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When creating a website for business purposes, it's not just appearance that needs to be considered. Adding website widgets is also important so that your business website is multifunctional and looks more attractive.

For your information, website widgets are small functional blocks that can be added to a website so that its function is more optimal.

For those of you who have a website for online sales, adding some widgets that offer access to customer support services might help increase sales and answer frequently asked questions.

That way, customers can shop more easily. Your online shop service can also be improved to make customers more comfortable.

Recommended Website Widgets for Online Stores

Website Widget for Your Online Sales Website

Here are some recommendations for website widgets that you can add to your online sales website:

1. Text Widget

Even though every website creation service is equipped with a text menu for writing content, such as articles on blogs, you may also need a text widget. This website widget allows you to add articles to website pages more practically.

You can also manage font type and size, text style (e.g. header), text color, and much more with the help of this widget.

2. Image Widgets

As the name suggests, the image widget can help you to manage content in the form of images so that the appearance of the website is much more attractive.

So, your audience will feel much more at home when browsing your business website when the uploaded content is equipped with images. With the image widget, you can add any image to the sidebar without needing HTML coding.

3. Calendar Widget

Another recommended website widget that you can consider using on online sales websites is the calendar widget. With a calendar widget, you can inform website visitors about important times. For example, when there is a launch of a new product or service.

You can also use the calendar widget to notify the schedule of important events related to the brand. For example, a webinar agenda with experts so that it becomes a forum for education and promotion to customers.

4. Click to Call Widget

Click to call widget can also be a widget choice for your sales website. You can use the click to call widget to display a telephone button or other visual that allows website visitors to contact your business more easily.

With this website widget, customers can ask questions or submit complaints directly to the brand more efficiently. Your brand can also build closer relationships with customers through communication methods like this.

5. Share Widget

Share widgets will be very useful for increasing the online visibility of your business. This website widget functions as a share button on social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many more.

So, the content you publish on your website can be shared with a larger audience. Your business will be known to more people.

This is a type of widget that almost all business websites already have. Because its function is very effective in increasing traffic and building branding identity online.

6. Countdown Widget

The countdown widget can be an additional widget on a website that is very useful for your online business operations. This widget that can display a countdown time will be very suitable for you to use if you want to launch a new product or service. So, the audience is more interested and also looks forward to this new thing.

Countdown widgets usually consist of counting down time based on days, hours, minutes and seconds. This can also be a fun way for brands to share information about upcoming events.

7. Business Hours Widget

The business hours widget is one of the website widgets that you need to consider using on online sales websites. This widget can help you display business operational times. So, customers can contact your business at the right time according to the provisions.

This will be very useful if you have a physical shop so that customers can visit at convenient times.

8. Map Widget

The map widget is just as important as the business hours widget, you know. The two can even complement each other when added to your sales website.

Map widget is a widget on a website that is useful for displaying business locations more accurately. This widget in the form of a map can help your customers visit business locations or physical stores. In just a few clicks via their gadget.

9. Contact Form Widget

The contact form widget is another widget option that you can consider using on your website. This widget can display a landing page for customers to fill out a contact form.

That way, you can get customer contact information more easily. This contact form was not created without a reason, you know. In fact, it will be very useful for your business, especially if your business is just starting out.

Contact information can give you an idea of what your potential customers are like. You can also use this contact list for other marketing strategies, such as promotions with email marketing to increase brand awareness and increase sales.

10. Testimonials Widget

Testimonial widget is an additional widget on a website that is useful for displaying reviews from customers. Customers who have tried your product or service can share their experiences with other customers through this testimonial widget.

That way, other customers will be more interested in shopping on your online sales website. Testimonials given by fellow customers are more effective in bringing in new customers, you know.

Because, testimonials made by customers are considered more honest than advertisements shared by the brand itself. So, don't miss this testimonial widget on your business website, okay?

11. Customer Service Widget

As the name suggests, this widget can provide service support to customers. The customer service widget allows customers to access your business help center when they experience problems while shopping.

This is an important widget that should not be missed because it influences customer satisfaction when shopping. With a customer service widget, it will be easier for customers to contact your brand. The problems they face will be resolved more quickly.

In the end, the level of customer satisfaction will increase because the service you provide is truly the best.


That's an explanation of the website widgets that you need to add to your online sales website. Come on, use this website widget to provide better service for your online business customers!

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