Google Ads vs Google AdSense: What's the Difference?

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When you enter the world of digital marketing, you will be familiar with many terms, including Google Ads. Unfortunately, there are still many people who are confused about what Google Ads is. Therefore, it would be better if you know the difference between Google Ads and Google AdSense so you don't misinterpret the two terms.

Even though they are both engaged in advertising, Adwords and AdSense have different functions. Let's find out together through this article so that you know more about the differences between Google Ads and Google AdSense.

Is Google Ads and Google AdWords the same?

Is Google Ads and Google AdWords the same?

When you open the Google search engine to search for something by typing certain keywords there, the search results display not only information in the form of articles or blogs but also advertisements. Usually marked with the word ads.

Google Adwords or also known as Google Ads is focused on appearing on the Google search engine page. However, appearing on the first page is not something that just happens because it must meet several criteria. One of them is the link between the keywords you are looking for in the Google search engine and the advertisements posted.

Google Ads Indonesia (adwords) is an advertising service created by Google which until now is still one of Google's sources of income in advertising.

What is Google AdSense and how does it work?

Even though it's different, there are still many people who confuse Google AdSense with Adwords. AdSense is an advertising collaboration program through internet media organized by Google. To recognize this ad, you can see it when you open a website page and see that there are several advertisements on the page that you visit or open. However, these ads may not appear on all websites.

In order for ads to appear, website owners or managers must register or agree that their website can be used for advertising. In general, advertisements that appear on certain website pages are advertisements for products that internet users have been looking for.

For example, if you previously searched for products such as bags or watches, then when you next visit the website you will find advertisements related to your previous search, namely bags or watches.

Simply, Google AdSense is an advertising program made by Google. This advertising service has a CPC or Cost Per Click basis and allows site or website owners to earn income through advertisements installed on their sites.

Since it was first launched, many site owners have immediately registered their sites and become publishers of the Google AdSense service. This has been proven that currently there are more than 2 million Google AdSense publishers spread throughout the world and continues to increase every year.

The Google AdSense service displays advertisements on a site in the form of text, images or videos which will later be shown to site visitors. The advertisements displayed to site visitors are also tailored to their interests.

Maybe you are wondering, how do you find out the interests of visitors to a site? It's easy, Google AdSense will look at the browser application cache to find out the history of site visitors' internet activity. Later, the advertisements displayed to visitors will be adjusted to the visitors' interests so that advertisers are able to get their advertising audience more accurately.

For example, you have just searched for men's and women's fashion products. So, if you open a site, Google AdSense will display advertisements from fashion product stores that you have previously opened or something similar. The advertisements you get will also change over time according to the browser application cache and search history and internet activity.

What are Google Ads and how do they work?

Google Ads is Google's online advertising program. Through Google Ads, you can create online advertisements to reach people right when they are interested in the products and services you offer. Google Ads is a product that you can use to promote your business, help sell products or services, increase brand awareness, and increase traffic to your sales site.

Your Google Ads account is managed online, so you can create and change ad campaigns at any time, including ad text, settings, and budget. You can determine ads according to your budget, choose where ads appear, and measure the impact of ads easily.

Almost every time you see an ad on the first page of a Google search, that's a form of Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords). To take advantage of this platform, you have to pay for Google ads to show your business to customers searching for relevant pages on Google.

Google Ads is the ultimate digital marketing tool for any business that wants to get meaningful ad copy in front of its target audience. Through Google Ads, you can pay for actual, measurable results, such as website clicks and other business information.

This structure is known as a pay per click campaign. You can set monthly Google Ads campaign ad spend limits automatically, and you can choose to make your ad target audience global or local.

What is the difference between Google Ads and Google AdSense?

Before calculating the Google Ads costs you need further, the most important thing for now is how to recognize the difference between Google Ads and Google AdSense. Here are the differences between the two terms in advertising and digital marketing.

1. Google Ads and Google AdSense functions

When talking about functions, Google Adwords and AdSense have differences in that regard. Here are the differences between the two in terms of the advertising function itself. Google Adword is one of the digital advertising services created by Google. The ad is related to the content. This service is widely used by business people who want to promote the products or services they offer.

By using this advertising service, the products you are advertising appear on Google search pages without the need to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It offers two types of payment systems, namely Pay Per Click and Pay Per Million, which users can adjust to their needs.

Google AdSense is used by website or blog owners who want to place ads using keywords or keywords and relevant content in accordance with the contents of the website or blog.

They can immediately install ad units with the concepts and materials determined by Google after their registration has received approval from Google. From these ads, the website owner will get profit or income from Google for every ad click. This system is known as Pay Per Click (PPC).

2. How Google Ads and Google AdSense Work

How Google Ads and Google AdSense work is an important thing that you should know when deciding to enter the world of digital advertising. To be able to distinguish between the two, here is a review.

How Google Ads work step by step?

When creating an ad, you must know how Google Ads will display the ad. There are many competitors who also advertise using Google Ads using the same keywords.

Then, Google will assess whose ad can win the competition in one keyword. To assess the relevance of the installed ad content to what customers are looking for, Google uses the Google quality score method.

When you start advertising on Google Ads, you will first tell Google which of these three goals you want to achieve:

  • Direct more visitors to check out your store.
  • Direct people to your company website or landing page.
  • Then, you will be asked to determine whether the ad will be displayed to global or local consumers.
  • Next, you will determine an image or three short sentences to display. What your business strengths are like, Google will use this data to help show it in ads.
  • Finally, you will determine the budget according to the budget you have.
  • Google will display your ad.
  • Your target audience will see the ad and appear as a top search result.
  • The more people click on your ad, the more your business will reach buyers in a wider area.

How Google AdSense Works?

Google AdSense is different from Google Ads and you can see the difference from how the two of them work. If Google Ads uses a pay per click (PPC) system, AdSense also uses the same system. What you should know is that website owners who submit or register for Google AdSense and are accepted will not necessarily earn income unless the ad gets clicks from website visitors.

The more clicks on these ads, the more website owners get income from Google. Apart from PPC, AdSense also provides AdSense for search and referral ads. The AdSense for search feature allows website owners to install a Google search box on website pages.

Website owners will earn income if visitors do a search in the search box and then click on the ads that are displayed.

What are Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Ads and Google AdSense?

What are Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Ads and Google AdSense

As advertising services that have different functions, Google Ads and AdSense also offer different advantages. However, these advantages also come with various disadvantages that complement it.

1. Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Ads

For website owners who want to reach potential buyers, clients or customers through the Google search engine, Google Adwords can be one of the right efforts. It is also a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) choice for those who run a business online.

The advantages and disadvantages of Adwords are as follows:

a. Excess Google Ads

As a digital marketing tool, Google Ads can provide several advantages, including the following:

    • Flexible pricing, where users can determine a budget or balance for advertising needs.
    • Ads can run immediately if the Adwords account balance is filled.
    • There is no age limit for websites to be able to place ads.
    • Minimal risk of failure even though there is a risk of being rejected because the ad does not meet the requirements set by Google.

b. Lack Google Ads

There are advantages, of course there are also disadvantages and this also applies to the Adwords that you choose to help run digital advertising campaigns. Here are some of the drawbacks:

    • It requires money and a budget so that ads can run every day and appear on the first page of Google.
    • The balance is reduced when internet users click on posted ads.
    • Non-organic in nature, where ads that appear on the first page of search engines are not related to website reputation.
    • It cannot be displayed every time because it depends on the user's budget.

2. Advantages and Disadvantages of Google AdSense

Before deciding to register a website to earn income from AdSense, it's a good idea if you first know what the advantages and disadvantages of this advertising service are. To find out, here is the description:

a. Excess Google AdSense

By running Google AdSense, website owners can get several advantages, such as:

    • Easy advertising where users only need to copy and paste the html code on the website provided by AdSense.
    • AdSense works automatically to select ads that are considered appropriate for the registrant's website.
    • One AdSense account can be used for multiple websites.
    • It's easy to learn with information sources about AdSense that can be found on the internet.
    • Allows users to choose the ads they want to be displayed.
    • Free registration without fees.

b. Lack Google AdSense

Although it offers various advantages, AdSense also comes with various disadvantages, including:

    • The verification process can take a long time, even up to months.
    • Ad prices cannot be known with certainty, so users cannot know the lowest or highest ad values.
    • The minimum payout or PO figure is $ 100 

c. Ad Limits per Page

You can see the difference between Google Ads and other Google AdSense from the ad limit displayed per page. Google AdSense allows its users to place three content ads and three link ads. Meanwhile, Google Ads only allows one ad to be served at a time on Google, the Google search network, and Google Display.

d. Payment Expectations

You can also see the difference between Google Ads and Google AdSense in the expected payment. With Adwords, you can have an overview of the costs incurred by determining the maximum bid or what is known as the max bid.

Adwords also provides prices for each keyword offered so you can determine how much it costs per click for each ad that can be adjusted to the budget you have.

When using AdSense, you get what you work for. In other words, you don't need to control your advertising costs per click or per impression. However, you can target more revenue by building a website. The more sites you manage, the more income you will receive.


By knowing the difference between Google Ads and Google AdSense, you will no longer have a headache distinguishing between the two types of advertising services. As a result, you can choose a service that suits your needs, whether you want services for marketing needs or to earn income online.

If you need more services that will help increase visitors, traffic or sales, then you can contact a trusted Google Ads service provider. So what are you waiting for? Start now so you can achieve your business goals!

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