7 Types of Advertising to Promote Your Business Effectively

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Today's digital era, there are many examples of promotional media that businesses can use to market their products. The media is an effective means of introducing products to consumers so that they are interested in buying them.

Even so, it is not easy for businesses to choose the right type of promotional media. They must first understand the functions and types of promotional media. Therefore, making a choice can not take a lot of time and effort.

Using promotional media is a step that is still being carried out to this day. Promotional media is still the most effective means of introducing products to consumers. As a business owner, you must know how to choose the right promotional media to be effective.

For those of you who are just starting a business, it is very important to know which types of promotional media are suitable for marketing activities. The goal is that the limited budget can be used effectively and in the end get an increase in revenue.

There are many examples of promotional media that can be used for product marketing. Each type of promotional media has its own advantages. While some products can use all types of media, others can only use some. Do not choose media carelessly because it can reduce the image of your company and product.

To help you choose the right promotional media, here are the definitions of promotional media, their functions, types, and advantages. Hopefully it can help increase your business sales..

What is Promotional Media?

7 Examples of Effective Promotional Media for Business Marketing

Media promotion is a means to introduce products and services to prospective or target consumers. Media promotion plays a role in providing an overview of the products and services that a business offers. It is hoped that consumers can recognize and be interested in buying.

Through the right marketing strategy, the use of promotional media will support marketing activities to run more effectively. Because this media will be the best means of promoting the product being launched.

Media promotion is a promotional tool used to introduce a business. Promotional media is a suitable tool for promoting the products, ideas and services of a business to its customers. Selection of promotional media must be integrated with your company's business strategy.

Media promotion is a means that can be used to market goods and services. You can also use it to increase consumer awareness and attract new consumers. The main purpose of using the media as a means of promotion is to increase sales. By choosing the right media, your product marketing will be more effective.

What are the functions of advertising media?

Advertising is aimed at promoting products or services. Without advertising, business activities or enterprises will be difficult to survive. It could be said that advertising is one of the key factors that determines business success. The more attractive the advertisement, the more interested consumers will be in buying the product or using the service.

Advertising function The most important function of advertising is to help promote products or services to potential consumers, and encourage them to buy or use them. Based on the definition of promotional media above, the functions and objectives of promotional media are:

  • Attract target consumers. Promotional media helps target products to targeted consumers
  • Giving information. Effective for promotional information and special prices in certain periods
  • Product education. Make it easy for consumers to recognize the product or service launched
  • Offer products. Effective and efficient method to offer products directly
  • Increase sales. As an effort to increase sales or ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Build brand awareness. Make products and services remain in the top of mind of consumers
  • Win the competition. Making products and services remain competitive in the market
  • Build a positive image. Raise the image of the company and products in the eyes of consumers
  • Maintain sales stability. So that products and services remain the first choice when consumers buy.

Examples of Promotional Media and Their Advantages

Promotional media is a promotional tool that has many examples. There are many examples of promotional media used by many goods and service companies. Each type of promotional media has its own advantages. The characteristics of different media can be adapted to suit your marketing strategy.

1. Billboards

Billboards are examples of promotional media that are still widely used today. Billboards are placed on the side of the main road with a large size. Billboards are usually found in strategic areas that many consumers pass by. This media is suitable for attracting new consumers or maintaining product awareness among old consumers.

The message conveyed on billboards must be short, concise, and clear. Avoid using sentences or words that are difficult to read. The reason is because most of those who see billboards are vehicle users who walk fast on the highway. 

In a short time, the message must be quickly digested by consumers. Images of products and services must be made more prominent to make it attractive.

Advantages of Media Promotional Billboards

  • Effective promotional media for outdoor promotion
  • Easily recognized by people passing by on the highway
  • Flexible location, you are free to choose a strategic billboard location
  • Good for increasing brand awareness of products and services
  • Competitive, keeps your brand in the top of mind of many people.

Lack of Billboard Promotional Media

  • Not everyone who passes by on the street is the right target consumer
  • Information is difficult to receive if the writing of the message is not correct
  • Less attractive messages will pass by, not remembered by consumers
  • The price to rent and install billboards is relatively expensive.

2. Banners

Banners are a type of promotional media used outdoors. Unlike billboards, banners are smaller in size and can be placed anywhere. Generally, banners are placed on the side or on the road. Banners are also commonly placed in front of shops. The installation is easier, you only need a rope to tie it to an electric pole, tree or bamboo.

Promotional content on banners can be written more densely. The distance between the banners and the place where people are passing by is not too far away so they can be read clearly. Banners can be placed in various locations, from crossroads, near red lights, or crowded places.

Advantages of Banner Promotion Media

  • Prices for installation, rent, and permits are cheaper
  • Easy installation process
  • Flexible, can be installed anywhere
  • Can be installed in the middle of residential areas
  • Can be seen repeatedly by road users.

Disadvantages of Banner Promotion Media

  • Short installation time, quickly damaged or faded
  • Unable to display complete information
  • If the tide is too much to make people see it bored
  • Disturbing view if installed carelessly.

3. Brochure

Brochures are promotional media that are widely used for education. You can enter more text about product advantages, how to use it, price, and how to buy it. The size of the brochure is also very small so that it can be distributed directly to target consumers.

Brochures can be distributed in crowded places. Information written must be clear so that there are not many questions and be able to convince consumers. If customers are interested in the product, they can contact you directly via the telephone number or store address on the brochure. So make sure all the information is written completely.

Advantages of Brochure Promotional Media

  • More informative so customers can learn more about the product
  • The cost is cheaper and can be printed according to the number of target consumers
  • More effective because it is directly distributed to target consumers
  • Brochure distribution officers can see firsthand market conditions.

Disadvantages of Brochure Promotional Media

  • There is a risk of disposal if given carelessly, not to target consumers
  • Reach is limited by the roaming range of the flyer distribution officers
  • Must be able to make attractive brochures so that brochures are not thrown away
  • Brochure distribution officers must be able to persuade customers so they can respond properly.

4. Banners

Banners are promotional media that are widely used indoors. Attractive design and size that is large enough to make it suitable to be placed in a crowded area. You can include an attractive image and a little text to lure people into buying your product. You can also include information on the location of purchase or a cell phone number that can be contacted.

Banners are usually placed in malls, markets, or in tourist areas. You have to be careful choosing the material for the banner so it doesn't collapse easily. Banners can also be used to sweeten your stand or sales booth. Include the latest promo information to attract many buyers.

Advantages of Banner Promotion Media

  • If the placement is good, banner ads are more effective
  • Great to tell the latest promotions at your stand or booth
  • Banner production is cheaper and can be used repeatedly
  • Installation is not complicated, can be installed near the shop without paying taxes.

Disadvantages of Banner Promotional Media

  • Limited ad reach
  • The location of the banner must be considered
  • If it is installed too far, the risk of the banner collapsing is higher
  • Disturbing the view if the tide is too much.

5. Ads on Search Engines (Pay Per Click)

The increasing number of internet users has made search pages (search engines) such as Google and Bing a fairly effective promotional medium. You can advertise on Google search with a Pay Per Click payment scheme. So you just pay if the ad is clicked by another user. You must prepare human resources who are experts in handling advertisements on Google, commonly called Search Engine Marketing (SEM Specialists).

Apart from the Pay Per Click option, there is also a Cost Per Impression option. You can consider which one is more suitable for your business. Ad schemes can be tailored to what you are after, increase in website traffic or increase in transactions.

Advantages of Search Engine Advertising Promotion Media

  • Cheaper and can be adjusted according to the budget
  • Pay only for results that are clicked
  • Target consumers can be set at the beginning before the ad runs
  • Ads can be changed quickly and adapted to needs
  • Analysis of campaign effectiveness is easier because it is more detailed.

Disadvantages of Search Engine Advertising Promotion Media

  • The price issued can be more expensive if you target general keywords
  • Price competition can affect the price per click that must be paid
  • It needs constant monitoring so that the results obtained can be accounted for
  • Even though many clicks, it is not certain that people who enter the web intend to buy.

6. Social Media

There are 6 social media that are suitable for business, namely: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and LinkedIn. All types of social media have their advantages. If you want to target the youth segment, you can choose Instagram or TikTok. For professionals, you can use Twitter and LinkedIn. Just adjust the market share of each social media with your product.

Utilizing social media for selling can be free if your content is interesting. Especially if it's viral, you don't need to spend a lot of money to get high awareness. Social media can also be used to answer customer complaints and attract new consumers. You can also take advantage of the Ads feature to place ads on the social media you use.

Advantages of Social Media Promotion Media

  • Can reach wider customers
  • The costs incurred are cheaper
  • The traffic generated is in accordance with the target market
  • If the content is interesting, it can go viral.

Disadvantages of Social Media Promotional Media

  • Most social media users are for entertainment, not interested in advertising
  • Must be educated before purchasing
  • It takes a lot of effort to get a lot of followers
  • Relatively difficult to do if your marketing team is limited.

7. Merchandise

Merchandise is usually given by the product owner when holding certain events. Merchandise production is usually limited because it is adjusted to the range of visitors who come. Merchandise has an exclusive impression on the customers who receive it. However, you can't write multiple messages on merchandise.

The price of merchandise production is relatively expensive. Because the number is small the scope is very limited. Customers who get it also don't necessarily immediately use the merchandise on the same day they get it. Merchandise items are also usually placed in the house. It takes a big budget to procure merchandise, so it is not suitable for companies that are tight on budgeting.

Advantages of Promotional Media Merchandise

  • Durable, depending on the quality of merchandise from vendors
  • Increase customer interest in a brand
  • Sometimes it becomes a struggle for customers to get it
  • Strengthen brand image personally directly to customers.

Lack of Merchandise Promotional Media

  • Ad coverage is very limited
  • The price of merchandise production is relatively expensive
  • Merchandise that is distributed is not necessarily used every day
  • Messages delivered are limited.

Tips for Using the Right Promotional Media

7 Types of Advertising to Promote Your Business Effectively

In order to get maximum results, promotions should not be arbitrary. One of them is using promotional media that must be well prepared. Here's how to use promotional media so that it's right on target

1. Get to know the product

The first stage is a very important point for identifying the product to be sold. You have to know detailed product information starting from raw materials, benefits, advantages and much more. This information can be a selling point that needs to be highlighted.

2. Define Target Market

The second stage is to select a target market according to the advantages of the product you are offering. For example, if you offer products for women's work clothes, then your target market is women in the age range of 25-45 years. Focus on pursuing the target market in order to get maximum results.

3. Choose the Right Promotional Media

Promotional media generally have their respective market segments. So if you issue a product specifically for young people, it would be better to choose social media promotion media such as Instagram or TikTok.

Quoted from Marketsplash that 58% of Gen Z said that they buy products on social media, especially Instagram, and for Millennials, the percentage is 45%.

4. Make the Promo as Interesting as Possible

Lastly, you need to create interesting marketing content for customers. The content must contain relevant and consistent information so that customers are interested in buying the products offered

How do you increase sales with promotions?

The reviews above discuss lots of examples of promotional media that you can use to maximize your marketing. Where this promotional media plays a role in introducing new products in an interactive way to bring in consumers.

In order to run effectively, businesses certainly need to monitor all promotional media used. One of the technologies that can be used to monitor the media is Omnichannel CRM. This Omnichannel software can connect various channels in one dashboard view..


Maximizing promotional media is the most appropriate way to increase awareness and sales. You can choose which media is suitable for your product. If your product is quite common, you can use all types of existing promotional media. 

But prepare a more budget. Hope it helps those of you who want to know what are examples of promotional media and their advantages.

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