested people.

    How do I optimize Google Ads for better ROI?

    Tips for Managing Google Ads to Get High ROI

    As a business owner who is just trying his luck in the digital world, you have to compete with business competitors in winning the hearts of your target audience and potential buyers. So it doesn't hurt to study ads on various social media platforms including Facebook.

    Because Facebook Ads is different from Google Ads, find out more in this article about Facebook Ads vs Google Ads.

    One of the reasons why individuals or businesses are willing to spend money on advertising is the hope of getting ROI including increased sales and revenue. You can start to find out how to get a high Google Ads ROAS. There are several tips that you can apply when managing Google Ads to get high ROI, namely:

    1. Website Optimization

    Doing website optimization is the first step in using Google Ads. You certainly wouldn't send mobile traffic to a website with a bad mobile experience, would you?

    If you force it, you will only waste money for every click from ads. Almost all mobile users will leave a website that is not mobile-friendly. Without realizing it, this will actually waste half of the amount of traffic from ad clicks.

    The Google Ads price that you have to pay is calculated from clicks even though in the end internet users leave your website. Don't get too excited about maximizing paid search and forget the importance of website optimization.

    2. Target Customers Based on Income Level

    So that you know what to do Pay Per Click (PPC) is to understand who can buy the product or service that you offer. Therefore, you have to target it correctly and you can do it based on your income level.

    3. Try Using Negative Keywords

    When using Google Ads services, you can ask the service provider to add negative keywords, which are search terms that you can add to your advertising campaign. These keywords will help filter out irrelevant traffic.

    By adding negative keywords, Google will not show your ads when people use those keywords. So, Google will only show ads for searches that match the target.

    4. Google Ads Optimization Through Bids, Not Budget

    Switching budgets to ineffective PPC or pay per click may seem like a way to get more conversions. As it turns out, changing bids is far more effective than the previous method.

    Target-based strategies such as ROAS (Return-on-ads-spend) use automated bids that can control ad spend by adjusting ads based on needs.

    5. Use Long-tail Keywords

    Using long-tail keywords can also be a tip that you can try to maximize ROI. To start with, you can choose the keywords used by buyers to find your services or products.

    For example, if your business is engaged in real estate, then you can target several keywords such as real estate developers in Jakarta, real estate companies in Greater Jakarta, and others.

    6. Focus on the Customer

    When creating an ad campaign, you must pay attention to customer needs. In other words, you should target an audience on the Google display network and not target everyone. Focus only on the audience because knowing who the audience is and creating ads according to their needs is the key to success in using Google Ads which is also a way to get high Google Ads ROAS.

    7. Take advantage of Google Ads Extensions

    You can increase your Return on Investment or ROI by using the Google Ads extension. So that your ad will be displayed with additional features that make it even more attractive. You can choose from several options, including:

    1. Location: Displays the business address
    2. Callouts: Contains notifications for the latest offers from your business
    3. Call button: Allows you to add a call button in the form of a contact that can be contacted
    4. Website link: Add a landing page or website page that matches the ad or ad
    5. Review: a feature that displays reviews or reviews from previous customers as proof that your business exists and is of high quality

    8. Responsive Ad Search

    It's not easy to find the right formula to get a high ROI. You will encounter trial and error, so be sure to test your paid ads first. With responsive ad search, you can add lots of headlines and descriptions to each ad that will be displayed by Google. The platform will check the correct combination automatically.

    Then, continue to analyze the results to be able to get the optimal combination. Do this to get the best ROI according to your expectations and goals.


    Before deciding to choose Google Ads, understand that Google Ads costs vary because Google uses an auction system. You have to do ad optimization so that Google prioritizes in displaying your ads compared to competitors' ads.

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