4 Examples of Delivery for Business, Why is it So Important?

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Have you ever heard the term delivery? In the business world, this term is often used or is also commonly referred to as delivery services. Business and delivery are closely related and cannot be separated from each other.

The term delivery itself is the act of transferring currency, commodities, cash and other instruments from one party to another. This delivery service is an important activity in a business because it involves transportation as well as distribution.

For those who like to shop online, this delivery process may be familiar to you. Moreover, there are many large companies operating in this field. Whether it's a postal service, courier or expedition service that sends commercial goods from the point of sale storage warehouse.

According to Investopedia, delivery refers to the act of transferring commodities, currency, securities, cash, or other instruments that are the subject of a contract. Delivery services are a basic component of trading activities. This activity involves transportation and distribution.

The general process of sending goods is known as distribution. There is also the study of effective processes for the delivery and disposition of goods and personnel called logistics. Companies that specialize in shipping commercial goods from one point of production or storage warehouse to the point of sale, they are generally known as distributors.

There are certain companies that specialize in sending goods to consumers which are known as delivery services. Postal services, couriers and expedition services also send goods for commercial and personal purposes.

There are also a number of businesses that have their own delivery staff. Usually, this is commonly done by restaurants.

Why is the Delivery Process Important?

4 Examples of Delivery for Business, Why is it So Important

With the development of technology and the growth of transportation modes, delivery can now be very fast. Consumers now have many choices when it comes to receiving goods they buy online.

If previously delivery took 7 to 10 working days for long distances, now there is the option of "next day", "same day", or even instant delivery within a few hours. This caused a complete change in attitudes towards how shipping should work.

If your e-commerce business cannot provide a variety of shipping options, you could lose many potential customers. This delivery service is also the final impression that customers have of your business.

In the product review column we always see that delivery is one of the things that is assessed. We often come across reviews, "Fast delivery, thank you seller!" or "The product is good, unfortunately the delivery took a long time."

If customers experience problems waiting for goods delivery services, chances are they will not buy from you again. In this case, choosing the expedition service you use to send goods becomes very crucial.

Customers sometimes don't understand that problems can occur in the process of sending goods by an expedition service, not because you were late in handing it over to the expedition service. Good delivery service can help your business reputation too. You gain the trust of customers, and your cooperation with delivery services continues to grow.

How Important is the Delivery Process for Business?

You need to know that not all businesses implement a delivery system for consumers. There are even several types of businesses that have their own delivery services and do not use the services of delivery companies, one of which is restaurants.

Actually, how important is the delivery process in the business world? Yes, logically, how can the product reach the hands of consumers if there is no delivery service. Moreover, buyers are definitely not in the same city where the business is established, so it is very important to collaborate with the delivery service.

The development of technology which is becoming more sophisticated day by day makes the process of delivering goods increasingly easier. Buyers have many choices when it comes to shipping their goods purchased online.

Maybe in the past the delivery process took quite a long time, but now there is a delivery option that can arrive the same day when ordering. This delivery process is called "next day" or "same day" delivery of goods. There is even instant delivery that can arrive at your home in a matter of hours.

It is important for business owners to provide a variety of shipping options so that customers have choices and can shop at your store. Because if you don't provide this shipping option, you could lose a lot of customers.

It is very important to choose a good delivery service so that your business reputation can be maintained in the eyes of customers. Of course, you often see buyer reviews and usually they have a lot to say about product delivery.

Example of Implementing Delivery

Example of Implementing Delivery

There are many types of delivery services. One company usually focuses on only a few types of delivery. You can even provide delivery services for your own business. The following are a number of examples of the application of shipping in business.

1. On-demand Delivery

On-demand delivery means delivery according to demand. This type of delivery service involves sending products or services to customers immediately after the order is placed. This service model is mostly carried out by the restaurant business. Food packaging and shipping security sometimes requires special attention.

Restaurants know exactly how their dishes should be served. Therefore, quite a few large and small restaurant chains carry out their own deliveries.

Food delivery doesn't have to be done by the restaurant itself. There are third party delivery services that can perform this function, such as those provided by online motorcycle taxi applications.

2. Application-Based Delivery

As previously mentioned, there are delivery services that can be ordered via the application. This application-based delivery service can serve personal deliveries or act as a business intermediary with consumers.

Application-based delivery specializations also vary. For example, Gojek and Grab serve food orders from a number of restaurants that have collaborated.

These two applications can also make personal deliveries, as long as they are within the same area. Applications whose main focus is in other fields can also provide food ordering services, such as Shopee Food or Traveloka Eats.

There is also application-based delivery which provides goods transportation services long distances and in large quantities. The types of vehicles offered are varied, from pick-up trucks to trucks.

3. Self Pick-up

There are several delivery businesses that offer customers to pick up ordered goods at certain points, but not deliver them to their home address. The prices set tend to be different between self-pickup and delivery to the address. It is used by businesses that do not have a separate workforce for shipping.

This kind of delivery is usually carried out by shuttle bus-based travel businesses. Apart from taking people from one city to another, the luggage section of the shuttle bus is also used to deliver goods.

Because this kind of business does not have a courier to deliver directly to the address, goods can be delivered and picked up at a designated pick-up point.

4. Logistics

Logistics is a broad, all-encompassing business vertical. Starting from inbound and outbound transportation, to fleet management, warehousing and order fulfillment.

Expedition services are included in logistics activities. Although there are even larger logistics companies that handle large quantities of exports and imports using containers.


To develop a business, having a delivery order service may have become an obligation in today's modern businesses. It cannot be denied that implementing this long-distance delivery model has its own challenges.

If you are interested in expanding market coverage and improving customer service, the article above has discussed the benefits of delivery order facilities and the things you need to prepare to implement them.

So, delivery means the process of transporting goods from one point to another. By understanding delivery, you are one step ahead in choosing the type of delivery that is suitable for your e-commerce business.

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