Tips for Making Promotional Words to Increase Sales

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Every business person definitely needs marketing activities to increase brand awareness and sales. In the process of marketing activities, of course, various "engaging" promotional words are needed so that prospective consumers know that you are holding a major promotional event.

So, how about how to make promotional words that can attract many consumers? This discussion will thoroughly examine tips for making promotional words, complete with examples of interesting online promotional words that you can apply to market your products or services!

Tips for Making Promotional Words

Tips for Making Promotional Words to Increase Sales

For those of you who are confused about composing promotional words, here are 5 tips that you can apply:

1. Make Sentences Short and Clear

The words chosen for promotion should be short and clear. Avoid choosing words that are too long so that it takes time to digest the context.

By keeping promotional wording short and clear, it also allows people who are just passing by the store front to be able to read it. As a result, everyone can become potential consumers of the products you sell.

2. Choose catchy and easy-to-understand words

Not only short and clear, promotional words should also be catchy and easy to understand. Promotional words should be catchy or interesting so that people are automatically distracted and a natural desire to read them arises.

Even so, don't focus on using catchy words so that it makes promotional sentences difficult to understand. For that, use catchy words that are easy to understand, so that in one read the audience can immediately understand the ongoing promo.

3. Adjust diction with the type of product being sold

Tips for making the next promotional sentence is to adjust the diction to the type of goods being sold. For example, in running a perfume business, you can use words like enhance your personal scent, long-lasting, 100% Original, and many more.

Meanwhile, in the catering business, you can use the words no artificial flavour, traditionally baked, organic food, gluten free, vegan friendly, and so on.

4. Give Reasons

You can insert reasons in promotional sentences that function as encouragement or reinforcement so that prospective consumers feel more confident about buying your product instead of buying competitors' products.

5. Make Persuasive Sentences

The next tip is to make promotional words that can influence and invite others by making persuasive sentences. In persuasive sentences there is usually a command meaning from the author which is conveyed indirectly.

Due to its non-coercive nature, readers tend to appreciate the related brand more. So that the product can be more easily accepted. As for the characteristics of persuasive sentences themselves, they usually contain sentences of invitation, use exclamation marks (!) and use rhymes to make it comfortable when read.

6. Include the Amount of Discount or Cashback

To attract the attention of consumers, you can include the amount of discount or cashback that consumers will get when buying your product or service. For example "Mid sale, 60% discount just today!" or “Get cashback up to USD 4.25..!!!” or you can try this way to promote your product..

Those are 6 tips on how to make attractive promotional materials. Friends of Erzedka can try to apply these six tips to attract the attention of potential customers.

Examples of Promotional Words

To make this explanation easier to understand, here we provide some examples of promotional words that you can apply in marketing activities:

1. Buy 1 Get 1 Free

You can use this sentence to introduce a new product. Anyone who sees these words, of course, will be attracted to buy it even though they often don't need these items.

From the realm of marketing strategy, the phrase "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" is also a surefire way to boost sales amid intense competition.

What you need to pay attention to is from a financial calculation side. Because by implementing a buy 1 get 1 free promo, it means that the company's revenue will decrease. If you're not careful, you could incur losses.

2. Guaranteed Quality

If you sell goods that are easily counterfeited or have a lot of KW products, such as selling honey, shoes or bags. You can use these words as one of the promotional elements. Instead of "Guaranteed Quality", you can also use the words "100% Original" or "Best Quality".

Guaranteed, prospective customers who were previously hesitant, will immediately be moved to make a purchase when they read this magic sentence.

3. Guaranteed

The word "Guaranteed" can reassure consumers who buy electronic goods or goods that are easily damaged.

However, you also have to be able to fulfill the warranty promise according to the initial agreement, so that there are no fraudulent claims from consumers.

4. Special Price

Special prices or special prices can be used for all types of goods. These words are able to attract consumers to make transactions right away. Even more so when you also include special price time periods such as “only today” or “only from 25-30 August 2022”.

So that a sense of "urgency" arises in consumers to immediately buy your product, because they feel sorry if they have to miss a "good price".

5. Free Shipping

The next example of interesting promotional words is to include the phrase "free shipping" which is currently often referred to as "free shipping".

Who is not smitten with freebies?

According to the UpSellit website, the words free shipping increase the desire of consumers to buy an item by up to 79%. Even though it seems that the free shipping promotional words only benefit consumers, in fact it is not like that.

Your business will actually benefit, because consumers are willing to buy more products until they meet the minimum price limit to get free shipping. You can also increase product prices first in order to get maximum revenue according to your goals.

6. Limited Offer

If you sell clothes, shoes, bags, perfumes, and the like, a limited offer labeled with the word 'Limited Edition' can be used as an example of effective product promotion words on the market.

In addition to adding an exclusive impression, these words will certainly attract collectors to buy these items without having to think about it.

Likewise for the service sector, you can also use limited offers. For example the words "Limited Seat" or "Limited Participants" for seminars or special English courses.

How to promote online sales so that they sell quickly

How to promote online sales so that they sell quickly

How to promote online sales so that they sell quickly. The approach is certainly different from offline sales. Apart from being different in terms of names, customers, both in online and offline media, have different usage characteristics from one another.

Simply put when viewing ad content. If the customer is on the road, it might be more effective if the billboard is placed on the road as well. Meanwhile, when opening a cellphone, customers will prefer that advertisements are strategically placed on social media.

1. Make sure the brand already has a value proposition

Do not let you have no value proposition. Because these elements make a brand unique and valuable in the eyes of consumers. Looks more different — superior — than competing brands.

Moreover, the value proposition allows businesses to continue to experience repeat orders. According to a study, a value proposition has the potential to increase a company's sales and marketing performance by as much as 80 percent within 20 years.

2. Give loyal customers an exclusive preview

Our loyal customers are an important part of how to sell online quickly. Indeed, not forever they will continue to buy our products. However, at least they help us indirectly, by promoting our products to their network.

Now, by giving an exclusive preview, we will really help customers in their efforts to promote our products to their networking. Because then, they don't need to explain at length anymore just to tell how different our products are from competitors.

In other words, we facilitate their efforts to promote our products. In addition, to appreciate our loyal customers for their contribution to our business so far. Because they are the first to know about our product preview before the launch period.

3. Use attractive initial bid tactics

Simple. Instead of simply announcing our new product or service, we should provide our customers with an attractive initial offer. Can be in the form:

  • Discounts.
  • Buy a cheaper package.
  • Buy additional items.
  • Get vouchers or purchase coupons.
  • Buy one get one free.
  • Implement a point system for customers who register as members.

The most important thing to note, whatever form our promotions are, be sure to keep emphasizing that promotions won't last forever. Generate the impression of Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) in the customer. With such a limited time, surely customers will feel pressured to buy our products immediately.

4. Collaborate with influencers

By targeting influencers who are engaged in our field, we will get and reach followers with the same interests.

5. Advertise on social media

Whether it's on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. Just advertise on social media. By advertising on social media, we will reach a wider audience, thus getting more closings. According to statistics, 43 percent of consumers take a purchase action right after seeing an online advertisement on social media.

6. Giveaways

Giveaways are effective in reaching more people, growing the number of followers, and even speeding up product closing. It's not hard to do.

Simply, observe, imitate, and modify existing giveaway content. Starting from the feed content to the caption section. Also write down the terms and conditions clearly along with the time of announcement of the winner. So, people will know when to properly follow the giveaway rules.

As long as it's used properly — not overdone — giveaways will help businesses grow properly and effectively.

7. Create a product barter system

If our product turns out to be an upgraded version of an old product, then here we can consider implementing a product barter system. However, that does not mean customers can immediately barter products just like that.

They still have to pay extra for the new product they want to get. That being said, old products must be in good condition so that the product barter mechanism runs fairly.

Products from customers can later be used as prizes as well as content for giveaways in the future. How? What a luck, right? Besides making it easier for our customers, we can also save a lot of expenses!

8. Share customer testimonials on social media

It's one of the best ways to promote our product or service. By sharing testimonials or reviews on social media, customers will have more trust in our business. They are more confident to buy products or services from us.

According to data, 84 percent of customers buy a product or service because they see good testimonials or reviews about it. If you succeed in getting customers to voluntarily provide reviews or testimonials, you will surely be a thousand steps closer to the door of success!

9. Offer upgrades (new products) for free

If your new product is an upgraded version of an old product, try offering it to customers for free! However, only for a while. It doesn't take a month, two months, or even more.

The goal is to make loyal customers more loyal and happy with your business. Already so, capture a lot of new consumers.

10. Host free webinars

Especially for those of you whose business model is in the form of subscribing or subscribing regularly. This one method is worthy of your consideration!

By holding free webinars, customers will worry less, both when they want to subscribe and when they use your product. This is a great way to increase your online presence while enhancing your business reputation.

11. Create an affiliate program

How to promote online sales so that they sell quickly. It also increases online presence. How, by creating an affiliate program. Affiliate programs are basically passive sales with the help of third parties.

So here we as business owners are quite silent. Let third people promote and sell our products. But later, of course they will get a commission from each of their closing successes. Very practical, right?


These are 6 examples of promotional words for products and services that you can use to attract potential customers. In addition to the six examples above, erzedka friends can also be creative by creating attractive promotional sentences to steal the attention of potential customers.

Then, you can apply these promotional words to social media accounts, email marketing, to optimized selling websites. So what are you waiting for, let's write your promotional words right now for higher sales!

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