SEO Basics: Beginner's Guide to SEO Success

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When you are running or want to run a website for your online business, of course you have thought of and designed the strategies and promotions that you will do in the future to make your business viral or known by many people and attract high buyers in the online market.

Now, after you have finished designing and planning the promotion or Marketing Strategy you want, of course you need a site to market your online business more broadly and be known by many people. the only way is you have to create a website. This website is a must have if you want to increase the number of buyers and make your business viral in all circles.

For those of you online businesses who already have a website, surely you are already familiar with search engines or search engines that exist today such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and others. However, of course you know more and really know Google than search engines or other search engines.

In today's digital era, almost everyone in the world uses Google for search engines or search engines that are used in daily online activities. Whether it's to shop online, find information about something, study, find a job, watch movies, and so on. That is the reason why Google is the most popular search engine or search engine and is visited by most people.

So, if you already know and understand that Google is a search engine or a search engine that is ranked at the very top, you also have to understand and make your website on the Google search results page. Therefore, you must have capable tactics and strategies if you really want your online business website to be present and visible on Google search results pages. Isn't it nice to see your online business appear on the Google search results page?

What is SEO and how it works?

What is SEO and how it works?

SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization is basically a tactic or an organic way to place a website to appear on the first page of the Google search page and also other search engines or search engines, for keywords or keywords related to the website you create for business. your online. And you also need to know that getting a high ranking on the Google search engine is very important!

It is proven that on average a website that appears in the first rank on Google earns 5 times more organic traffic or traffic than a website on rank 5. However, this news will be bad news if your online business website page is the same. never appear on the first page of the Google search platform. The worst possibility is that people will find it difficult to recognize the products that you offer to your online business.

It is undeniable that Google is the most successful search engine or search engine in the world beating Yahoo!, Bing, and others. Therefore, it is a matter of pride and pleasure if your website, especially your website for online businesses, appears on page 1 of a Google search. Eits, don't worry Erzedka Friends, this is not a free thing. 

You will get feedback when your website will appear on the first page of Google search, one of which is soft selling and offering your online business services!

Why is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Important?

Imagine, if there is a brand or product your own online business has quality, then potential buyers also have quality. As is commonly found in today's digital era, many prospective buyers give false hopes of making transactions or deals to buy the goods being sold, there are also prospective buyers who immediately make transactions or transfers on the same day after they order the product.

What do you think is the answer to the above phenomena? Yes, none other than one of the reasons is where potential consumers get contact information and also information about the product they are going to buy. Search engines or search engines can provide information to your potential customers and vice versa, search engines or search engines can also provide you with quality prospective customers. 

Because it can be said that 70% of them already have the intention or intention to buy the products you sell on your online business website page. And most of them are ready for money and already have sufficient information about the products you offer.

Therefore, their souls and minds seem to have been carried away by the wishful thinking of owning the product you are selling. That's why when they see an attractive offer page, most of them will make a transaction on terms with their eyes closed or without a second thought.

This is one of the goals for you online businessmen, right? Eits, but besides you thinking about a good digital marketing strategy, the products you offer must also be of good quality, right!

How to practice SEO for beginners?

How to do it if you are a beginner and want to use an SEO strategy on your website

If previously you encountered a lot of horror "testimonials" or "stories" circulating in several community forums about the horror of implementing SEO techniques and you feel pressured by reading these things, then when you read this article, it means you are in a position and right move! In the following, we will discuss how to get to know and implement SEO on a website. Stay tuned, Erzedka Friends!

1. Do keyword research or keywords

Keyword research is one of the important things that beginners must do in maximizing the implementation of SEO strategies on your website. Which will be your reference whether you are sure to optimize or appear on the first page of Google or not.

Why do you need to take Keyword Research or Keyword Research? This research was conducted to prevent waste from using the keywords you want. For example, creating content or inserting quality backlinks. It's sad if your website later appears on the first page of Google, but there are very few or even no conversion transactions on it. Therefore you need to see potential transactions after doing Keyword research.

2. SEO on Website Pages or Onpage SEO

Have you ever heard the word On page or on the page? Yes, the On page SEO trend is also a supporting component in developing an SEO Strategy for the website pages that you have. On page SEO is all SEO discussions in which all the variables are available on the website that you have. 

Which, if you do it consistently, it is possible that later your website will be increasingly "golden" by both Google and other search engines.

3. Create Quality Backlinks

Maybe you have often heard or even seen first hand the application of backlinks which are often used on various websites. But, what you need to know is that not all backlinks are of high quality. That is, sometimes the website owner just randomly inserts a lot of backlinks on his website, but not all of them are of high quality. Then, maybe now you are wondering, what is a quality backlink like?

Simply put, quality backlinks are backlinks that are not easily copied by others. If it's just getting backlinks, then the answer is that everyone can do it. Something that is usually done by people and has been done a lot indicates that something is not special, right?

The explanation above at least gives you an idea of what quality backlinks are like; cannot or is difficult to imitate by most people. At another time and opportunity, let's discuss this backlink further, Erzedka Friends!

4. Evaluation

Whatever activities you do on a daily basis must have things to do and clear targets. Moreover, activities or activities whose evaluation is not carried out by other people, but by ourselves. Are you ready or not to maintain the consistency that you created and built at the beginning?

This seems to be mandatory because you also definitely want the activities you do with full intent not to be in vain and produce results. We cite a number of points that you can make mandatory when evaluating the activities you carry out, especially SEO-based online business work:

  1. Check Keyword Position on Google
  2. Evaluation of target Referring Domain (Backlink)
  3. What Things Have Been Sacrificed?
  4. Other Variables, it's good to be SEO Variables.

It should be noted, that if the things above are not done consistently or filled with patience, they may not produce results. So, you really want to get good traffic from search engines or search engines. It's a good idea to be consistent and patient in carrying out the basic actions discussed above. Because what's the point of trying if you only do it once or twice, while so on you stand idly by and tend to be lazy to try again.

Even if in the middle of that you fail or find that your online business website is visited by few people or it means you get bad traffic, that's normal. Because nothing is instant. Back again, your job is to do your best and try your best. The most important thing is consistency and patience.

Which platform is best for SEO?

There are many platforms that provide free and paid SEO courses, such as:

  • SEMrush
  • Moz
  • LinkedInLearning
  • Google Analytics Academy
  • Coursera
  • Udemy
  • ClickMinded


Although there is a lot to understand when studying SEO tutorials, by using the right steps you will master it quickly. Of course, it must be supported by lots of practice and recording the findings on your website.

Once again, the most important thing about learning SEO for beginners is to never stop. SEO is an optimization effort that must be carried out continuously to get the best results. And, we are sure, you can do it.

So, for those of you who are currently or want to start implementing an SEO strategy, you have to be consistent and patient! Well, what are you waiting for? Use the knowledge you already have to make your website rank number one. Good luck!!

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