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As a type of printer brand that has quite a lot of demand in Indonesia, Brother Printers continues to innovate and make updates to the latest printers that make it easier and meet the needs of printer owners. 

One of his innovations is in the print size and type of printer that is versatile. One of the best and more often discussed is the need for printing for A3 inkjet multifunction printers, printing needs are increasingly sophisticated and require wider space.

The Brother Printer as a newcomer to the America printer market is increasing the types and types of printers sold, from the Brother Laser printer, the Brother Dotmatrix printer, and the Brother inkjet printer. All of these printers are generally equipped with efficient ink usage technology. However, in use, they must use original ink so that the printer can continue to be durable and long lasting.

The type of brother printer that is being looked at this time is the MFC-J200 brother printer, apart from being multifunctional, this printer also has stubborn resistance, but unfortunately printing is only limited to F4 paper size, so this time the Erzedka team discussed the options for the A3 Inkjet brother printer. 

What is an A3 Print?

What is an A3 Print

Print A3 is the activity of printing on sheets for certain purposes. Usually printing can print various sizes of paper and prints made from other materials according to client needs. A3 paper is a material that is often used for various printouts, the maximum size of this paper reaches 32.5 cm x 48.8 cm.

A3 prints are cheaper than A4 prints because the sizes offered are different. If you can print A3 then the price for 1 printed paper can be comparable to 2 printed A4 prints. With the sizes offered, you can also get more space so that paper is also saved more.

What is A3 Printing used For?

If you want to print a book or document using A3 printing, we recommend printing at a digital printing place so that the results are satisfactory. Digital printing provides high quality and high quality machines, this printing activity can be carried out with good results because the printing machine is able to work optimally.

The print results provided by digital printing can show sharper and clearer colors, of course this is very helpful because the final result is clearer. Print A3 is a digital printing service that is usually chosen by office workers, this is because many important documents such as proposals and administration use this size.

Because it requires clear documents, it's not surprising that many office employees use it. On the other hand, A3 prints are also widely used as the main material for learning material books. If you want more evidence regarding A3 paper, you can look in the learning material module book.

Which A3 Laser Printer is Best? 

For those of you who need to print images or documents in larger sizes, of course you cannot use a standard printer which is only capable of printing up to A4 size (210 x 297 mm). For this reason, world printer manufacturers also produce A3 printers with printing capabilities up to A3 size (297 x 420 mm).

This kind of printer is certainly ideal for printing photos and posters to distribute important announcements or for promotional purposes. A3 size printers come in various types and specifications. You can choose a single function A3 size printer or a multifunction printer with A3 size, both working with inkjet technology or laser technology.

1. Brother MFC-J3520

Brother MFC-J3520

This MFC J3520 brother printer is the most favorite type of multifunction brother printer used for large printing problems with sizes up to A3. The Brother MFCJ3520 printer is an older version of the printer that has quite a few enthusiasts. 

Various functions are presented on this printer such as A3 Print, Scan, Copy, Fax, PC Fax, Direct Photo Print, Double-Sided Print, Wired/Wireless Networking. The price of the Brother MFC-J3520 Printer is priced at around five million.

With prices that are still stable, this Brother model is a cheap Brother option, when compared to various other printer brands that provide multifunction printer facilities. Also equipped with a connection using wireless or ethernet (LAN). 

Scanning multiple pages will also be easier on this printer because it uses the ADF (automatic Documet Feeder) feature provided at the top of the printer. In addition, card reader slots of various sizes are provided to print photos directly from the printer without using a computer.

2. Brother MFC-J3720

Brother MFC-J3720

This brother MFC-J3720 printer is the latest type and an update from the previous type, namely the Brother MFC J3520. This brother printer is also more devoted to printing up to A3 size paper. It is also equipped with ink-saving printing. 

The price of the MFC-J3720 brother printer is around $416.23. The facilities presented are also complete like other multifunction inkjet brother printers.

This printer is also equipped with a card reader slot, equipped with a wireless connection and also high-speed USB 2.0, all you have to do is install the brother printer driver and this printer can run normally. The printer resolution of 1200 x 6000 dpi makes all printouts look clearer Be it documents or images, the printer print speed at A3 size is 35 pages per minute for monochrome and 27 pages per minute for color.

3. Brother MFC-J5910

Brother MFC-J5910

One type of brother printer that has long been a favorite in printing A3 multifunction inkjet printers. With the price of this brother printer around 5,300,000 thousands, this printer is quite reliable, equipped with scanning, copying, and faxing facilities.

Although it has been around for quite a while in the Indonesian printer market, this printer is equipped with a wireless connection so that it can connect to many devices without having to go through a USB cable.

Equipped with a 1.9″ LCD screen with touch screen display and touch panel technology. This Brother A3 MFC-J5910 DW printer has a design that is practically the same as many other printers, namely a glossy black color. And in the Scanner section of the A3 brother inkjet printer, the size is up to F4 size paper so you can scan A4 paper in full, but it is limited to A3 paper size.

4. Brother MFC-J6710DW

Brother MFC-J6710DW
When compared to the MFC-J5910 brother printer, this printer has almost the same specifications, the difference only lies in the fax settings which cannot be automatic. This is the same as it has been in the market for the Brother A3 printer for a long time, it continues to be an option when you need large prints. The price of this brother printer is also cheaper, around 4,580,000 thousands.

This printer is also quite reliable with the same complete facilities as scanning, copying, and faxing. This printer uses a wireless connection and also a USB that can be adjusted according to needs. The resolution of this Brother Printer is high enough up to 1200 x 6000 dpi so that it can print with good enough quality even though it is printing on A3 size paper. page every minute for its color.

In addition, the printer also has the Brother IPPrint&Scan application which makes it easier for every Brother printer user if you want to print from a smartphone. The quality of the scanner owned by this type of printer is better because it can scan up to A3 paper size

5. Brother MFC-J6910DW

rother MFC-J6910DW

This brother printer has a more sophisticated advantage than the previous one, which is that it can do multi-tasking that you can do together (2 facilities at a time). Memory Printer Brother MFC-J9610DW is quite large, namely 192 mb because it can store fax files and print in large numbers at once.

It is also equipped with a 3.3″ inch color LCD screen that can be used to manage various printer activities. The panel button next to it is also quite helpful in scanning/copying/faxing through the printer directly without the need for a computer.

This Brother MFC-J6910DW printer can also be used for fast color copying of up to 23 pages per minute and 20 pages per minute for color documents. It is also equipped with double-sided duplex photocopying facilities. In the paper tray, this printer can accommodate 250 sheets of standard A4 paper..

6. HP Officejet 7720

The HP Officejet 7720 is the best cheap A3 printer series that we recommend for use. Its strength deserves a thumbs up in terms of document printing speed using thermal injection technology.

You can use this multi-function printer to save paper usage by printing both sides (duplex) from a page. Apart from that, this machine can also be used to print borderless photos or images of A3 size.

7. Epson L 1300

Epson L 1300

One of the printers that is well known in the construction industry is the Epson L 1300. The use of a 4 infusion mechanism in the cartridge section further improves the output quality, especially in A3 size which ensures effectiveness for cost savings.

Apart from that, maintaining this printer is very simple compared to other printing machines. A leak-proof ink tank will definitely make it easier to refill ink.

8. Canon PIXMA iP8770

Canon PIXMA iP8770

You can quickly use the great features of the Canon PIXMA iP8770 to print various types of documents. The features of this best cheap A3 printer are really good and can be used to print photos up to A3+ size.

Apart from using the panel on top of the printer, you can also operate it via a program on your cellphone. Because you don't need a USB cable to connect to various types of compatible devices.

9. HP Officejet Pro 7740

HP Officejet Pro 7740

One of the most cost-effective A3 printers is the HP Officejet Pro 7740. It provides a high level of security and is great for cartridges. This cartridge cannot be exchanged for a non-HP cartridge.

Apart from that, another great technology in this printer is that it has an LCD panel that can be used for all manufacturing machine operations. It can connect via Wi-Fi and work via other connected devices.

10. Canon PIXMA Pro-100

Canon PIXMA Pro-100

The undisputed strength of the cheap A3 printer is the Canon PIXMA Pro-100. There are 8 tubs in different colors, perfect for photography fans. So when you print some of the photos, of course the results will look more realistic.

The resolution quality is also high, up to 4800 x 2400 dpi. You can connect this device using Wi-Fi to connect with other devices for easier operation.

11. Canon iX 6770

Canon iX 6770

Canon iX 6770 is a making machine that people often use in the office or at home. This best cheap A3 printer has features that are compatible with printing machines with almost the same features.

Because of its power to print A3 size documents at speeds of up to 40ppm, this printer is more popular. Apart from that, the output quality of this printer is so good that it is really suitable for high volume manufacturing.

12. Epson Workforce WF 7711

Epson Workforce WF 7711

To print promotional circulars or brochures, you must use the Epson Workforce WF 7711. The printer is equipped with Epson DUBABrite, so the output lasts a long time. The cartridges used are in very good condition and are not easily destroyed.

This printer is equipped with certified security mechanisms. Of course, by using a PIN before printing, this machine is safer and more durable than anyone who uses it.

13. Brother HL-T4000DW

Brother HL-T4000DW

One way to find an affordable A3 printer is the Brother HL-T4000DW. The design of this press machine is really space-saving and doesn't take up a lot of space because the ink tank is integrated with the machine and filling is also easy.

In addition, the printer's automatic two-sided creation feature makes it easy to print multiple documents from front to back. Not only that, this best cheap A3 printer works very quickly if you want to print a lot of documents in a short period of time.

14. HP Officejet OJ 7110

HP Officejet OJ 7110

The HP Officejet OJ 7110 is a printer that people often use to print documents on A3 size paper. Even though the size is relatively large, the resolution produced is also good and not broken.

Good manufacturing speed can of course save some of your work time. This printer has an auto-duplex feature which allows you to print automatically on both sides of the document.

13. Brother MFC-J3530DW

Brother MFC-J3530DW

Brother is a printer that relies on compact designs, including the MFC-J3530DW version. This multi-function printer is also useful for various types of office activities such as faxing, scanning or copying many documents.

The beauty of this printer is that you can send the scanning results via e-mail with the touch of a knob. Apart from being able to print documents of quite large sizes, its fast performance is also useful. In summary, this machine can be operated from a cellphone.


That's the list of Brother A3 multifunction inkjet printers that are still scattered in the Indonesian printer market, but for the brother MFC J5910, J6910, J6710 types, these are quite old types so it might be more difficult to find the printer when compared to the MFC-J3720 and MFC-J3720 types.

MFC-J3520, this is a little summary of the latest Brother printer information, hopefully it will be useful and help you choose a Brother printer according to your needs. Apart from being able to print documents using A3 paper, of course there are several features that you can use to make it a multifunctional printer..

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