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What is Dropbox? 7 Benefits of Dropbox You Must Know

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    If you're looking for a cloud storage platform that's easy to use and cheap and even free, Dropbox might be a good consideration for you. Those of you who are used to using Windows File Explorer will probably understand more about the features and functions for operating this online file storage application.

    In this beginner's guide on how to use Dropbox, we'll cover the basic functionality of cloud storage providers and simple ways for you to start interacting with and using Dropbox on your desktop. This guide will provide a broad overview of the Dropbox platform, so it will be especially helpful for users who are new to it or beginners.

    Most of us are familiar with online or virtual data storage, which is often referred to as cloud storage. Well, Dropbox is one of them. In short, Dropbox is a cloud storage platform that is easy to use and cheap and even free, you know.

    Currently, cloud storage such as Dropbox is in great demand by many people. You can easily carry out various activities, such as storing important files or documents, uploading and downloading using only internet access. Very interesting, isn't it?

    This Dropbox application is not only simple and easy to use, but users can get a free version of the account. If you need more storage space or more features and options than the free version of Dropbox offers, then you can allocate a small amount to create a monthly account on Dropbox. To learn and find out more, see how to get the most out of Dropbox below.

    No need to linger any longer, let's get to know more about what Dropbox is, how much Dropbox storage capacity is and of course what are the Dropbox benefits that you will enjoy when using Dropbox. Immediately, see the article below, friends!

    What Is Dropbox?

    What is Dropbox? 7 Benefits of Dropbox You Must Know

    Dropbox is an online cloud storage service which means you can copy your files to the cloud and access them later or anytime and anywhere, even if you access them from a different device. Dropbox won't automatically copy all the files on your computer if you're on a personal plan, so you'll have to pick and choose which ones you want to keep.

    As we discussed briefly above, Dropbox is a cloud storage that makes it easier for users to store files on the server. In addition, Dropbox is a personal cloud storage service or sometimes referred to as an online backup service that is often used for sharing files.

    Data and information that are usually stored in Dropbox are in the form of images, videos, documents, applications and programs. Once you're done transferring the data, Dropbox will create and store all those files in the cloud and back up the data, so you can open them when you need them again. This application also provides both free and paid services, of course, with various advantages and benefits.

    In 2011, Dropbox launched Dropbox For Teams, which is a service from Dropbox that is targeted and devoted to those in business groups or large groups who need services to control administration, centralized billing and other needs that are quite detailed and complex. Dropbox For Teams is available on the Dropbox website for a different price than other Dropbox plans.

    Dropbox is available for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux desktop operating systems. There are also apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Dropbox is also known as the most popular cloud storage system in the market because it keeps on improving its features and is quite reliable when it comes to cloud storage.

    Data and information that is usually stored in Dropbox such as images, videos, documents, applications, and so on. After you finish transferring the data, Dropbox will create and store all your files in the cloud and back up data. So, the file can be opened whenever you want or need it again.

    Dropbox Advantages

    When compared to other similar services and its competitors, Dropbox dares to offer relatively large and many features and access with the use of an unspecified and varied operating system for both mobile users and desktop or laptop users. Dropbox also provides various versions for various existing operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux users.

    Meanwhile, if you are using a mobile device, then you can download Dropbox if you are using an Android, Windows Phone 7, iPhone, iPad, WebOS and Blackberry operating system with a web-based client. Dropbox uses several plans and models such as financial Premium as well as its free service which provides 2 GB of free online storage usage.

    Interestingly, Dropbox will give you an increase in storage capacity of up to 8 GB if you manage to hook or recommend this application to other users who have never used it or are new users. Some competitors and applications that also have services like Dropbox are FilesAnywhere, CloudMe, Egynye, iCloud, Mozy, Ubuntu One and many more.

    Dropbox Types and Plans

    Basically Dropbox has many packages and the 2GB free package is a basic package that is widely used by users who don't require too much large storage, but Dropbox itself can be divided into two types as follows:

    1. Dropbox Individual

    This type of service is more often used for individual users which are divided into two separate packages, namely Dropbox Plus with prices starting at $9.99 per month which has 2 TB of storage and Dropbox Professional at a price of $16.59 per month which gives users 3 storage. TB

    2. Dropbox Business

    Dropbox Business

    This type of package will be more suitable for those of you who have a business or company with a large number of employees who require you to store large amounts of files continuously. 

    This package is divided into three, namely Standard for 12.50 dollars per month and 5 TB of storage, Advance for 20 dollars and Enterprise for a price that can be negotiated. The last two packages offer storage according to the user's wishes.

    Dropbox Storage Capacity

    Dropbox has free and paid versions. For free storage capacity, Dropbox provides 2 GB of storage and up to 100 GB on paid plans. Other options are also provided in Dropbox for Business, which provides storage ranging from 3000 GB to an advanced plan that provides unlimited storage space.

    Package options can be adjusted to your needs. Dropbox also allows you to store large amounts of data very easily and minimize hard disk space by only accessing the files you need through the Sync feature.

    7 Benefits of Dropbox for You

    Dropbox provides a way to sync files between devices and back them up, make information accessible from anywhere, or to share files and collaborate with others.

    There are many benefits of Dropbox for cloud storage. These are the top seven that Erzedka managed to summarize. For more details, here are the benefits of Dropbox that you should know:

    1. Automatically Backup Files

    The main Dropbox benefit is that it automatically backs up the files you save. Dropbox is already known as the leading file storage cloud.

    Just set up on your device, select the folder with your important files into the Dropbox folder. For example, you might use Dropbox to store all of your active data. If the hard drive on your main device is not accessible, you can easily access the files in Dropbox.

    2. Easy File Access Anywhere

    The biggest benefit of Dropbox is having access to your files anywhere. If you install the Dropbox app on your iOS or Android device, you can access and work on files from your phone or tablet and share them with others.

    Even if you don't have your phone or tablet with you, you can still access Dropbox from any device with an internet browser. Later the latest version will be stored in the cloud. So if you're on vacation but need to change a document, you can change it through any device. Very interesting isn't it?

    3. Share Files for Anyone Easily

    Dropbox is also able to help you share or send files easily. These files can be in any form or format, from documents, photos, videos, to even application programs.

    You can share it with friends, co-workers or just as many people as you want. You only need to upload the file and share it with them. You can also share it with many people or only a few people. You only need to adjust it according to your needs and requirements.

    4. Maintained Account Security

    The next benefit of Dropbox is to ensure that account security and files are maintained. Dropbox encrypts your files when they are transferred from your device to the cloud storage service, as well as when they are stored.

    Files stored on Dropbox are encrypted with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to prevent information theft. Not only that, you can also activate a two-factor authentication system so that your login is secure. To do this, integrate Dropbox with your preferred authentication service, such as Google Authenticator.

    You can also choose which files you want to share publicly. Otherwise, your files can only be viewed by people you authorized or only granted access to.

    5. There is a feature to recover deleted files

    It's common to accidentally delete files from your hard drive, especially if you're deleting files you think you no longer need. One of the advantages of using Dropbox is that you can recover deleted files within the last 30 days (free version) or 180 days (paid version).

    For example, you might delete some folders, and a week later you just realize that some of the folders were deleted too. Don't worry because Dropbox provides a feature to restore the file. Very helpful, right?

    6. Make it easy to work together or collaborate

    If you use Dropbox to store various of your business data, it will be even easier for you to do work simultaneously with your friends without data collisions. Dropbox makes it pretty easy. As long as your friend has a Dropbox account, they can download and work on files with you.

    You can password protect files so that only people who should have access to them can work on them. The features contained in Dropbox can not only be used as a data or file storage device, but you can connect this data with your colleagues.

    7. Can Access Offline

    Another Dropbox benefit is the ability to save online material for offline review. This includes websites, and more. Being able to view files offline is very useful when you run out of internet data or quota on your mobile device or want to do something even when you are in airplane mode.

    How to Use Dropbox

    After knowing the benefits of Dropbox that you can get, now you ask how to use Dropbox? It's easy, just follow the steps below.

    The first step to using Dropbox is to create an account first. To do this, access the website and enter your name, email address, and password. Then, click Create account.

    Second, you will be asked to choose an account type. To choose Dropbox for free, you can immediately click "Continue with the 2GB Dropbox Basic package"

    How to Use Dropbox

    Third, after you have finished selecting the account type. You need to install the dropbox app on your device.

    Fourth, after successfully installing to completion. You can already use dropbox! The Dropbox application is already connected to your PC or laptop in the form of a directory. You can check it in File Explorer and select Dropbox.

    7 Benefits of Dropbox You Must Know

    You can easily save files or data to Dropbox, you only need to drag and drop it in the Dropbox directory. You can also retrieve data from Dropbox and copy it to your laptop or PC. It's easy, Erzedka Friends!


    It turns out that Dropbox has its own advantages. For example, Dropbox can be a savior if your device is totally dead. Dropbox also has a wider range of features than just backing up or sharing files as a basic service that most people know about.

    The seven benefits of Dropbox above are just a snapshot of what you can enjoy when using Dropbox, it depends on using a free or paid plan. Even though many competitors provide the same online storage services, in terms of performance and superiority, many users have made their choice to Dropbox because it is superior with attractive features and options.

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