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5 Tips for Successful Advertising on YouTube

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    YouTube can be one of the platforms of choice for marketing your products. Therefore you need to know how to advertise on YouTube. Displaying advertisements on YouTube can bring a number of benefits to your business. Ads that play before, after, or in between videos can connect you with YouTube's large audience.

    Apart from that, advertising on YouTube allows you to reach audiences according to market segmentation. Who the ad is shown to can be arranged based on topics, keywords, and demographics.

    To place ads on YouTube, you need to connect to Google Ads. Through Google Ads, you can check the number of impressions, costs and budget. On YouTube itself, you can look at the Analytics menu to study your audience's behavior. For example, you can see what videos were viewed and how long they were watched.

    Additionally, YouTube ads allow you to grow your audience based on market segments. Who the ad will be shown to can be adjusted based on topics, keywords and demographics.

    To run ads on YouTube, you need to contact Google Ads. With Google Ads, you can control the number of impressions, costs and budget for your ads.

    On YouTube, you can view viewer behavior through the Analytics dashboard. For example, you can see which videos you have watched and how long they have been watched.

    Once you understand the benefits of YouTube advertising for the smooth running of your business, what you need to know next is how to advertise on YouTube and 5 tips for successful advertising on YouTube that you can try..

    How to Advertise on YouTube

    5 Tips for Successful Advertising on YouTube

    There are several stages in how to advertise on YouTube. These stages need to be gone through so that advertising on YouTube can be successful.

    Here's how to advertise on YouTube that you need to know.

    1. Connect Google Ads with YouTube Channel

    The first way to advertise on YouTube is that you need to have a Google account. Then, you need to register with the Google Ads service and have a YouTube channel.

    The Google Ads account and YouTube channel need to be connected, because advertising settings are done through Google Ads.

    2. Upload Advertising Videos to YouTube

    The next way to advertise on YouTube is to upload videos that become advertising material for your product. When uploading it, make sure you fill in all the video information completely. Starting from the title, description, tags, to thumbnails.

    If you don't want people to see the creative video on your channel, you can select the "Unlisted" option when publishing it.

    This setting makes the video air, but regular visitors to your channel can't see it. Only people with a direct link can watch it.

    3. Create a campaign on Google Ads

    After uploading the video, the next way to advertise on YouTube is that you can prepare the content to become an advertising video by making settings in Google Ads.

    There are many things you can adjust in your creative videos in Google Ads. Starting from choosing the campaign type to the subtype.

    4. Determine YouTube Ad Campaign Specifications

    The next way to advertise on YouTube is to determine the specifications of the YouTube advertising campaign. There are a number of parameters that need to be filled in for a YouTube advertising campaign. Starting from the campaign name to the payment strategy.

    You can choose the pay-per-view option when YouTube users watch your video for more than 30 seconds. Another option, namely cost per thousand impressions (CPM) if you use a bumper video format or non-skippable ad.

    You can also include the budget you have and Google Ads will adjust the impressions accordingly. You can also temporarily stop your advertising campaign.

    5. Choose a YouTube Ad Format

    Next, the way you can place ads on YouTube is to choose an ad format that suits your needs. By considering your sales targets, you can choose a number of ad formats that can be placed on YouTube. Google Ads provides at least six formats.

    The six formats are skippable in-stream ads, non-skippable in-stream ads, bumper ads, in-feed video ads, masthead ads, and responsive display ads.

    Tips for Placing Ads on YouTube

    Tips for Placing Ads on YouTube

    After knowing the stages of how to advertise on YouTube, there are a number of tips that are important to know too, so that your product campaign runs according to target.

    What are some tips for placing advertisements on YouTube? Here are some of them that you can apply:

    1. Choose a YouTube Ad Format According to Your Needs

    As mentioned earlier, there are many ad formats available on YouTube. Starting from bumper ads, sponsored ads, display ads to skippable or non-skippable video ads. You have to choose carefully, which one suits your product and budget too.

    Apart from that, you can try experimenting using several ad formats and compare their performance with each other. So, you can find out which ad format is most suitable for your business.

    Make sure to follow the specifications set by Google so that the dimensions and quality of your ads match.

    2. Segment In-stream Ads and Display Ads in Different Campaigns

    Even though they both appear on YouTube, these two ad formats are very different. Quoted from Wordstream, in-stream ads appear before, after and in between the video being watched.

    Display ads appear on the search page, alongside the videos from your search results. This ad format is different from other video ad formats.

    Therefore, you have to determine a different strategy and budget for this ad format. You can try both ad formats and compare how they perform. If there is one that provides the best results for your business, try to keep it.

    3. Take advantage of the Target Options on YouTube

    You have to pay attention to who will watch or see your ad on YouTube. Don't let your message be conveyed to an audience segment that is not your product segment. One of the advantages of YouTube is that here you can control who can see your ad.

    So, you can determine the demographics that can see your ad. Furthermore, you can determine which ads appear on certain topics or audience interests.

    4. Set Up a Remarketing Video

    Remarketing is the most effective method, because it can influence the audience until they finally buy your product. This is a way to “follow” the audience with advertisements in various places. Starting from advertisements on social media, search engines, to YouTube.

    For example, someone sees a wallet with the same brand on various social media and finally buys it. It is called the result of remarketing.

    5. Create Interesting and Quality Content

    On YouTube, your competitors are not only other advertisers, but also video content on YouTube itself. There is lots of interesting video content and the option to skip or skip ads on YouTube.

    You also have to rack your brains so that your audience doesn't skip your ad, unless you pay for an ad format that can't be skipped.

    Therefore, your content must be interesting. Impress the audience from the first second. It doesn't have to be grand, you can create humorous content advertisements, like the Ramayana advertisement in 2018.

    With a unique concept and a jingle that sticks in your head, this ad was able to go viral and was sung by many people. That's how to advertise on YouTube along with tips for success. Hopefully it's useful for promoting your business, OK?


    YouTube is a very popular platform for anyone who wants to make a living or earn money through video content. With good YouTube channel management, your goal of getting what you want from the YouTube platform can be realized easily. Especially if you have started to be moved to place advertisements on your YouTube channel.

    So, by discussing the 5 tips for successful advertising on YouTube and how to place advertisements on YouTube above, hopefully it will be useful for promoting your business and helping you in managing your YouTube channel.

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