10 Best Free Keyword Tools For Keyword Research

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It is undeniable that the level of internet penetration has increased since the pandemic, making more and more people carry out their activities online. This also causes the level of digital content competition to become increasingly stringent because many brands or companies are trying to attract consumers by publishing content or articles through websites.

In order for our content and sites to be able to compete in the digital era as it is now, several precise strategies are needed, such as using a website to check plagiarism so that the content is made authentic and original, finding ways to prevent blog posts from being copied so that no one does plagiarism, and using competent keyword tools to conduct keyword research.

So, specifically in this article, we will discuss recommendations for free keyword tools that Erzedka Friends can use in conducting keyword analysis. Come on, see more!

Which keyword tool is most accurate?

So, this time we have entered the main topic of the following article, which is to discuss some of the recommended keyword tools for selected SEO from Erzedka. Can't wait what are the recommendations? Come on, keep reading this article!

1. Keywordkeg


Keywordkeg is a keyword tool for SEO needs that is quite popular today. Keywordkeg can be used not only for Google keyword research, but also for several other search engines such as Ask, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Wikipedia, eBay, Alibaba, YouTube, and Amazon.

The main feature of Keywordkeg is analyzing traffic from a keyword including popular topics or niche blogs that are being widely discussed.

How to use Keywordkeg is fairly easy. Erzedka Friends only need to enter the keywords you want to check the volume and trend for, then also enter the country of origin and the site you want to check. As the example presented below, for example we can select “YouTube” as the site we want to check for keywords.

Now for the choice of countries, because Indonesia is still not one of the countries covered by Keywordkeg, you can enter "global" instead.

For a fee, Keywordkeg offers price lists for four different groups of users, namely SEO Freelancer ($38 per month), SEO Consultant ($76 per month), SEO Expert ($194 per month), and SEO Agency ($762 per month).

2. Ahrefs


For Erzedka Friends who work in the field of digital marketing or marketing, you may already be familiar with this one keyword tool. Ahrefs is a keyword research tool that has become a best friend for professional optimizers around the world.

The reason why this one SEO tool is so popular is because it provides very complete features and services, starting from link building, keyword research, competitor site analysis, trend and keyword volume, backlink analysis, CPC (Cost Per Click), CPS, ranking, parent topic, and others.

Another advantage that Ahrefs has as a keyword generator platform is being able to present keyword volumes from 171 countries around the world.

Ahrefs has several features grouped according to their specialties. These features are Site Explorer, Content Explorer, Keyword Explorer, Rank Tracker, and Site Audit. So, for Erzedka Friends who want to do research for Google keywords, they can use the "Keyword Explorer" feature on Ahrefs.

How to use it is quite easy. You only need to enter the "Keyword Explorer" section of the "Tools" menu, then select the "Google" site and enter the keywords you want to analyze. The analysis results of these keywords (such as trend and volume) can be exported in CSV or TXT format.

Apart from providing an analysis of the traffic of a keyword, it turns out that Ahrefs also provides recommendations for target keywords on the “Phrase Match” menu. For example, you enter the keyword "scholarship" in Keyword Explorer.

Then Ahrefs recommends using target keywords in the form of "LPDP scholarship", "Chevening scholarship", and "2022 scholarship list" as options that can be used so that your content gets higher engagement. Knowing the target keywords through Ahrefs is one way to create interesting articles that can be implemented by Erzedka Friends.

3. TubeBuddy


TubeBuddy is a special type of keyword tool for YouTube which can be installed via the Google Chrome extension. Some of the interesting features that TubeBuddy has are:

  1. Tag Explorer: a feature to make it easier for content creators to find out the best hashtags for their YouTube content.
  2. Data Insights: which is a feature to assist in reading the data needed to analyze YouTube videos, such as data views, shares, and others.
  3. Video Topic Planner: a feature to help choose popular and trending topics so that the YouTube videos you make can occupy the top positions in search results.
  4. Best Time to Publish: which is a unique feature for presenting peak hours or the best time to upload videos according to the topics discussed.
  5. Competitor Ranking: presents analysis results regarding YouTube channels and videos produced by competitors.

How to research keywords on TubeBuddy is also very easy. After successfully installing TubeBuddy via the Chrome extension, then you can then log in to these tools. After that, you just need to open the YouTube site and use TubeBuddy (go to the Keyword Explorer menu) to check for relevant keywords that you want to analyze.

For an example of using TubeBuddy, Erzedka Friends can listen to the image below:

For an example of using TubeBuddy

4. GoogleSearch


Discussing about free keyword tools is certainly not afdhol if you miss Google Search. Google Search as a search engine made by a giant technology company (Google) already has very massive users. That's why this tool can also be used to analyze the keywords most frequently entered by Google visitors.

How to analyze keywords through Google Search is also very easy. Erzedka Friends only needs to enter the keywords you want to search for and then see several derived keywords that appear in the dropdown as recommendations with the highest search volume.

For example, Erzedka Friends entered the keyword “SEO services” in Google Search. Then several long tail keywords will appear in the dropdown. The long tail keywords that appear can be used as recommendations to be included in the content that you create. Because these keywords are the most searched for and are needed by Google users.

5. Google Trends

Google Trends

Once again, Google's very popular keyword tools, namely Google Trends, are presented. Has a "filter period" feature so that Google Trends can help you research keywords that are trending in a certain period of time.

Data access owned by Google Trends is very abundant because it comes from real time search results on Google. The main advantage that is one of the factors that many content creators use is that it is fully available for free and does not require an installation process first.

The user interface that is owned by Google Trends is also very easy to understand even for people who are just starting to learn SEO though. The following describes some of the other advantages of Google trends:

  1. Equipped with a filter feature according to country region.
  2. Presents a list of topics that are trending and widely discussed.
  3. Can present a volume comparison for several keywords at once.
  4. Displays keyword data from Google Search, Google Images, YouTube, Google News, Google Scholar, and Google Shopping.
  5. Provide keyword recommendations that are relevant to the topic or niche.

By using Google Trends, it is certain that the content you create will have timeless and trending keywords so that you can avoid SEO mistakes that often occur.

6. Keywordtool.io


"Keywordtool", even from its name, it already gives a clear picture of the function of this one tool. Keywordtool.io is an application for researching keyword ideas to match the content and topics that are most searched for.

Not only does it provide keyword analysis facilities for Google, but other platforms are also available such as YouTube, Bing, Amazon, Play Store, eBay, Instagram, and Twitter. Very complete, right Keywrodtool.io has also proven its reputation through a number of well-known brands that have used its services, such as Uber, Harvard University, Philips, and others.

Keywordtool.io has various main and reliable features, namely search volume, keyword recommendations, location filters, CPC, keyword trends, competitor analysis, various content formats (images, videos, news, websites), and rankings.

To be able to see the complete keyword analysis results for up to 750+ recommendations, Erzedka is required to subscribe with fees starting at $69 per month.

7. GoogleSearchConsole


Looking for other free keyword tools for keyword research? Then Google Search Console is the perfect answer. Google is never ending in spoiling its users with free but very useful tools. Google Search Console (GSC) can assist in monitoring keyword performance reports for your website content. Even GSC can be easily integrated into WordPress for keyword research needs.

Some data that can be displayed by GSC is the number of clicks, impressions, CTR, and the site's average position in Google search results. In addition, GSC also has a filter feature to limit searches based on search terms (pages or queries), devices, countries, time periods, and Google search types (Google Discover, Google News, or Google Search).

8. Ubersuggest

Just like TubeBuddy, Ubersuggest is a keyword tool for SEO keyword research that can be installed via the Google Chrome extension. Data related to SEO that can be displayed by Ubersuggest includes search volume, SEO difficulty, paid difficulty, CPC, number of keyword clicks, keyword trends in one year, number of backlinks, shares, and estimated visits to content.


Ubersuggest is equipped with four main features, namely keyword analyzer (presents information about keyword search volume), competitive analysis (shows comparison of keywords with competitor websites), and SEO explorer (presents information about the level of competition and clicks from keywords resulting from SEO), and keyword ideas (displays a list of recommended keywords that are relevant to the keywords Google users are searching for the most).

In the example of using Ubersuggest shown above, after installing via the Chrome extension, Erzedka Friends can start using it by opening Google Search. Then enter the keywords you want to analyze, then click "View All" which is on the right of the search bar to display the results of analysis from Ubersuggest.

Ubersuggest is available in a free version (has some restrictions on the use of features) and a paid version that costs from $12 to $40 per month.

9. Wordtracker


Wordtracker is one of the mainstay keyword tools for doing timeless keyword SEO research. Information about keywords that can be displayed on Wordtracker includes search volume, level of competition for keywords compared to competitors, and search trends within a certain period of time.

Apart from being reliably used for SEO keyword research needs, it turns out that Wordtracker can also perform analysis for business keyword needs, such as Google Ads and PPC.

 The free version of Wordtracker can be enjoyed by Erzedka Friends to perform analysis on 10 keywords with a limit of 50 relevant keywords displayed. If you want to show more, then you are required to subscribe which costs from $ 27 to $ 99 per month.

10. KWFinder


First launched in 2014 by Mangools, KWFinder continues to grow until it becomes the prima donna for digital marketers who want to find keyword tools with a very high degree of accuracy.

The main functions that can be reached by KWFinder are conducting keyword research and displaying search volume through historical statistical charts, displaying relevant keywords used by competitors, providing SERP analysis, providing information about local keywords, and providing recommendations for potential keywords with the largest total searches on Google.

Meanwhile, data related to keywords that can be displayed by KWFinder include trend, volume, CPC, PPC, Keyword Difficulty (level of difficulty for keywords to penetrate the top rankings of the SERP), average number of searches generated per month, backlinks, to the number of shares on social media.

In the example above, the keyword that KWFinder is trying to enter for analysis is “Indonesian hosting” with a search result filter only for Indonesia. The research results displayed by KWFinder are in the form of relevant keyword recommendation tables and SERP Overview.

In an effort to improve user experience and user engagement, KWFinder provides two usage options, namely free (10-day trial version) and paid (with prices starting at $29 per month). However, to be able to use the free version of KWFinder, Erzedka Friends needs to create an account first.


The use of keyword tools will make it easier for Erzedka Friends to publish content according to the interests and interests of most internet users today. Information from search volume to competitor analysis can be found easily and quickly through keyword tools.

In this article, 10 free keyword tools have been presented for your recommendations in making choices. Some of these keyword tools are Keywordkeg, Ahrefs, TubeBuddy, Google Search, Google Trends, Google Search Console, Keywordtool.io, Ubersuggest, Wordtracker, and KWFinder.

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